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Taking Place during season 4, the mane 6 have once again gone to the Crystal Empire leaving behind a very depressed Spike who wonders if his friends really are his friends at all. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna decide to take Spike with them on their personal one week vacation.

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Me like deez nutz

Weirdly structured but coolio.

Interesting. Could use some editing though. Spacing for the paragraphs mostly.

Story feels good so far. Keep it up.:moustache:

Still good. But for more laughs, try more dialogue between the three and less narration.
Couldn't hurt!:moustache::trollestia:

Great story but should more details to it but its good!

He's not going on a vacation with the princesses he's going on a vacation with his mom and aunt.

6026574 Yeah, I tend to do a lot of narration and less dialogue when I write, it's a habit i'm trying to break out of :facehoof:

6032817 Old habits, old habits!:ajsmug:
Good luck. Will be watching!:moustache:

Spike got off the chariot and made his way inside to the thrown room.


DUDE SPOILERS :pinkiegasp: lol


Glad I'm not the only one who thinks this ^^ and I sooo can't wait to see 'Aunty Luna's' reaction to said revile....errr if it happens...and doubly so when she see's Twilight next. Me thinks the Princess of the night would not take to kindly to her nephew sleeping in a dog basket xD

The said, I hope this story gets an update soon because I'm absolutely loving it at the moment. Especially considering that I don't come across many stories with Spike and the Princesses bonding all that often...shame really.

please tell me you'll continue this.

6206376 Already hard at work on it.....I just don't want it to feel rushed that's all :twilightsmile:

Awesomesauce. ^^ Cause this is a new twist on the Underappreciated Spike trope. I have high hopes for it.

Whipped cream prank!!!

At least he saved the day for once.

6232468 What about in the Equestria Games

Glad to see this story's comeback.

Great Story. Keep up the good work. :pinkiehappy:

cool chapter. I recommend in letting the Nightmare reason on how 'not-evil' it is. I personally want that Spike won't return to the Mane six cuz damn....

I really wish more of the fan saw Celestia as Spike's mother. in fact it's something that I want to become canon on the show, more than anything else.

great chapter by the way.

6646311 You and me both

Celestia, not a Princess of Equestria but as Spike's mom, will do whatever it takes to rid of the nightmare aura off of him once and for all

6646681 in fact most of the fans see Celestia more as Twilight's mother, then Spike's. which doesn't make much sense considering the fact Twilight already has a mom.

Yeah...I don't get that

love this story

Comment posted by Dante24 deleted Mar 6th, 2016

Love this story, can't wait for the next chapter.

Glad this isn't dead

these ponies have balls to stand against celestia....

srsly? pastries?

that whole GTA style thing just for pastries...

the mayor is a fucking hippie

This is pretty good stuff. Hope to see more soon.

Either Nightmare Spike or Snow Clan.

Shouldn't Scotland, Egypt, and Transylvania be ponified? (given names that'd appear on the show)

Believe or not I actually tried to come up with pony names for them..........it didn't work out :facehoof:

Nightmare Spike, returns!:moustache::twilightoops:

Scotland - Trotland
Egypt - a bit harder, but maybe Ibex? Not good, I know, but best I could come up with
Transylvania - Prancylvania

These useful?

Also, epic chapter.


Very much thanks :twilightsmile:


Hide ya kids, hide ya wife.......pray that your death is quick and painless

7375350 Maybe it just wants to talk!:twilightsheepish:

:flutterrage:NOPE! Run, Twilight! Run!:twilightoops:

Momlestia powers activate!!

It's bad enough gunpoint to the head to ban pastries but it's career suicide to kidnapped Celestia's and Luna's favorite dragon son and nephew.


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