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What he didn’t see was that Luna had started to secretly weave her own magic into the fabric of the jacket. Luna felt nothing but excitement at the deception that she was creating. A high noble, one of the two monarchs of the great Kingdom of Equestria, doing something so scandalous. It was unheard of!

I'mma stop you right there. It would only be a 'monarchy' if there was only one ruler. Just saying.

This ending has is a great point to start another chapter or a continuation of this story

Ahh Celly you have no idea what Lulu has wrought upon the world. Two Lunas, that's a recipe for winning every prank war.

I kinda expect something like this...

Celestia: Why in Equestria did you think this is a good idea, Luna?
Luna#1: Well, dear sister, we just tried to congratulate our subject's happiest time. Moreover, nopony got hurt!
Luna#2: We agree, and think about the benefit we now have...
Celestia: What are you talking about?
Luna#1: Think about it sister. Now that there are two of us, we can share the load of our duties and might be even able to get time off once in a while.
Luna#2: Exactly!
Celestia: ... can I see the spells you used?

Will there be a sequel? I really want to see this continued!

Correct. It would be a diarchy. And strictly speaking Equestria is a Principality as it is ruled over by princes and princesses, not kings and queens.

Luna didn't not spare any further time. She immediately ushered a stunned Starfire through the front door, leaving the guards behind in the process.

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