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MLP Adventures: Vacation With The Princesses - Dante24

Princess Celestia and Luna invites Spike along on their vacation to Vanhoover.

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Chapter 12

Five days have passed since the fight with the Nightmare Demon and most of Canterlot had been repaired, thanks to the magic of the royal family. Celestia was in her bedroom watching over Spike as he slept; slowly caressing her hoof across his cheek. He’d been sleeping like this for five days now. Blueblood explained that since the Nightmare Demon has been inside of him, it’s going to take a while for his body to fully recover. Since then, Celestia has refused to leave Spike’s side.

Luna entered Celestia’s room through the balcony and approached her sister. “You shouldn’t worry sister, he’ll wake up soon.”

“How’s he doing in there?”

Luna giggled. “He’s fighting off an army of Pinkie Pies who’s trying to eat his ice cream house.”

Celestia smiled. “Is there any sign of the demon left?”

“None. He’s been completely removed from Spike’s body altogether.”

Celestia let out a sigh of relief. “By the way sister, Shining Armor and Cadence are on their way over, you should get ready and greet them.”

Celestia sighed. “You’re right, I should be getting ready, but what about Spike? Somepony should be here when we wakes up.”

“Leave that to me, now go.”

Celestia gave Spike one last peck on the cheek before leaving his side. She made it to the door before looking back at Luna. “Call me when he wakes up.”

Luna nodded as her sister walked out the door.


As Celestia was walking down the hallway, she came across Blueblood’s room. Thinking it’s about time to have words with her nephew, she knocked on the door; hoping for a response. A few seconds later, Blueblood answered the door; a bit surprised to see her.

“I’d thought you’d be in the throne room with Twilight and the others.” he said.

“I was on my way there, but I thought I’d have a word with you for a moment. May I come in?”

Blueblood opened the door and allowed Celestia to walk through. After closing it, Blueblood turned to his aunt who looked really nervous. “So, what do you want to talk about?”

Celestia took a deep breath and spoke up. “Blueblood, I....I....i’m sorry. I’m sorry for not being there for you when you needed me, for throwing you aside and acting as if you didn’t exist. This past week showed me that even though most ponies see me as this perfect being....i’m not. I do things that hurts the ones that are close to me, without even realizing it. First Luna, then Spike, and now you.” Tears started to form in Celestia’s eyes as she continued. “Blueblood, I....I want us to start over. I want us to become closer....as a family should be. You, me, Luna, Cadence, and Spike.”

Celestia walked up to her nephew and slowly put her hoof under his chin. “Please, let me make this right. I....I don’t want to lose another member of this family again.”

Blueblood looked at his aunt's face and couldn’t tell if her words had meaning to it or not. Did she really want this family to be closer than it was? Did she really want a chance to start over, if they could? Or was she being like most of the mares he’s dealt with; in which they were just saying things to him because they simply wanted something from him. Either way, Blueblood knew that the decision to believe her or not solely rest with him. Taking a deep sigh, Blueblood spoke up. “I’ve been lied to by so many ponies, so many times, for so long. I don’t even know if I can even believe what you’re saying.”

Celestia lowered her head. “I....I understand.”

She was about to leave, but Blueblood stopped her. “But....that doesn’t mean I can’t try to.”

Nothing else was said between the two. Celestia had pulled Blueblood into a powerful hug; tears streaming down her face. Neither of them knew how long it was going to take for them to be as close as a family can be, but at least this was a step in the right direction.


Later on that day, Shining Armor and Cadence arrived at Canterlot where they were greeted by Twilight and her friends. The group made it to the throne room where Celestia waited for them. It was there that she explained everything to Cadence and Shining Armor. How Spike felt neglected and almost gave into the darkness that had infected him. She told them about the battle they had with him and that he was asleep within her room with Luna.

Cadence became racked with guilt when Celestia informed her that on three separate occasions, she didn’t invite Spike to return to the Crystal Empire despite the fact that he helped save it. Twilight and the others felt equally guilty seeing as how they could have confronted Cadence and asked her why Spike wasn’t invited, but they didn’t. They kept their mouths closed and went on like nothing was wrong.

Cadence wanted to make this right. She needed to make this right, but didn’t know how to. She looked over at Shining Armor and saw that he had a guilt written look on his face as well. He and Spike weren’t really that close but that’s still no excuse. Not only was he was there when Spike helped save the Crystal Empire, but while he was training his team for the Equestria Games, he would often overhear the Crystal Ponies talking about a brave dragon that saved the Crystal Heart and wondered weather or not he would return. Like his sister and her friends, he could have said something but didn’t.

“Celestia...I.” Cadence started but Celestia stopped her.

“I’m not the one you should be apologizing to.”

“Y-yes....you’re right.” Cadence said as she lowered her head.

“Now that you’re all here, there’s something else very important I need to discuss with you. While Luna, Spike, and myself were in Vanhoover, we were confronted by members of the Snow Clan.”

“W-WHAT!” Cadence said in shock. “B-but I thought they were banished years ago.”

“Who’s the Snow Clan?” asked Rainbow Dash.

“A group of earth snow pony ninjas that lived in the frozen south who at one point tried to overthrow Celestia and Luna and take Equestria for themselves. I can’t believe they’d return after all these years.”

Celestia nodded. “I couldn’t believe it either when we met them.”

“What do they want?” asked Shining Armor.

“I don’t know.” she answered. “All they said was: “The Snow Clan will rise again” so that could mean anything. Shining Armor, You and the royal guards will have to go through special training in order to keep up with the fighting style of the Snow Clan. Luna will brief you on everything she knows."

Shining Armor nodded.

“But until then, you and the soldiers have to be on guard at all times.” she explained. “There’s no telling if or when the Snow Clan will attack.”

“Right, I’ll inform the soldiers if the situation immediately.” Shining Armor said as he left the throne room. Celestia rose from her throne and looked over at Twilight and the others.

“That means you girls too.” she said. “If you see or hear anything suspicious let me know immediately.”

“Yes Princess!” all the girls said. Before anything else could be said, one of the royal maids entered the throne room and approached Celestia and the others; bowing her head as she prepared to address them.

“My princess, Princess Luna has sent me to inform you that the young dragon Spike, has awoken.”

As the maid looked up, she saw that Celestia and everypony else were gone; leaving her alone and a bit confused.


Celestia and the others entered her bedroom to witness Spike sitting up and eating a giant bowl of gem stones with Luna next to him with her wing around him. Looking up, Spike saw his friends and before anything could be said, Celestia pulled him into a giant hug; nuzzling her cheek against his. One by one the other girls did that same thing, leaving Spike a bit confused as to what was going on. Twilight was the last one of the group to embrace Spike; refusing to let him go, even for a second.

“Okay, this is happening.” he thought. “Not that I’m complaining or anything.”


“No Spike.” she said softly. “Don’t....don’t say anything.”

Celestia draped her wing around Spike just as Twilight released a few tears.

“Geez Twilight, I wasn’t gone that long.” Spike thought, unaware of the real reason Twilight and the others were so emotional.


In a land far away, there was a small village that was home to a group of earth ponies that was located at the foot of a giant volcano. However this wasn't just home to any group of earth ponies, the was the new home of the Snow Clan. Three of the Snow Clan ponies met with their leader on the outskirts of the village, awaiting their punishment for failing their mission.

“We’re sorry sir.” one of the ponies said. “We’ve failed. We lost the book.”

“No....you didn’t fail.” he said. “It went exactly how I’d hoped it would go.”

The three ponies had confused looks on their faces as their leader turned away from them. “Go now.” he said as he began walking into cave that brought him deep into the volcano. Inside, he met up with a dark figure that was hidden in the shadows.

“Celestia and the royal family have the book, but fear not, I have two scouts keeping tabs on them as we speak. It’s only a matter of time before they lead us right to what we’re looking for, Mistress Spectra.”

Glowing green eyes could be seen amidst the darkness and a dark terrifying laughter filled the volcano.

“The Dragon Empress will rise again!” he yelled, then joined in on the laughter.


Author's Note:

Next Time: MLP Adventures vol. 2: The Journal

Yeah this was a short chapter and I think I may have rushed it a bit, but this the story is finally over.

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I used to feel bad about spike being left behind but ever since dungeon and discord, now i dont

Perfect conclusion, you did a great job man. XD

7560545 He probably can't do that with Big Mac every time though so I still feel sorry for him.

Can't wait for the sequel!!

7700702 "Forrest fruit" that woud have been a lame name.

7479481 What is Nightmare Dragon?

That wasn't much of a vacation was it? Politics, kidnapping, theft, demonic possession. Fun.

Just finished the story and boy was it good. There were some grammar errors but, it did not ruin the story at all. :twilightsmile: Amazing job.

After all the things happening to Spike, I'm surprised social services didn't get him away from Twilight.

Celestia took a deep breath and spoke up. “Blueblood, I....I....i’m sorry. I’m sorry for not being there for you when you needed me, for throwing you aside and acting as if you didn’t exist. This past week showed me that even though most ponies see me as this perfect being....i’m not. I do things that hurts the ones that are close to me, without even realizing it. First Luna, then Spike, and now you.”

You see that shit right there kinda proves Blueblood's point. It should've been.

"First Luna, then you, and now Spike."

But, just like always Blueblood gets put last. If I was him I would've called her out on that shit too. I would've been like.

"Tell me Auntie why do I always come last... You say that you want us to be like a family. But all you're telling me is that once again you want to put me last, as you focus on Cadence and Spike. But, I do hear you, so I will treat Spike like family. Because we all know he truly needs one, and unlike you I honestly protect my family. So... Goodbye auntie your shame will not be going with you, but I do hope you manage to enjoy yourself with dear Cadence. Oh what am I saying ofcourse you will after all you always did prefer her."

I'm sure you'll never finish this series. But that's okay.
I'm perfectly satisfied with the way it is.

I'm working on Vol. 3, just trying to figure some things out.

That's cool too
Anything you make so far, I'll definitely read

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