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Dark Matter 101

My job and dream is to make people happy the best I can. I want to tell stories that make you readers laugh, sad, and emotional. If you readers are happy then I'm happy.


They're back! Join Spike and others as they enjoy their last month of Summer Vacation. Thrilling new adventures, new friends, and a two part bonus chapter where they go camping together. But horrific tales awaits them as they witness the headless horsemen in 'Camp Sleepy Hollow'. So get ready for another adventure with Spike and the gang in the series 'The Life of Spike'.

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I loved it at Fan and I'll love it here too

As always you impress me to no end. :pinkiehappy:

This is still amazing work. Though I still think that this should be teen. Well that backfired as much as I thought it would. Though I do wonder why Spike is so againsted being kissed, besides RD already kissed him.

i cant be the only one who hopes you'll stop teasing and get Spike a girl

You always put a smile on my face.:pinkiehappy:

Don't worry, Spike will get a girl. The REAL question is "When?".

Favourited before even starting to read it :pinkiehappy: I'm that sure it's gonna be as good as the last two. :twilightsmile:
Except I didn't even know the second one was even finished, it's still marked 'incomplete'?

I just love the whole romantic teasing everyone is doing, it's especially funny seeing how far they get into it and how Spike is reacting to them being so forward :rainbowlaugh:
Keep up the great work! :pinkiehappy:

She gets into her car and drove off heading into town. Spike and Pinkie went into her house and into the living room. They stop with their eyes widen. In the living room was filled with expensive decoration: portraits, knickknacks, everything that hung on the wall was filled with decorations.
"Pinkie," Spike spoke.
"Yes, Spike?" Pinkie said in a quiet voice.
"…Chrysalis sure has a lot of expensive items in this living room," Spike looks around and started to get worried. "Do you think we should take this stuff down first?"
"No way, Spike, we aren't getting paid to move her furniture around," Pinkie said.
"Pinkie, we're not getting paid at all, she's buying us movie tickets," Spike corrected her.
"That's what I meant, we're not getting paid and that's final."
"Okay, then I guess we'll leave everything there is."
"Good, just don't pay me."
"First, let's get things settle by putting up the tarp," Spike said as he went over where the green paint buckets were.
"For the movie premiere!" Pinkie shouted.
Later they saw that the tarp was a bit too small. It only covered a quarter of the living room. They looked around seeing that they still need to cover the furniture and fabric.
"…we're going need a bigger tarp," Spike spoke.

Sponge bob reference?
*edit* this chapter is just a sponge bob refrence

i demand a harem end for spike

The Ultimate Spongebob reference you got there,I like it:pinkiehappy:

Great chapter. I love seeing Sunset Shimmer in this now.

I have to wonder why does Sunshine what to be Spike's girlfriend for just a week.

Wait a minute... Was the fun house based on one of those McDonalds cartoon's?

That's like the demonator from Drake and Josh

That's one fun house Spike and the others will never forget. Congratulations.

Flash mess up the story a little bit but great story its just flash has no personality and he keeps twblocking spike lol i mean shining adds to the story big mac adds to the story but flash its like equestria girls he just has no personality but i got a felling twlight is going to dump flash for spike look at the sunset shimmer date thing and girlfriend thing happened shes still likes him a lot maybe love but the sis thing you know

Excellent job. I look forward to where this whole mystery goes.

5206156 Yep, Wilford. Looks like we've got a mystery on our hands.

Hmm. This feels similar to that All Grown Up special. Anyway this will be good.

Okay, that endng was funny and scary at the same time.:twilightoops::rainbowlaugh:

a splendid job as always. You truly astound me.

So, Home Alone 2 right? Anyway this should be funny.

Twilight is gonna have to apoligize to SPike big time after this

Awesome chapter. I can't wait to see what Spike does now

2 things I've always thought about the Home Alone series:
1. Why didn't the kid ever think of using a video camera or take pictures or something?
2. Most of the traps are almost like something you'd see in a SAW movie

Other than my rantings, I'm enjoying this; can't wait for more.

it's kind of weird twlight likes spike and has a crush on him for a while but out of no were she stops liking him and see him as a little brother but still gets jealous when hes is with other girls does she still like him or what cus spike needs to keep a full harem

Excellent. And now it's time for Spike to trap these crooks.

Oh, the next chapter is going to be fun. I can't wait for the traps you have planned.

You did wonderful with this and have made me proud

An epic cliffhanger. I wonder how this Sombra will destroy the town.

I had a felling that was the case. It looks like Spike is going to be pushed to his up most limit with this new threat on the horizon.

Asome:moustache: also Sombra is comeing!?!?

refering to the end of the previous chapter, I wouldn't call this a chapter... but if you're talking about another "The _ Life of Spike: Book #", then that wouldn't be one either... but, hey... there's always another movie to parody

Lots of flirting going on here! I like it. Lets see how this three week hell/paradise will be for out favorite dragon/human.:moustache:

Also, Pinkie is too random, and Fluttershy is tooo cute!:pinkiehappy::yay:

Really good references. Kinda got lost in the other shows for a bit in my reading. :trixieshiftright:Seems you did too:

"Finally! I've been catching you boys all day!" Derpy continued still insane. "Now that I got right where I want you... I like to buy all your chocolate."

Might wanna fix that :ajsmug:

"So you're Twilight's sister then, aren't you?"

"Let it go, Rarity, all of us want Spike to be our girlfriend," Dash said.

"You're his boyfriend?"

Spike isn't a girl.... And I'm sure Sunset isn't a boy either.

Quite a bit of errors. Do you perhaps have an editor?

Oh and the chapter was good. Twilight needs to chill out though, although she is cute when she's worried.:moustache::twilightsheepish:

I disagree with you sir. Flash has more personality here than on that show.:ajsmug:

Great chapter. Lots of errors. Need to get an editor and this story would have many more readers.

That ending is awesome. I knew it was him since the start:twilightsmile:

Out of the three Home Alone movies, you choose the worst one. I am disappointed

Rugrats: All Grown Up movie special!

Spongebob references as far as the eye can see!

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