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I like to think I'm a great writer but I suck

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"Nope, they died." he said bluntly.

What? And she wasn't arrested for death by snu-snu?

Funny and hot at the same time.

Dante, you're alive!!! I hope you have a great New Year and honestly was a little worried you may have decided to stop writing or other circumstances forced or tie your hands. Know this--i havent read this new story yet but am reading it now, i know it gonna be another good one.

BTW, is Karen acutually Ms. Harshwhinny's canon first name? Even if it's not, it really works for her.

EDIT: I am an idiot; would discover her actual first name in the story--after all, this is why we read the story in the first place. Juniper is an underrated strong feminine name. And she seems like she hadn't gotten bred in a very long time; good thing Spike is there...

Man the situation with Karens is do bad that someone actually made a story about it this is just insane :rainbowlaugh: also good story hope there's a sequel

That might be interesting to see. Of course, one could see Juniper giving Spike her address "to deliver the new, updated coupons in person" with his co-workers making bets on just how "hot and heavy" the "coupon delivery" would end up getting (up to and including Juniper having Spike begging her to tie him to the bed inside of ten minutes, though the general belief is that they WOULD end up "going at it like rabbits on performance enhancers"). Sure enough, Spike DOES make the coupon delivery, only to find Juniper, indeed, plan on a night that made their earlier encounter look like a light warm-up.

But that is, admittedly just a guess and is more likely to be wrong than right.

Boy, if there's one thing worse than an overly pushy middle-aged woman (I'm not going to call them "Karens" because I actually KNOW a lady by the name of Karen who is actually extremely sweet) is an overly pushy middle-aged woman with a massive sexual appetite and the body to get it. Still, this was kind of darkly amusing as well as hot.

I never really pictured Ms. Harshwhinny as a Karen in any stretch of the imagination but it worked for this fic. Great work.

This mare is the definition of "hate-fuck". I hate her personality, but I wanna fuck the hell out of her and knock her up. Yes, I'm a glutton for punishment. Spike deserves to bury her in dragon spunk and break her and make her permanently his.


I'm not going to call them "Karens" because I actually KNOW a lady by the name of Karen who is actually extremely sweet

Tell me about it; Karen is my mom's name.


Well, I know a Karen. I work with her, and she's the literal definition of the word, if you piss her off.

Okay. I can respect your right to your own beliefs, especially based on your own life experiences. That's more than fair enough.

Spike is human in this story.

Don't care, the point remains either way. He shouldn't die and she should knock her up and make her submit for him cum some more. It's the right way.

Spike: these coupons are expired

Ms harsh whinny: and I took that personally

I believe I know the hentai comic this story is based off of.

Where's the bonus chapter?

Yes I am alive, and no I didn't stop writing, it's just the holidays are a very, very busy time at work.

As funny as this is, the only thing your missing about Karens is that there is nothing attractive about them. And Harshwhinney is a lot of things. Tough strict and professional. But she's nothing like a Karen. Actually she's far too tolerant in my opinion.

Principal Cinch would have been a more accurate choice.
But since this is mainly about the situation and the role, I think I can give this a pass.

One Karen I wouldn't mind dealing with. :rainbowwild:

"Nope, they died." he said bluntly.

Wait what?!

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