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God damn this is a good one. :D Agatha, keep doing what you're doing!

*a crystal in Twilight's lab starts flashing. It is next to a card: Mind Altering Magic Detected*

However Twilight has just started reading a new book series and nothing on Equestia will distract her, hour's latter Spike having become annoyed with the flashing turns off the crystal without even looking to see what it is.

Oh well. She had her chance.

The thing is though... cows in Equestria are sapient. However, lacking any proper magic of their own to protect them from predators, they need Ponies to watch over them.

But, we are dealing with mind altering magic, so who can say.

is there going to be a stallion in every chapter or some solo?

This is looking nice and kinky. You give a wonderful mental image and active pace with your writing. Wonder what will be in store for Fluttercow, will that be the end of her changes or will her bovine transformation be more than mental? I do hope when her time comes Rarity gets a very filling sample of the full line of Agatha's dairy products, Raricow need a plush figure if Agatha wants to expand her business. Beside, a fat cow is a happy cow. Alas, I am not the commisioner, that lucky devil. I just have a weakness for full-figured Rarity.

Indeed the mind altering magic could just make them dumb as an actual Cow

Definitly a interesting story.

Bet you wish if was Fluttershy in that outfit it you have reflected the chapter much better

When’s the next chapter?

It's a shame you retired from Pony stories before you got this done. Could you please set the story to cancelled though, seeing "on hiatus" gives me false hope that it might continue

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