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Brony since 2011. My favorite stories are ones that are either funny or, even better, that really dive into the characters and what makes them tick. Usually in ways the show hasn't done yet.


Goldenrod has a pretty great life. A loving boyfriend, a decent home, a job that she loves and a class full of bright young fillies and colts who love her very much. But when one of her best students starts acting out in class, she tries to do everything in her power to help her. Will it be enough?

Based on characters created by TheFlimFlamBros and inspired by the AU created by Leviarex.

Chapters (3)
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I'm flattered that I could inspire you, and it's nice to finally show (in manner of speaking) rather than tell about Goldenrod's teaching job. I'm assuming that CC's issues are stemming from her parents getting divorced.

I hope you'll keep reading to find out.

It goes without saying but, those gym patrons should be glad it wasn't the RD version they were staring at/hitting on. And how charming that Spike's living with/planning to propose to her.

This is a very interesting story. I wonder where it will go from here since there are a number of ways it could play out. I really hope to see more of the relationship between Spike and Goldie. She seem to be really into Spike and how he see her as more than just a big pair of breast but really care for WHO she is is. I think it would be funny if all her female friends are jealous she is with Spike. I mean the average stallion can't match up to a dragon's lust without them being like a Big Mac or Shinning, the top of stallion charts lol

Great conversation she had with the other teachers.

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