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Brony since 2011. My favorite stories are ones that are either funny or, even better, that really dive into the characters and what makes them tick. Usually in ways the show hasn't done yet.


A series of stories all about the children of Spike and Rarity. They might all be part dragon and part pony, but they're just like any other family. They have sibling squabbles; they search for romance; they have their own mini adventures; and they look out for each other when it really counts.

Set many years after the events of the comic Rogue Diamond by TheFlimFlamBros and Pia-sama

Cover art by Pia-sama

Chapters (17)
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Comments ( 75 )

Since you've got Obi in this (the name for Onyx and Obsidian) in this, there has to be a chapter where their crush on Applejack is mentioned. (at least I would think they have a crush on Applejack...unless you are going another direction with that).

Also Jade, your parents are not 'playing favorites', as you put it. More than likely Citrine already has let the 'rents know that she need to get out and work with her science group. Your big sister is probably going to university soon, she needs all the work for it. Besides, it's just dinner--so you're gonna show up a little late. No real big deal, and I don't think you're gonna shred wicked if you're starving. Maybe it'll do you a heap of good just to see exactly what your older sister has to deal with--I assume she's the mare of the house when Rarity and Spike are off to their occupations and are not home. Everything happens for a reason.

6245967 I've got plans for Onyx and Obi, but not like that. Applejack's roughly their mom's age and she's practically their aunt.

Jade is definitely gonna find out exactly what her sister has to deal with soon enough.

Very Wonderful! :D I like where this is going, and I can't wait to see how you expand upon this!
Keep up the great work!

Also, I don't know if it's just me, but the cover image doesn't seem to be there.

6246148 I know. I keep trying to put the family portrait as the cover image, but for some reason it doesn't work. I don't know what the problem is.

Anyway, I'm glad you like the story so far and I really hope you enjoy what I've got planned.

6246084 you should still try it it would be interesting to see how they try to get her and the are like their dad didn't stop spike from trying when he was young to get rarity

Silver Shine needs Jade to go batshit craze on his ass.
:moustache: He did WHAT?
:duck: Fire ! Spike . . .Now!

If Silver Shine does have at least an iota of sense in his brain, he better be more civil with Citrine. Remember, Citrine's father is a dragon after all, and her mother is no walk in the park either.

And now you have let her younger sister see you hit her; do you have a fucking death wish, man?! Rule number one: Don't fuck with Spike and Rarity's kids, regardless of age. Even if 'Trine is 17, she's their baby girl. You are damn lucky that she's dating you even with that "HELL NO!" slap to her face. What if you left a mark? How are you gonna explain that, and even worse, how would Citrine explained that to her parents?

Shine, for the moment, you've dodged a bullet, but there is still five more shots in that revolver. I suggest you better watch yourself...

Is there anypony there other than Spike and probably Jade that can tell honestly what one really feels about things about what Rarity wants to do and not be tail brushers or yes-ponies? (I say tail brushers because I can't really think of a ponified way to say 'brown-noser')

Also, I still get the feeling that Jade's gonna get grounded anyway because of what she did the previous night (chapter 1).

Just though about this:

The young mare groaned. "Fine," she declared. "I'll do your dumb fashion show."
"Splendid," Rarity elated. Her daughter shot her a deathly glare.
"Manipulating your own kids. How do you sleep at night?"

:duck:: Quite well, actually. And it kinda sounds like you want to know how well I sleep with your dear father. Just remember: You have two siblings before you, as well as two siblings after you, so rest assured, I sleep really well, if a bit loud. But Spike does that to me at times....:raritywink:
Jade: EEWW!!! GROSS, MOM!! I didn't need to know that!
:raritywink:: Oh, just thinking about our honeymoon....it makes me blush still...that's where your older sister comes from.....
Jade: OK, OK!!! Sheesh, Mom! I'll go put it on, just don't ever talk about you and Dad's times ever again...I'm gonna get nightmares from this....
:raritystarry:: I will see you in the car, honey. ^_^

6461119 I actually thought about adding a line like this:
"In a king-sized bed next to your father." :raritywink:

Hmm...short and sweet, and it definitely does give the implications that would make Jade shudder at (she's fourteen after all). I like it! :pinkiehappy:

Tsk, tsk, tsk. ***shakes his head***

To be blunt, I don't think I've ever seen someone completely struck out so much quicker like Jade's "foray" into modeling more than her designer mother. Geez, Rarity, inconsiderate much?? As her mother, you should had seen from jump that Jade wasn't gonna really warm up to what is basicially you do for a living, especially if that makes it so objective because you had to understand that not everypony likes everything. And again, Jade was quite blunt and a little unforgiving with what she really thought about the modeling but she's got a couple of points: 1/ Just because Citrine is a lot like you as far as personality is concerned--primarily because she's your daughter--it's completely naïve to think that just because Jade's also your daughter she can also be put in for soneone that can't be available. and 2/ you ignored what your daughter truly thought about the entire thing--from point she was completely opposed to it, ultimately her opposition was well-founded.

Now it's time for Daddy to come in to save the day, because I think to Jade, only her father probably knows how she's feeling right now. And I do think that Spike has to make some stern talks to Rarity as well.

Interesting to me is that I could see a bit of a parallel between the twins and Topaz, but that is a different chapter, let's try to mend Jade's still tender heart first. Just because she's more hardcore than the others doesn't mean she doesn't have a heart. And she's still a girl even after all the shredding and headbanging...

6814198 I see what you're saying, but remember that Coco gave Rarity the news about the cancelled models at completely the last minute, so she needed to find a new model fast. She only made Jade do it because she was desperate, but just because she was, doesn't mean she doesn't think Jade is beautiful. When people are angry, they say things they don't really mean and I think that's what happened here.

Also, until the kids were born, Spike was the only dragon left alive, so there probably is a little bit of anti-dragon bigotry, but in this case, only from a few stuck-up snobs. Rarity does see beauty in everypony and every dragon. If she didn't, she wouldn't have married one and had children with him.

Spike has a really shitty role in this fanfic tbh, hes coming off as a really bad father with the way ur portraying him.

6828890 well, for one hes barely in it and when he does he just has little to no lines. But that doesnt bother me that much, it is a fic about the family so sure, maybe he has a major role later. What bothers me is how distant he is from his kids really, his daughter comes home clearly upset enough to scream and trash her room, now idk about you but spike comes off as a guy thatd run up that room and ignore rarities suggestion and comfort his kid and show her love and tell her exactly what to expect as a hybrid, he is a dragon so i doubt he wasnt made fun of by other ponies, and hes just as awkward as she is so he couldve afford advice on how to move past it, but just straight off blowing it like it held no importance well yeah that counts as a shitty dad

6828981 I think he's giving her space to cool down before reaching out to her. Besides, her issues in this case aren't really about being a hybrid (I'll get to that in the next arc). She more upset with her mom than about the photographers insulting her.

Why didn't they call the police? Silver Shits nearly killed Citrine and then had the gall to threaten her when her family stared him down, that should be enough evidence right there to put him away. Also surprised that Spike didn't try to flame boil the bastard.

:derpytongue2: Sergeant Derpy Hooves , Mr. Shine you are under arrest for assault ,Domestic abuse and having a controlled substance

:trollestia: Sergeant Derpy why do you have handcuffs around the suspects neck?

:derpyderp2: Hand cuffs ? I thought they where neck restraints!

:moustache: necks do get smaller with a good throttling

:duck: He'll look so fashionable with pool cue chalk eye liner and a little lip gloss and a mop wig-----He'll make a grand inmate pleasure slave!

:unsuresweetie: I'll cook for him every day he's in the joint:twilightoops: cruel and unusual punishment? NOT

Okay, I get it. I'll add something about Shine getting arrested to the next chapter, alright?

Nice way to reconcile with everything so far. See Jade? Your parents weren't favoring anyone at all; they truly love all of you with all their hearts and then some (slight reference if you get it :twilightsmile:). And way to go to jump at a moment's notice to rescue your sister as well as getting the rest of the family into it; I'm quite pleased that Citrine's gonna be alright, even though she's gonna be down for a fortnight and some.

Silver Shine, that was strike 2. One more screw up, even if it ain't your fault, and it's just like baseball: you're out. But unlike baseball, there's not gonna be another inning with the Sparity family. Yes, I know that most on here would say that this would be strike 3, but I'm gonna say it's strike two because everypony needs to have the chance to truly turn a new leaf, even if he's an asshole. But he's gonna be on a very, very, very short leash. If he so much as sneezes in the wrong direction, he's gonna get yanked.

A little random: How much did Shine really know Citrine? I mean really know? Obviously not too much, otherwise he wouldn't have showed up with a bouquet of dragonsneeze flowers. I have a feeling that Citrine is one of the most popular or at least one of the more desirable students at her high school, and it's not just because she's a hybrid. (Jade and the Twins are hybrids too, and I bet they go the same high school just different years--like the Twins are Juniors and Jade's either a sophomore or a freshman)

6889287 I think he figured, since her DNA is mostly pony, she wouldn't be allergic to dragon sneeze or breathe fire for that matter. Obviously, he was wrong. I tried not to write him as your stereotypical abuser (unlike a character in a certain animated sitcom which shall remain nameless).

Glad you like the chapter. The three (and a half) oldest ones do all go to the same school.


I can concede to that, but in hindsight, he could have just asked whether dragonsneeze is to Citrine like pollen is to a lot a ponies way ahead of time. Citrine's more pony than dragon, but she's got dragon in her genes, so it would be a legit question. I don't know---if I'm a stallion or hippogriff or some other creature and I was dating a kirin, it seems obvious to me to ask first rather than just be taken by surprise in a place that is most unexpected. Again that's just me...

Three (and a half)....??

6889363 I count the twins as one and a half since they're two heads on one body.


This comment is probably replying to a comment that is now six months old, but there is a bit of a difference---the big thing is the age. The thing is that age between Spike and Rarity was like 5-6 years between, and once Spike was legal (I guess 16 is the age in Equestria at least, more likely it's 18), it's not that strange to see them together. Trying to get the Twins crushing on Applejack is still a bit squickly because I bet AJ even babysat them when they were really little, like they were 2-3 years old and Applejack was like 21-24 yrs old. Yes, I'm assuming the Twins still in diapers. Even if the Twins were of age, Applejack's probably like in her 40's--she's probably got her own brood to raise as well as a special somepony. Come to think of it, even the original CMCs are too old for the Twins, since Bloom's in her mid 30's. Talk about a generation gap...

Nice finish to the arc, can't wait for the next one!

It seems a little late, and it probably makes me a bit of a tyrant and an asshole, but I sincerely believe that with some of those degrading comments they were saying about Jade would be enough to get the ponies that said them get a suspension at least, particularly if a pink slip (termination of employment) is going out of line. I still believe a couple heads should roll though, or that Rarity decides to sever the business relationship with them.

After all, you have to be either got huge cojones to flat out talk shit about the daughter of the boss out loud or be a huge tool to do that. Also in a business like Rarity's, I assume that you have to be a bit of an asskisser at times to get favor with somepony like Rarity, the CEO (I think) of Carousel Boutique Corp. Yes, I'm pretty sure that Rarity is one that is welcome to great ideas, but even someone like her need a couple of 'yes ponies'. Seems like that is how it is in corporate culture, at least at the very top.

I could be completely wrong though...

Oh a Topaz love story. Out of all the siblings he was the hardest one I had trying to get a solo story for... I don't know why but it looks like you're off to a great start! I eagerly await the next part.

6958361 I'm so glad to hear that. I'll try not to disappoint. :)

Aww...our favorite pre-teen colt is really growing up....:twilightblush: I'm glad that even though he's a bit like Twilight, he seems a bit more socialble than his "aunt".

Also, in this day and age, intelligence and creativity is downright sexy and handsome. Fillies will look at the jock and the metrosexual types, but they really flock to the ones that stay to who they are, like the mysterious and the somewhat one-of-a-kind types, which you are a prime example, young colt. In other words, don't front. If you continue to be you, I give you a 100% chance that you are gonna ge the attraction of some lovely filly. :raritywink: .....Maybe there may be a few fillies that have been looking at you but you haven't seen it yet, never know :pinkiesmile:

...off topic a little bit:
1/kinda knew that there was gonna be "Rarity is a MILF", and this chapter pretty much confirmed it, if the previous set didn't put that wide open. I like the natural occurance of a bit of embarrassment for Topaz, as well as complete 'oohing and aaahing' for the majority of the other colts and fillies in the school yard. I'm pretty sure there are gonna be a couple of wet dreams for Topaz's classmates (well, they're twelve, it would be high time for that stuff to happen) and that probably will gross out Topaz because those same ponies are crushing on his mother.

2/Topaz has a crush on a pegasus filly named Minty Gold, that apparently may be interested in magic, even though she's not a unicorn. I hope she's not taken. Well, I'm pretty sure she's single--they're preteens after all--but I can't help the fact that she may have a bit of a crush on Topaz (hence the book on magic). Have some confidence young colt, and just talk to her at the right time.

3/I really think this arc is gonna be on Spike and Topaz...I mean for him, who else to talk to about a possible crush than his father, who got the girl of his dreams long time ago and that it all started with a crush...Just one thing Spike--don't go completely out of left field for this. Just sayin :trollestia:

I am loving this little setup where Topaz is getting headway with his crush. A little concerning because Minty Gold is asking Topaz and inviting him to her house instead of thinking the other way around which he asked her, but after reading it again, looks like he actually put it out there. I really hope that there is something real between them, and not some possible prank. It would be heartbreaking if Minty Gold was actually one of those two-faced ponies that knows about the cache one can have with their peers. After all, we know that sometimes a really long crush is all that it takes to have that one pony that is one's soulmate. It's definitely too early about that type of things right at the moment, but it would be nice that this would set Topaz on a solid romantic foundation--regardless of whether Minty stays with him or not.

It was really nice to see Spike there with his younger son, but loved it that Citrine was also the other that Topaz sought advice on. Really can see that bond between a pre-teen and his older sister. We can really see that of all the kids, Citrine is the one that really sticks them together. And when you remember the 'incident' that she had with her ex-coltfriend and how the others came to her aid. it's even more blatantly awesome.

I know that probably tomorrow Topaz's got a bit of a skip to his step, but he still has to deal with those bullies...especially if word goes around that the probably lily of the class and the 'strange' boy are getting closer than anypony would even imagine. I can't help but think that Minty is their generation's version of Rarity, just like it seems that Topaz is this generation's Spike. I can't help but also wonder how Minty would react when she actually meets Rarity and Spike together.

Just read the whole thing so far, and I'm liking what I'm seeing. Rooting for my boy Topaz to get the girl, or at least get those jerks off his back.

Good advice from Spike, don't make the same mistake that he did . He is lucky that Rarity forgave him for that .

Okay, just to get it out of the way: Topaz/Minty (Tinty? Mopaz?) is adorable.

Now that that's cleared up, the chapter itself was cute, especially the early scene with Spike and Topaz. Minty's mom kinda worries me, but maybe I'm just overreacting. I mean, Spike and his family have lived in Ponyville for how long now? There's not a dangerous bone in their bodies (a few mischievous ones though).

Sorry, Topaz. Someway, somehow, Rarity will know by Monday about you and Minty Gold. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if she already suspected something like that back in Topaz's first chapter.

Cool of Spike to drive him over there, along with more encouragement. And I'm with him--try to keep your hands to yourself, unless she lets you.

Seems like Minty Gold is the real deal. She's a bit like Apple Bloom, in it she's into potions and other fascinating things. I wonder how much of a trip she would take if she meets Princess Twilight Sparkle at some point, preferably after her and Topaz go steady (I know they're still in junior high but still). Imagine then that she realizes Princess Sparkle is like an auntie to Topaz. I can picture and imagine the potential fanfilly squeeing at that. Better have some earplugs.

Just a heads up to Minty's parents: Remember, Topaz's father is a dragon. A REAL DRAGON. I don't think that Spike would do anything, but still...just keep your own opinions about hybrids to yourself.

Interesting that Topaz has turned into a sort of delivery colt to help Minty out. I wonder why she's so adamant to wanting to test that potion. Could it be a possible transformation potion, perhaps? She's a pegasus, but is really interesting in magic and other stuff like that, maybe she wants a horn.

Hmmm....I wonder what would happen if Minty became an alicorn...interesting...

7129569 Minty's mom doesn't have anything against hybrids. She's just never seen a pony with dragon parts before. Just got caught off guard a little. That's all.


OK then, seems that I may have jumped the gun just a tad on that. But there is still Minty's father. One have to be good with dad so dating the daughter is easier...

The ending of this chapter was really cute :3

10 sparittys out of 5. :raritywink:

Damn! the rating of this fic just got knocked up a few levels! XD Naked Tree Hugger and dragon sperm as an ingredient... saucy stuff :ajsmug:

7153405 As if that didn't already happen back when Citrine got a vicious beating and ending up in the hospital? I even put TWO trigger warnings in that chapter.

I seriously hope this doesnt turn into some ruse by Minty, asking ng you father to jerk on a jar is years worth therapy.

Uh, Topaz., there are just some things that are not worth a girl's attention. Like say, getting your dad to rub one out into a jar.

Something tells me there's more going on here than meets the eye...

7224429 Either the boy's being conned, or he might be making something dangerous.

(slowclaps) Good job, Topaz. Good freaking job. :facehoof:

Well at least he didn't drag her up a mountain side while being chased by the wonderbolts :moustache:

Awesome work as always. so who's next?

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