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Well I'll be damn this gonna be a fun read.

Damn. XD
This was a lot of dark, smutty fun! :yay: I enjoyed it a lot. Especially the punchline at the very end. :rainbowlaugh:

You seduce men and rob them of their vitality!

"Perhaps the same could be said of all religions."

And the moment it spreads wide enough, immediate paralysis takes hold of the nervous system…

"Won't that stop my heart? And lungs? I need those!"
"Not all of your nervous system. I'm a succubus, not a cobra."

Poor Flash. no matter the setting, he's doomed to bang into Twilight over and over again...

I'm surprised Sunset Shimmer wasn't there to watch the action.

Congratz, you got featured. 4/8/2020

There is actually a vague hint that she's somewhat involved...

Oohhh another Clopfic of one of my ships...let's get this on shall we.


Are you planning to follow this continuity? I'd love to see more of Midnight and Flash as frenemies. And there is the matter of Tempest.


Are you planning to follow this continuity?

I'm not 100% sure just yet...

If I do, it'll probably separated into several (semi)stand-alone stories. With each one centered around various characters, but all set in the same continuity.

And there is the matter of Tempest.

In the original outline for the story she was actually supposed to show up in a sort of dream sequence, she and Flash would go at it with it being implied that it was Sunset in disguise. But in the end her inclusion felt redundant so I kept it solely focused on Flash and Midnight.

If there ever is a sequel, I might use her in a different setting...

One thing a Succubus has never done: found her forever soul mate.

And Many, in Many Universes have tried, only to be thwarted by Silver-haired vampires and other assorted nuisances...

on top of mah head the only of the Succubae (not accounting mind-rape by rewriting her settings / Personality) is her, who wants to bone him but has to compete with her (Both her and her), her, her (Comedically, she's head over heels for the Mokas), and, for the Yaoi enthusiasts and fujoshis (Damned fujoshis) Him.

I'm pretty sure there are other succubi that found their one true loves but would have 2 do research.

Ah, Rosario+Vampire. Loved that series.

From what I remember, the ending was sort of an ambiguous harem option...

Anyway, the Succubi in this continuity operate under different rules.

She was interested in Tempest then again there's also Moon Dancer.

That was a great read.

Whoa. REALLY steamy stuff. Have to say, the action (both the combat AND the sex), exchanges and future story set-up in this one-shot were quite well done. Yeah, Midnight made some rather good points (and even Flash had to grudgingly admit Midnight was right about him being addicted to her in the end). Plus, the subtle implications of Sunset's assistance toward the end of that battle was a clever touch too. And, yeah, that taunting Flash concerning Tempest, well, all I can say is wow. All I can say is that this reminds me, in a good way, of a Mature-rated Tom and Jerry (if one was male and the other was female).

And, yeah, have to admit, the thought of stories set in this universe using other characters sounds like an entertaining thought. Have to wonder if there is an Incubus version of Spike in this universe who happens to be one of Midnight's proteges.

Well "frenemies with benefits". :-D


Have to wonder if there is an Incubus version of Spike in this universe who happens to be one of Midnight's proteges.

Hmm... not a bad idea.... might just go that route later down the line. :duck:

There's a lot of theories that Jerry is actually female. While it is shown that Jerry has at multiple times had relationships with female mice they never worked out in the end and it's always Tom who comes and comfort Jerry.

It's also been implied multiple times that Tom and Jerry are a lot closer than being enemies or even friends with multiple episodes showing they chase and antagonize each other only to keep up an appearance.

Midnight Sparkle through Flash Sentry (voluntarily or not) corrupts Tempest who gets added to his harem while becomes submissive with Midnight being a tad dominate while Trixie gets turned into a shapeshifting hound by her mistress for her loyalty in tracking her down to serve her and serves her plus her new master and new secondary mistress with of course orders to "Share her gift with others at every opportunity".

Or Flash and Midnight after X amount of time could simply make a 'bargain' in exchange for Midnight stopping her rampage (for a lack of a better term) he becomes her mate (husband) as before that Tempest and Flash broke up for whatever reason and of course the primary reason for that bargain is that respect eventually became something else and of course before the bargain could be made something happens causing them finally admit how they feel as they attempt to solve the problem even though the bargain wasn't made after she still 'retires' as she'll soon have family to worry about.

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------ Review ------

Please keep in mind, I know I can be overly critical and negative at times. I can always find something to nitpick, even in the greatest works of literature ever written. Please don't take it personally!
-Takes place in a rich and textured ... but also kind of confusing alt universe.
-litteral I’ve got to take points off for not running spellcheck!
-"Oh fuck! That's it! Give it to me Flash! Pump my needy, hungry pussy full of cum!" -- Isn’t this a bit much?
-The sex scene is pretty simple and straightforward.
-Very much a ‘what it says on the tin’ kind of clopfic, without much layering beneath that.
-Has great potential for inner conflict and teasing, but doesn’t use that quite as much as it could.
-Puts as much effort into the fighting as the fucking.
-Not sure if his character gains much by being called Flash Sentry, except maybe the idea that him getting together with Twilight is inevitable? His canon personality (such as there is) doesn’t really show through in this alt universe.
-It’s cute seeing Flash get upset about seeing her as a futa.
-Good to see him succumb and then eventually realize he is addicted.

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