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Ooh, this looks like it is going to be extremely interesting. I don't read much about Big Mac, so this should be fun to read.

Oh I like how this sounds.

Well, I guess the cat- er, pony is out of the bag now... So, since she's made her official debut, I think I'm going to let Starshadow here handle posting to this forum from here on.

P-please be gentle with me, everypony...

Oh, and don't be afraid to pile on. She likes that, after all.

Wha?! H-hey! Don't tell them that!

Why not? It's not like they wouldn't figure that out for themselves pretty quickly once they start reading this story, dear...

Ugh... Can't you at least let me pretend to be good for a while? *sigh* ... Well anyway, as Miss Kris said, I'll be taking over posting to this and the forums of any other stories in which I'm involved. I'll try to find time to answer any questions/comments you may have for me. Oh, and don't worry about holding back; you can't hurt my feelings.

Oh, one more thing. While I was obviously involved in the planning stages of this work, I had nothing to do with the actual writing of it and am as much a part of the audience as any of you.

Heh, sounds like somepony's really trying to cover their tracks...

... Quiet, you.

you gloriously depraved twisted bastard.
this is awesome. upvote,faved and dear god never stop being a god tier perv. :pinkiehappy:

Ah, another TheCamel classic. Time to fave and upvote.


I'll admit, he (we) started this drama a little backwards, jumping head-first into the debauchery. Can't imagine why, personally...

Well, any story with me in it is pretty much certain to work out that way, after all.

Moar chapters to read that could destroy the way I look at BM, please.


Oh, don't you worry your oddly mustachioed face, friend. All of that is coming...

Also, really Vinyl? You're jealous of me? After that?! Well, I guess I'd better not disappoint her with my end of this story, huh...?

3095341 Kay then. Hope it comes out sooner, 'cause I need my daily dose of headcanon-scarring reads.


I guess Vinyl knows it's all about quality, not quantity. :raritywink:


Personally I'm looking forward to being split in half like a piece of lumber, but I'm sure there'll be some of that, too.

3095399 Yeah, I'm also looking forward to read something I would regret later or so, just like the first three stories I'd read. :D


Well, no promises there. I know I don't regret how this all turned out...

That's because your moral compass is tied directly to your libido. I'm sure there are probably at least a few readers who would find your actions questionable.

Hmm... *shrug* Good point, I guess... Yes, this is going to start getting darker. This is TheCamel and miss Kris working together we're talking about, how could it not?

3095468 Not sure why I feel like I'm going to regret reading this; maybe because I'm expecting pseudo-rape, and I'm not really open to rape. Same goes for the first three stories I'd read from "him". But it was so interesting that I just had to leave all of my regrets behind.

Anyways, I'm not even gonna be surprised as to how dark this story could turn out; make it so that it feels like there is no light, I'll remain a stoic expression, that is, until I want to express my opinions.


Heh, I like your style. I don't know if no hope will be doable just yet. I get the impression Master is saving that one for later.

Oh, you mean that surprise reveal that you ruined like a week ago?

Oh, it's fine. Nobody's actually paying attention to me here.

Comment posted by TheCamel deleted Aug 24th, 2013

3095554 You mean the one in the comment section? The other comment section?


Oh, I believe I've already said too much. You'll just have to wait and watch the carnage with the rest of us.

Really...? Yet you call ma a tease...

3095588 Oh, please do go on. I don't even think it's enough for me. Besides, limiting someone's right to speak is... inpony of me.


I'm sure you'll find it if you're willing to sift through all the Flitter-bashing and villain-worshiping I've been up to lately. But for now, I need to prepare for my end of the next chapter.

That's a quick update right there!

:eeyup:WOOOOOOOOOOO! That was awesome!:rainbowkiss:

Comment posted by KrisProwler deleted Aug 24th, 2013

Ooh, Big Mac...! Take me harder! Nng. Please, break me to pieces! Make me useless for anypony but you...! Haa... !

Are you... are you clopping to yourself?!

Well, I mean, can you blame me? And anyway, technically, you're clopping to yourself.

... Touche...


*sigh* clopping in public again? I thought you said you weren't into that kind of thing...:facehoof:


Forgive me, Master. It's hard to control her urges on top of my own...

Wow... *facehoof* Well, at least I can say I come by this submissive streak legitimately...


Careful what you say, Starshadow... don't make me go get Cpt. Ray.

Actually, nevermind. I don't want him here either.

Ok ok ok....I hereby claim this comment section my own.....FTW!!!...:rainbowwild::rainbowwild::rainbowwild::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

I really think I'm going to like this story

I was right...I LIKE THIS STORY!

3097293 I'd say there's no need to be ashamed of; self-cest is pretty popular.

You are no longer the only one on this comment page!

sooooo do not regretthe fav on this. keep rocking it out.
good sub dom fics are hard to find and those with a slow build to it are next to impossible.
good ones at least.

This is great. So Big Mac is going to become some kind of sex fiend from being with Starshadow, and then is going to probably rape Applejack after she walks in on them. I can't wait for more.


To be fair, Big Mac was already a bit of a fiend before I found him, he just didn't have anypony willing to share that side of himself with. Of course, I'll do as much as I can to encourage to let himself go further, but...

You don't need the Dark tag yet, mayte.

But if there's some dark stuff comin' on, and some potential wincest comin' on? I look forward to it. :pinkiecrazy:

This was... Pretty damn cool.
My friend always asks people wanna know why I'm called Big Mac? It is great. Like this story.

Say Applejack how do you get the fields ploughed so quickly.:applejackunsure:

we just give Big Mac a playpony and let him run up and down them all day :eeyup:

The only threesome you'll ever get to do is if you use both your hooves!


CUM FOR SLANEESH. And for some messed up reason i wish to see a fanfic that's regularly updated about Big Mac as a vampony.

Hmm... I will fave this for now as I'm intrigued... but if this becomes incest, I am out of here.

Good job so far.


Can't wait for next chapter!

Comment posted by KrisProwler deleted Jul 19th, 2014

Lol Big Mac is dumb...

she had managed to swallow perhaps the largest pony cock in all of Equestria

You got that right :trollestia:

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