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Don't make the same mistake I made, kids; When the police shout "drop it!", that doesn't refer to your pants.

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Can’t wait for the next chapter :pinkiehappy: Faved

I wonder where this is going. From the set up I have to think that Applejack will be handed back to her brother as he is responsible for her. What is to simply keep him from taking the bridal off?

Is he going to get the male version of re-education?

Is he going to decide that it will be safer to wait until they are out of Saddle Arabia before trying to 'fix' Applejack.

Will Mac be corrupted?

edit: Just occurred to me that by Saddle Arabia standards Applejack is very petite. While her Brother is likely closer to normal, if more bulky.

This makes it even easier for them to regard her as someone not capable of independence due to youth.

What breed is that horse


are you talking about the picture in my Profile?
Percheron , used to be used by knights, work horse, weigh up to 2500 pounds. Big!

I think that maybe you should right two different endings to this story.
One that shows Big Mac being corrupted by the Saddle Arabian's influences and take Apple Jack back as a slave, along with some other girls that attracted his attention...
The other ending shows that he will try to fix apple jacks problem when they get home.
Either way its up to you.
Also,"just a suggestion" if you go for the first option can i recommend that you make sequel to this story.
One that shows either Big Mac seducing the other mares and teaching other stallions to act like the Saddle Arabian's or shows that Apple Jack had gotten hocked on to this pleasure and decides to share it with here friend's?

The commissioner has given me a full outline of the story he wants me to write, so the ending is already determined. I hope everyone enjoys the story as it unfolds, regardless of what it brings.

Still i love to see a Sequel:pinkiehappy:

Well then you can commission it

I would if i had an idea as to the price and fave the funds...:pinkiesad2:
Also i will need time to sumerize the story first...:twilightoops:

Nice rode one of them when I was 6 good times lol

At first I was confused on how is this a mind control fic, then the last section. I'm curious on how it goes.

I wanted to make a comment on Mac being corrupted and spreading this to Equestria, but all I could think of is him wearing the bridle now. I wonder would it make him submissive and breedable?

I am liking this so far. Can't wait to see where it goes from here.

This deserves way more upvotes than it has.

So what is the price would you give if i ask you to make a sequel to this story.:rainbowhuh:

There won't be a sequel to this story unless Brony-wan-kenobi commissions it. He commissioned this one, and so I've carved out a little universe for him, and what happens in it is up to him. If he wants it to end where it ends, that's where it ends, and if he wants more in the future, I'll try to accommodate that.

If you want a similar but seperate story with very obvious allusions to this one, you can commission me yourself. My PM's are always open and I'm upfront about my prices and content I'm happy to write.

Thanks, glad you like it. Stay tuned for more to come.

I found this just after the second chapter, and have been refreshing almost daily hoping it might be more than once a month. I've loving every moment of this and I just long to learn and see more and more...

Thanks, I'm glad I'm able to drum up so much anticipation in readers. :twilightsmile:

This wasn't her, Applejack thought. For all the beauty and brilliance, it wasn't what she was. It wasn't what she'd built herself up to be. Her physique was gone, the years of work and selfless effort that had resulted in her form was gone. Everything it represented - her character, her resilience, her pride and self-esteem, her dedication - was gone, swept away like it all meant nothing. For any other mare, this might've been paradise, but she hadn't worked towards this, or wanted it, or earned it. She hadn't earned it.

I would love for that to happen to different character. :rainbowwild:

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