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Millie, Moxxie and Luna... yeah, I ship it :raritywink:

Literally the day after the new episode. Just make this into an anthology series. Stolas needs to get into a pissing match with Luna over the stars, and Blitzø needs to realize that Loona is now with royalty. I’d also like to see Stella Vs Celestia. And I want to see the I.M.P.’s reaction to Discord. Just because.

I like this! You should try and continue this as a series!

I don't mind reading more Hazbin x MLP crossover. Maybe they want to try to open a branch of Hazbin Hotel in Equestria?

Holy shit this was awesome now I want to see Spike and loona experience parenthood

That was fun to see

Considering the premise, they'd be opening it not in Equestria proper but in Tartarus.

Be careful of that tea, Moxxie! That’s how the ponies get ya.

Don't forget to add this to the contest submissions folder! (It doesn't seem to be there yet.)

I do hope you continue the story. I kind of want to see what Situation they’ll get into

Good story maybe do one of Luna moxxie and Millie

Yes. So very much yes in agreement to this.

I know it's not likely going to be a full story series of its own, but it's still a good read. If there ever is a third "chapter" for this particular story path, I can't help but think that Stolas and his daughter would come to visit, and possibly start the trend of treating the world of Equestria as a vacation spot for demons that want to get away from the darkness of Hell itself. I mean, Loona, Blitzo, Moxxie and Millie are fitting in surprisingly well, so maybe there are more demons in hell like them that would want to move to Equestria and find a more meaningful life there instead compared to how they live in Hell.


One of them, if they ever saw Star Trek The Next Generation, could compare Discord to Q, and Discord being the Chaos Being that he is, would get the reference and take that comparison as a compliment. Either that or Discord would just outright say "I'm actually this world/reality's equivalent to him actually.".

I hope we see more of loona and spike. ^^ now patient!h wait for a good Octavia end up in Equestria fic lol.

Not a good business location. Most of Tartarus' inhabitants are completely broke or have no way to pay for the fee.

I'd love to see whatever fic has Sunset and Twilight getting the potion to work XD and I'm guessing it would be futanari?

oh friend I hope this is not the last chapter and I can see more caps of this great fic above all to see more of spike x loona to see the great dragon fucking the sexy bitch from hell

and even see other characters like luna x moxxie that would be great even moxxie's little one even being small could be very gifted XD

In the same way, with Celestia, something of her could be seen as the past of Celestia x Lord Torch, although something tells me that Blitz would be with her or who knows, but something about Moxxie x Luna would not be a bad idea to see.

Blitz x Celestia???

Never thought of that honestly

I feel like Blitzo would try but Celestia just isn't into it. Plus, he's already got a certain bird that'll need to see where he's been. If Stolas and Blitzo start going at it Celestia will be watching from a dark corner.

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- -A few minutes earlier- A few minutes earlier than what? ... If you can't guess already, I ended up reading this one first!
- Can’t believe i fucked her! Give that i some viagra so it can become an I.
- “Sorry,” He said sincerely. “But you started it,” He continued. Both 'He's should be lowercase. This seems to be a problem throughout the fic.
- She continued Oh no... This is already starting to get really annoying... We already know it's a dialog continuation, because we saw it continue!
- Sunset's role in all of this is really confusing me ... at least up to this point.
- This 'can't feel my legs' thing is being taken a lot more seriously than I expected it to be.
- she continued Not again... Make it stop!
- doescare Needs more space.
- Definitely wasn't expecting so much of it to be focused on relationship drama, lol.
- wearing a Cow print bikini top Wait ... why cow print? (And why capitalized?)
- Even at the end ... I'm still not sure if the ponies are anthro or not.
- The sex scene seems rather short for how long this fic was.

Provocativeness: 35
Progression: 40
Payoff: 85
Pacing: 45
Personality: 75
Prose: 20
Total: 300
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You know what? I’ll say it:

The whole “celestia is spike’s mom” trope is stupid. It’s overused to the point where all that it is, is just annoying, and it doesn’t even make any sense to begin with. It’s just stupid.

y rencien ahora noto que estaba desnudo? XD XD... diferente pero a la vez iguales...
habia olvidado de ese detalle, en serio Spike no contendra la enfermedad??... un
embarazo por perder una terrible enfermerdad, es un precio justo XD... me perdi un poco, me estas diciendo que Spike y Ember son, parientes??... y llegaron los imp, y valla como recibio Loona a su padre XD XD... solo espero que su fanatismo por los caballos evite a Blitzo mate a spike por embazar a su Loony XD XD... muchas cosas en comun y con educacion diferentes... Cadance y Shining aceptaron que Blitzo sea el padrino de Flurry??... ahora que Loona le dio la pocima a Spike, volvera a ser dominada XD XD... XD XD al parecer al ver su sobrino en accion, Luna querra hacerlo con Moxxie, tiene suerte que que Millie quiera compartir a su novio XD XD... querra compartirlo, no??... veremos una tercera parte algun dia??//
And now I realize I was naked? XD XD... different but at the same time... had forgotten that detail, seriously Spike will not contain the disease??... a pregnancy by losing a terrible illness, is a fair price XD... I lost a little, you’re telling me that Spike and Ember are, relatives??... and came the imp, and fence as Loona received his father XD XD... I just hope that his fanaticism for horses avoid Blitzo mate a spike for
embazar a su Loony XD XD... many things in common and with different education... Cadance and Shining accepted Blitzo as Flurry’s godfather?... Now that Loona gave Spike the pocima, she’s back to being dominated by XD XD... XD XD apparently seeing his nephew in action, Luna wanted to do it with Moxxie, is lucky that Millie wants to share her boyfriend XD XD... want to share it, right?... Will we see a third part sometime??

Maybe a sequel soon? Need more of Loona being pregnant and learning to be a good mom with her hubby spike :twilightsmile: :heart:

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