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Always wondered why they didn't call her "Nightmarity".

Wasted potential in my opinion.

I've heard her referred to it before. It is an awesome way of saying it.


I wish for an episode one day wherein Celestia becomes the villain, and goes all crazy/ magically-corrupted like her sister, just so I can see the name "Daymare Sun" be used jokingly.

Yeah, I like evil Celestia. Although I prefer "Solar Flare". It just sounds so... bad ass!

3162793>>3162798 That is what happened in the lunaverse by RainbowDoubleDash. In that universe her name is Tyrant Sun Carona

Looking good, though I did notice that sometimes, you have two speakers in one sections. You should seperate those and keep one speaker per alinea. It reads much smoother that way :twilightsmile:

That being said, I love the premise of this story. Nightmarity is going to have her hooves full with her friends, especially if they keep dissappearing like that.

That picture of the ponies on the main index is probably the absolute coolest picture of ponies I have ever seen. who drew it and where can i find a larger image.

This is the source of the picture and it would be nice if the author threw it in somewhere.

One down, four to go. I'm guessing Fluttershy and Twilight are next?

lol nightmare rarity better be careful when she goes after twilight and fluttershy, twilights way more powerful magicaly, fluttershy's stare might end up making rarity the one being controlled, and its the everfree forest, so zecora might be around, and she'd whup an entire army of nightmares singlehandedly

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Mind control is hot, but the sheer density of grammar errors made me want to burst into treats.

That's two. I hope Twilight is next, we wouldn't want our lovebirds to be seperated for long, would we? :yay::twilightsheepish:

cant wait for the next chapter!!!! :heart::heart::heart:

more please:fluttershysad:

Hmm...Afterparty I like that new name for Pinkie Pie.

Yeah there is really just a lot of grammar mistakes. To busy typing with your left hand (do you know what I mean). They are small so one or to revisions should quickly fix that.

fluttershadow is :rainbowhuh:............. actually pretty horrifying

I love this story, keep up the good work. :)

Time to read brain. ACTIVATE BITCH!!!

Now all we need is drunken Trevor and a helicopter and it would be perfect.

Fluttershadow looks so cute and deadly!!!!!

Nice job. That's all I have to say.

Next is Applejack, then Rainbow Dash, and lastly Twilight.
Whatever happened to Spike?

So, which events haven't happened yet?

This story is pretty good when's chapter 4 coming out?

Mostly season 3 in general.


Still working on it, might be a while before that chapter sees the light of day...:unsuresweetie:

I could do without the sex, but I do LOVE this concept and I like how Rarity wants her friends on her side. I suspect she'll win.

well, I don't really want to wait for the next chapter and would like for you to get it out as soon as possible, but life does seem to be a bother sometimes with stories. Taking away our time to work on em. but maybe you should put chapter 4 in the sunlight for awhile.

I could do without the sex,but never the less I have always like the Nightmare Character designs.

What is the story's original name, and can you supply a link to it.


Who is betting this story is dead?

Update, man, update! Your fans demand it! Update Want her, love her, need her! To while your at it!

So are we assuming that spikes dead?just curious.

Well, that (not?) good. Wonder what's going to happen to Sweetie. Also,

Applebloom fondly towered over her still pint-sized sister, a laviscous eye tracing an easy line over the curve of her younger sister's flank."Y'all are some hot ass now, sis."
"Thanks." Applebloom took the compliments in stride, both from Afterparty and her as of yet unnamed sister of the darkness. Applejack, for her part, tossed her mane aside and regarded her new-found comrade evenly.

You're mixing up the sisters a bit here, not sure how this should go. The AB pic link is broken as well, AJ's is fine.

4525300 Yeah, AB's link is broken for me too.

Glad this came back from The Nether.
Now, as for a quick review (my eyes might be covered in "Fetish Fuel" glasses, so I might be too into it):
- The spacing seems alright, the characters believable, in a alternate timeline kind of way
- I enjoyed the descriptions, although a bit to much for some tastes, I am sure
- I did get lost somewhere in the middle, as to actual positions the Apple's were in, but that might just be me
All in all, a valiant effort, and I am looking forward to more.
P.S. I did enjoy that [Female Dog] nickname AJ gave to Rarity. Seems legit, as you say.

YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I'VE BE WAITING SO LONG!!!!!!!!


It's back!!! Hooray!!!

Applevine and Plunderbloom sound pretty neat actually. Never would've thought of that myself :twilightsheepish:
So... Who's next? Sorry, I just really want to know how Twilight and Fluttershy'll end up in this story. (I have a soft spot in my heart for that ship :yay::twilightsmile:)

For a name for Nightmare Applejack, I'd go with Nightmare Mallus. (A type of apple)

3692009 are the next ones to get corrupted rainbow dash and scootaloo

Yeah! Evil and crap! Rock on! No... Not really but uh I like the story. I skipped the sexy times though cause it ain't my cup o tea. Good job though!

And then there was one.

Remind me once again what happened to Spike?

Darkaloo I just cant deal with... sounds utterly ridiculous

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