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Wouldn't mind a squeal of this. Maybe they'll found a way to start a family and have little hybrids running/slithering around.

Please do a part 2 which is pumped out some eggs

Fluttershy "Oh side note: Basilisk can get pregnant by any creature. So congrats Big Mac."

Comment posted by Lighting Ace deleted August 15th

Maybe that's where pony lamia come from lol

Neat! Any fic based on Squishverse has excellent chances to be a good read.

That was funny, ha, ha, ha.

*The Big Mac has Fainted!*

Well done, my friend. Well done. :twilightsmile:

the cover art is kind of cute.

Now that was a perfect ending. I hope we'll get to see more of this !

then a male cum after AJ XD

Yes, have Big Mac go out on a trip with his bassilisk lady, and AJ has to go up against a male bassilisk!

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