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welp I guess I am learning to edit shit myself · 11:44pm January 2nd

due to a serious lack of editors and proofreaders out there willing to do clop fiction I guess I have to be my own editor . because every single time I get a comment like "this desperately needs an editor" I loose the motivation to write more. this will hopefully be a remedy. since when was this site so full of elitists? you cant write stories for fun and post them here for people to enjoy without at least one person saying your grammar sucks and you NEED an editor. maybe if I was writing more

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Thanks for adding Pinkie's Graduation Party to your favorites. :twilightsmile:

Don’t put my story in troll fiction it was serious

What happened to "A Sphynx is Fine Too"? I was reading it perfectly fine just a couple minutes ago before I tried to bookshelf it.

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