The Summer Life of Spike: Book 3

by Dark Matter 101

Ch 1: Full House

Chapter 1
Full House

Spike was in bed sleeping away. It was summer vacation. Weeks went by after saving the town. Summer has been fun with Spike and friends. But today for our favorite little hero, it was going to be a wild vacation before school starts again. Spike slowly lifted his eyelids waking up from the sun beaming at his face. He yawns and smiled. He stood up in bed stretching his arms in the air. After that he plotted back in his bed. He was happy to sleep for the longest of time.

"Today is another day to enjoy summer," Spike said. "What to do though? We only have three weeks before school starts again. I could visit Pipsqueak and Comet, see what they're up to. Maybe visit one of Twilight's friends. Doesn't matter, as long as I enjoy the rest of the summer, I'll be ok-"

"MORNING SLEEPY HEAD!" Pinkie cried out making Spike scream in fear.

Pinkie was in bed with him without him noticing. Pinkie gave Spike a big hug. Spike was still breathing hard after having a heart attack.

"Pinkie! What are you doing here?" Spike asked pushing away from her. He fell out of bed and quickly stood back up. "More importantly, what are you doing in my room?"

"Didn't Twilight told you?" Pinkie said to him.

"Told me what?"

"We're having a sleepover throughout summer," Pinkie answered.

"Okay, but why can't sleep in twilight's… Did you say 'We'?" Spike asked.

"Sure did; There's me, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Rarity," Pinkie continued. "And the best part is, we'll be spending the night at you're house till school starts."

"TILL SCHOOL STARTS!" Spike cried out.

"I know, isn't exciting," Pinkie jumps out of bed and dashes out of his room. "I'll go and prepare breakfast."

As Pinkie left the room, she left Spike clueless of what's going on. Soon, Spike got dressed. He headed out of his room heading down stairs. When he reaches at the bottom step, Rainbow Dash bumped into him.

"Hey little dude," Dash said. "What have you been up to lately?"

"Sleeping, but what are you and Pinkie doing here?" Spike asked.

"Twilight didn't told?"

"No, she didn't," Spike said.

"Well I'm pretty sure she'll tell you during breakfast," Dash said heading into the kitchen.

Spike followed her and saw Twilight's friends and Shining Armor all in one table. They were talking and eating what's on the table. On the table was pancakes, muffins, milk and orange juice, cereals, and a syrup bottle. Spike started to drop his jaws watering his mouth of goodness. He also saw Pinkie making flapjack while making a big mess. Suddenly a chair sweeps him off the floor and was now sitting in it. He saw Rarity pushing him straight to the table joining with the others.

"How's my Spikey-Wikey doing this morning?" Rarity said leaning over the chair.

"Spike, you're just in time for breakfast," Fluttershy happily said to him.

"You're one heavy sleeper, Dash kept us up all night by her snores," Apple jack said drinking her orange juice.

"It's a onetime thing!" Dash cried out.

"What's going on?" Spike asked.

"Didn't Twilight told you?" Shining Armor said.

"No. No she didn't," Spike said looking at Twilight.

"Sorry, Spike, I was going to tell you," Twilight said. "I invited my friends to spend the night at our house."

"Well it's too late now," Spike said. "Pinkie woke me up and said something about coming every night here."

"That's another thing, Spike," Twilight shrugs. "It's not just only nights, it's the whole day."

"What do you mean?"

"It means that we're gonna live under your roof till school starts," Applejack answered.

"Your home, makes it our home," Dash said eating her pancakes.

"Wait, so you five are going to live with us for three weeks?" Spike asked. "Did mom and dad approve of this?"

"Mom and Dad are on their anniversary," Shining explained. "They're off to Hawaii for three weeks. They left when you were sleeping."

"Come on, deary, it won't be bad," Rarity said eating her scrambled eggs. "Think of it this way, you get to hang with us around more often."

"I guess that's a bright side look forward to," Spike shrugged.

"Don't worry, Spike," Pinkie spoke. "It'll be like we're one big happy family."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Spike smiled.

"Now how about some flapjacks?" Applejack offered him pancakes.

"Yes please!" Spike said happily to eat breakfast.

Now Spike was happy that they were staying for three weeks. But today was something he had to deal with… The hard way. Like for example.

(Moments Later)

It was the afternoon. Spike was walking down the hall seeing the girls in each room. Surprisingly there was enough room for five girls to sleep in. Spike had another bad feeling which wasn't good. He saw Rarity coming out of a room and was glad to see him.

"Spikey-Wikey, would you be a dear and come over here for a sec?" Rarity asked.

Spike walked into the room. Rarity was rooming with Pinkie.

"Okay, Rarity, what did you need?" Spike asked.

"Simple really," Rarity walked over to the closet and took out two bras. "Which one makes me look cuter?"

Spike began to blush. Not the bright red blush, just a simple small blush. He looks at the bras. One was red and one was purple.

"Rarity! Why don't you asked Twilight or someone else beside me?" Spike cried out.

"Because I need a boy to think of this opinion," Rarity continued.

"Why don't you ask Shining Armor then?"

"Because I need someone who can blush easily," Rarity smiled.

"You're crazy!" Spike cried out. "How am I supposed to know which bra looks good on you?"

"Have you not seen a bra before, Spike?"


"Don't worry, I'll just take off my shirt and you'll see which bra looks good on me," Rarity happily said about to take her shirt off.

"GO ASK TWILIGHT!" Spike ran off out of the room heading somewhere else.

(Another Moments Later)

Spike was heading into his room. When he entered he saw Rainbow Dash laying in his bed reading his comics. She was reading The Power Girls series.

"Rainbow Dash, what are you doing?" Spike demanded.

"I saw your collection and figured I read some of it," Dash answered. "I never knew a ten year old was a big fan of The Power Girls."

"How would you know I'm a big fan," Spike puts his hands on his hips. "I know I told you I watch the series and all, but that doesn't mean I'm a HUGE fan."

"Oh, no? Then this book that says The Power Girls: Model Edition wouldn't be yours, would it?" Rainbow Dash took the book behind her swinging side to side.

"How on earth did you found that?" Spike said in a serious tone.

"So it is yours, isn't it," Dash grins. "Then I hope you wouldn't mind if I take a peek."

"Give it back!" Spike demanded as he runs at her.

Dash puts her hand out grabbing his head so he wouldn't reach her. She looks through the book with joy teasing spike.

"Oh my gosh, Spike!" Dash laughed as she still blocks him. "Why didn't you told me you were a pervert?"

She let go of Spike and puts her foot against his chest. She lays back on Spike's bed enjoying herself. Spike struggles trying to snatch the book away from her.

"Come on, Rainbow Dash! Stop it!" Spike pushes her leg away finally grabs the book out of her hands. "Just because you're staying here doesn't mean you can look through my belongings."

"I was just fooling with you Spike," Dash hops out of his bed and squats down to him. "But you do realize that I'll be teasing you throughout the week."

She pokes his nose making him blush a bit.

(Another Few Moments Later)

Night came and Spike was ready for bed. He was in his pajamas and headed to the bathroom. He opens the door only to see Applejack in her orange bathrobe with a towel rapped around her head. She just took a shower. She was shaving her naked leg with her foot up on the countersink. She notice Spike standing there with jaws dropped open.

"Howdy, Sugarcube," she said smiling as she continued shaving her leg.

Spike quickly puts his hand covering his eyes. He then walks away only to hit the side of the door. He walks the other way around but hits a wall. He tried the other way around again hitting the door again and fell to the ground out cold.

(The Next Day)

Spike was in bed. He yawns and turns to the side. He opens his eyes and notice that Fluttershy was in bed with him wearing a loose top pajamas and panties. She was fast asleep, but Spike nose started to bleed like crazy. He rolled out of bed waking her up. She jumps up in bed still tired. She saw Spike on the floor wide awake.

"I hope you didn't mind, Spike," Fluttershy said to him. "But your bed was so comfortable that I couldn't help but sleep in it. Sorry if I startled you."

(That Day)

"Spike, where are you going?" Twilight asked.

"I'm going out!" Spike cried out slamming the door behind him. "So I can get away from the girls for five minutes hopefully.

Spike was walking down the sidewalk in his neighborhood, thinking about Twilight's friends. Throughout yesterday and this morning, the girls were already teasing him. Now he was afraid that they'll keep on doing this for three weeks. Suddenly a hand grabs his wrist and pulls him into a bush. Spike was surprised who it was. It was Comet Strike and Pipsqueak.

"What the heck are you guys doing?" Spike asked.

"Question is, 'What are you doing with the girls in your house?'" Pipsqueak asked.

"I asked first."

"Kidnapping you, now tell us about your story," Comet answered quickly.

"Why are you guys curious about-"

"Just please tell us!" Pipsqueak begged.

"Fine, Twilight invited them over to stay for three weeks," Spike explained. "I didn't knew that they were coming to stay with us. Now tell me why you're kidnapping me."

"The reason why we did is because you have five woman in your house," Pipsqueak said.

"And we think that there might be something going on with the girls," Comet said.

"What do you mean?" Spike asked.

"Did you ever have a feeling that the girls have feelings over you," Pipsqueak asked.

"…Again, what do you mean?" Spike asked the same question.

"They're falling in love with you dude," Comet answered.

"What? Come on, we're just friends."

"Really, Spike? REALLY?" Pipsqueak said. "What about the time when Twilight, Applejack, and Pinkie wanted you to dance with one of them?"

"Or the time when you enter the game show and picked Rainbow Dash as your date?" Comet added.

"Guys, you're just over reacting," Spike said. "Maybe it was just for the fun of it or something. They're just too excited to see me in high school for the first time. They even think I was cute, and always cuddle with me, and one time when we went to the water park. When we got there, they started to… fight over me. Begging to be with them like the dance, the game show… and the time when Rainbow Dash kissed me and Applejack wraps her whole body around me, and Rarity calls me Spikey-Wikey every now and then. Fluttershy and I went out together. Oh my God, I think you guys are right. They are falling for me."

"Told ya," Comet said.

"Even my big sister Twilight?"

"It's a fifty fifty chance she might," Pipsqueak said.

"What do I do?" Spike started to panic. "I mean, they're going to tease me and fall for me for three weeks."

"That's where reverse psychology comes in," Comet said. He saw Spike raising one eyebrow up thinking he didn't get it. "It means you plan something back at them."

"I know what it means, Comet," Spike answered. "I just think its suicide."

"Do you want to be tease for the rest of summer vacation?" Pipsqueak asked Spike.


"Then think of a way to fight back!" Pipsqueak cried out.

"They'll learn their lesson as soon as you try the reverse psychology on them," Comet said.

"I'll try my best, but can I leave now? I feel weird hiding in the bush with you two like this," Spike said.

Later that day, Spike went back to the house. He entered inside and notice Applejack on the couch watching TV. Spike took a deep breath ready to reverse psychology on her. He smiled and walks to the couch. He sat right beside her getting her attention.

"Hey there, Spike, what you up to?" she asked.

"Noting," Spike spoke. "Just wanted to see what you were watching."

"Notin' much, partner."

Spike and Applejack sat quietly on the couch watching TV. Spike then slide over towards Applejack getting to close to her. Spike felt awkward. So did Applejack.

"Is there something you need, Spike?" Applejack asked.

"Applejack, can I tell you something?" Spike said.

"Sure, what is it, Sugarcube?" Applejack asked as Spike grabs her hand without warning.

"Do you love me?" Spike spat out.

Applejack immediately blushed her whole face with eyes widen of shocked.

"Can… Can you repeat that?" Applejack hardly spoke.

"I have to know, Applejack," Spike continued. "Cause if you do, then I won't mind. Just say it loud and proud."

Applejack's lips started to tremble. She covered her mouth still in shocked. Still blushing, she dashes off the couch.

"Give me a sec," Applejack said heading up stairs.

Spike watches her dash as he grins. He laughed relaxing himself on the couch.

"One down, four to go," Spike said smiling. "Now I have to think who I should tease next. Someone that I can get it over with."

Later, Pinkie was sleeping in bed. Spike came in with cymbals and smashes them together. Pinkie jumps as she fell out of bed. Pinkie got up and saw Spike.

"We're even now," Spike spoke as he walks out of her room.

Pinkie tilted her head. She finally remembered that she woken up Spike before. Speaking of Spike, he walks down the hall smiling. Now there were only three more to go. The next victim was Rainbow Dash. She was in the kitchen eating her sandwich. Spike came in with a happy smile.

"What are you so happy about?" Dash asked.

"I just feel like today will be an okay day," Spike said happily.

"Oh, really? Like what?"

"I don't know, maybe because I'm feeling happy, or the fact that you guys are here, and well…" Spike launches a hug towards Rainbow Dash surprising her. She didn't know what to do. "…You're here!"

Rainbow Dash blushed. She was stunned by Spike's hug.

"I'm so glad you came to our house, Dash!" spike continued. "Now we can be together for three weeks, just the two of us!"

"Uh, sure, no prob, Spike," Dash hesitated. "…Can you give me a second?"

Spike stops hugging her and watches her walk out of the kitchen slowly. Spike quietly glee. Two more to go for Spike. Now he had to deal with Rarity. What could he do to get Rarity back? After a while, Rarity was in her room sowing a dress in her room. She heard a knock on the door. Spike came into her room unwelcome.

"Rarity, I was wondering about something," Spike said. "Can you make a uniform about my size?"

"Spike, I can ashore you that I can make any uniform of your size," Rarity was flattered. "What uniform did you had in mind, Dearie?"

"I was thinking a tuxedo," Spike answered.

"What's the tuxedo for?" Rarity asked.

"In the future, I could marry someone," Spike continued. "And I need practice of course, so I want you to pretend to be my bride."

Rarity eyes widen as she accidently rips the dress. The magic words came out of Spike's mouth. She was blushing harder than Spikes.

"Me to be your… bride?" Rarity spoke.

"Just for a bit, and it's only for pretend," Spike said. "I just want to see what it'll be like once I get married and such."

"Sure, of course, anything for my Spikey-Wikey," Rarity said still blushing.

"Thank you so much, Rarity!" Spike threw a hug towards her.

Rarity softly gasps and felt his arms wrapping around her wrists tightly. Her face was steaming red. She could hardly take it.

"I'll be waiting then," Spike said.

He stops hugging her and left the room. Rarity drops her whole body on the bed breathless. She hugs herself smiling. What Spike did was her dream come true. Out in the hallway, Spike laughed. He laughed of joy to see her blush. Last was Fluttershy, and Spike knew what he had to do. Later that day, it was nighttime. Fluttershy went to bed in her green T-shirt and panties. Before she lay in bed, there was a knock on the door. She walks over to the door opening it. Spike was in his pajamas rubbing his eye.

"Fluttershy, can I sleep with you tonight?" Spike asked mumbling his words.

"Sure, but why can't you sleep in Twilight's room? Not that I have a problem or anything," Fluttershy said.

"Because you're the only one who makes me feel safe," Spike said.

"Then of course you can sleep with me," Fluttershy smiled.

Spike entered her room and got into bed with her. They both dug themselves under the sheets.

"Goodnight, Spike," Fluttershy said.

"Goodnight, Fluttershy," Spike said.

They both went to sleep. Fluttershy was nuzzled in her pillow. The softness made her feel even sleepier. Suddenly she felt something wrapped around her waist. She turns seeing Spike hugging her from behind. Her vice squeaked. The blush came up on her face. Her heart was beating fast.

"Spike?" she whispered.

A light snore came from Spike. He was asleep. Fluttershy didn't mind him wrapping his arms around her, but it was so sudden. Her face as bright red. The look on her face was pure shocked, she could hardly move.

Morning came. Fluttershy was still shocked with Spike still. Her eyes was still open. Spike finally let go of her waking up stretching his arms. He Got out of bed and smiled out of the room.

"Good morning, Fluttershy," Spike said to her.

Fluttershy remain frozen in bed without blinking.

Spike got himself dressed up and rushes downstairs, almost tripping himself. He was so cheery and filled with glee that he couldn't help but grin wildly.

"That'll teach the girls to mess with me," Spike said to himself. "I guess I could tell them why I did that to them… ahh, I'm sure they already figured it out. Better tell Pipsqueak and Comet about my successful mission."

Spike took out his phone and dialed the number. Suddenly, a hand grabs his hood and jerks him back into the living room. He fell to the ground and saw Applejack bending over looking down on him.

"Hey there, Sugarcube," Applejack smiled showing her teeth.

"Applejack? What are you-"

"I've been thinking what you said yesterday, and figure I ask you a question," Applejack blushed looking away. "Do you think YOU love me?"

"Love you, why would I- oh, now I remember," Spike slaps his forehead.

Applejack leans in closer to him.

"Come on, Sugarcube, tell me what you think of me," Applejack demanded him. "Do ya love me? I won't answer mine till you answer yours."

"Wait, Applejack, I have to tell you about-"

"Oh, I'll answer for you anyway!" Applejack grabs around his neck. She pulls in cheek to cheek snuggling. "Just think about it: You, me, on the farm working together all day. We'll be together as if we were… a couple."

She whispered. Spike immediately turned red. Pushing Applejack away, he threw his hood up hiding his face.

"I have to be somewhere!" Spike cried out running upstairs.

Spike had to get away. He ran into his room and hops onto his bed face first. The sweats started to toll down on him.

"I don't understand," Spike said. "Why would she be interested in me more when I did the reverse psychology on her? I thought she would get the hint… I hope this doesn't effect on the others."

A squeaking noise came from the door. Spike looked to see who it was. Fluttershy peeks her head a bit far blushing. Her hair was covering her eye and her other eye was glittering of shyness.

"Um… Spike," Fluttershy spoke.

"Yes. Fluttershy?" Spike said.

"I wanted to ask you something… but," Fluttershy looks down to the floor hiding her blush. "Maybe if-I mean if it's okay with you-That is if you're interested…"

Fluttershy gave a loud squeak feeling embarrassed.

"What is it, Fluttershy?" Spike asked.

Fluttershy quivered her lips unable to speak. She then ran across his room and jumped on his bed with him.

"Will you be willing to sleep with me every night?!" she cried out.

Spike jaws dropped open. With great shock, Fluttershy covered her mouth.

You want me to what?" Spike asked.

"Just when school starts, you just so cute when you sleep with me," Fluttershy said. "It's only for three weeks."

"Fluttershy, I have something to tell you," Spike was about to confess with her why he slept with her when Rarity called out to him.

"Spikey-Wikey!" she called for him.

"I'll be right back," Spike said running out of his room.

Spike was starting to get worried. They were suddenly being nice to him. It was like the reverse psychology was making things worse. Spike went into Rarity room and notice the lights were out. The room was total black. The door behind him slams shut. The light s came on. The room was decorated into a wedding. There were six chairs, a white silk rug, flower pedals on the floor, and Rarity in her wedding dress she made for herself holding a bouquet of roses.

"Rarity… what is all this?" Spike asked.

"Don't tell me you forgotten already," Rarity said softly. "You said you wanted to practice when you get married, so I stayed up all night making this dress and your suit. Now we can get married together!"

"Rarity, I didn't mean anything of this," Spike said. "I told you that because-"


"There you are, Spike!" Rainbow Dash budged in. "I've been looking everywhere for-"

Dash saw him and Rarity in her wedding dress. Her eyes widen with hatred.

"What the hell are you doing with Spike?" Dash asked angrily.

"What the hell are you doing, may I ask?" Rarity said.

"I came to see if my greatest friend in the whole world wanted to hang out with me today," Dash walks over to Spike patting his back. "And what I'm seeing is that you're about to marry Spike who is clearly younger than you!"

"I'm helping Spike for his future plans," Rarity said. "And it seems to me that you want Spike to go out with you!"

"That's crazy!" Dash blushed knowing it was true. "Stop making up lies!"

"Stop ruining this moment!"

"So you are trying to marry a ten year old!"

The two were arguing over Spike. While they argued, Spike sneaks out of the room getting away. He rushes down stairs and hid in the bathroom. Making sure no one was in here, he gets his phone dialing numbers. He was calling Pipsqueak.

"Hello?" Pipsqueak spoke in the phone.

"Pipsqueak, something went wrong!" Spike cried out.

"Calm down, what happen exactly?"

"Well, I tried the reverse psychology on the girls, turns out I just made things worse," Spike continued. "Rainbow Das is asking me out on a date, Rarity thinks we're getting married, Fluttershy offers me to sleep with her, Applejack-"

"Wait… you're already getting married?" Pipsqueak asked.

"THIS IS SERIOUS, PIPSQUEAK!" Spike shouted into the phone. "Go get Comet and come to my house explaining the situation before something else goes wrong."

Spike hung up the phone. Without warning, Pinkie surprises Spike in the bathtub scaring him.

"Found you!"

Spike fell to the floor and quickly got back up.

"Pinkie? What the hell are you-"

"Kiss me!"

"Well that escalated quickly," Spike said. "All I did was scare you back."

"I know," Pinkie said.

"So why do you want to kiss me all of a sudden?"

"Because everyone else said that you were flirting with them."

"Pinkie, I did that so you guys could get off my back."

"I don't get it."

"What I'm saying is that you girls were bugging me since day one, so I did this reverse psychology to you guys so you could felt what I felt."

"So what you're saying is that what you felt is trying to see how we felt?"

"If you picture that way, yes."

"I see… you still want that kiss?"


Pinkie grabs Spike's hands forcing him down to the ground. She pins him down so he couldn't escape.

"Pinkie! What are you doing?" Spike asked trying to break free.

"You so cute when you squirm," Pinkie said happily. "It's just a simple kiss, after that I'll let you go free."

"Did you even understand what I'm saying?"

"Yes, but since everyone is trying to kiss you, might as well join in," Pinkie said.

"Everyone is trying to kiss me!" Spike blushed.

"Aaaaaawwwwwww!" Pinkie said seeing Spike blushing. "It's so cute how you blush like that!"

"Pinkie, what do you mean everyone is trying to kiss me?" Spike repeated the question.

"You were flirting with the girls, so I guess they thought you wanted to kiss them but was too afraid to ask," Pinkie answered.

"I'm afraid for them to kiss me!"

"Doesn't matter, get ready for the ride of your life," Pinkie said puckering her lips.

Spike struggled for freedom but was too weak. He saw Pinkie coming closer to his lips to hers. The door burst open by Applejack's mighty kick. Pinkie and Spike looked at her. Pinkie felt awkward.

"Hands off my Sugarcube, cowgirl!" Applejack growled at her.

Pinkie started to sweat as she backs away slowly releasing Spike. Applejack grabs Spike's hand and drug Spike across the floor leaving Pinkie in the bathroom.

"The nerve on her," Applejack said.

"Thanks for rescuing me back there," Spike kindly said.

Applejack lifts him back up and shoves him against the wall. She got down to her knees to equal herself to Spike's size. This was in the bathroom, only this time he was trapped against the wall an Applejack making her move.

"Now that she's out of the way, guess what's coming to ya," Applejack said blushing as she smiles.

"Oh, shit," Spike quietly said.

"Don't be scared, Suguarcube," Applejack went on. "If it makes you feel any better, this is my first kiss as well."

She leans in about to give Spike a kiss when Rarity threw her bouquet at her. Applejack let go of Spike and showed a furious face to Rarity. She was still in her wedding dress.

"Get away from my Spikey-Wikey, sister!" Rarity held a fists at her.

"You want him? Bring it on then, cowgirl!" Applejack said getting back up.

The two started to wrestle. As they did, Spike quickly headed into the kitchen. He was going to sneak to the back of the house. When he opens the door, Rainbow Dash was there blocking his way.

"So I was thinking, maybe we could go bowling after we eat dinner," Dash said. "What do you prefer though? Chinese, Mexican food, Italian, or maybe-"


Spike slams the door on her. There was no way out of here. He rushes back upstairs and headed into his room. But Fluttershy grabs his waist from behind and carried him to her room. Fluttershy set him down and locks the door behind her.

"Fluttershy?" Spike said nervously.

"You look tired, Spike," Fluttershy said. "How about you sleep in my bed. While you do, I'll go change into my pajamas."

"Fluttershy, I'm not tired," Spike said. "And the way that I slept with you was because-"

He stops and saw her changing in front of him. She took her shirt off showing her bra. Then her pants showing her pantie. Spike was breathless. He started to sweat. Fluttershy slips into her long green T-shirt hanging over her knees.

"I hope this doesn't disturbs you, Spike," Fluttershy blushed feeling embarrassed.

"Fluttershy, as a friend, this disturbs me quite well," Spike nervously said.

"Well, I'm sorry if it does," Fluttershy blushed even more. "But, Spike, I just want a kiss from you. And if you're okay with it, I won't hesitate."

"I'm like ten, Fluttershy!"

"I know, but, you're just so cute," Fluttershy said. "And another thing…"

She walks over to Spike. She leans in to his ears whispering to him.

"I think it's cuter when you slept with me," she said making Spike throw his hood up.

"I have to tell you something, Fluttershy!" Spike cried out making her back off. "The reason why I wanted to sleep with you was because-"

The door burst open. Pinkie came in with a shocking impression.

"You slept with Spike?" Pinkie asked.

"He slept with me, and you should've seen him," Fluttershy said. "He was so cute when he sleeps with me.

"I want Spike to sleep with me!"

Without them noticing, Spike sneaks out of the room and headed down stairs. When he made it down, Applejack and Rarity was still fighting. Rarity's dress was torn up. Spike headed to the front door. When he opened it, he saw Twilight, Comet, and Pipsqueak standing there. Twilight was crossing her arms at him which means it's not a good sign. She could hear the girls fighting in the living room.

"What is going on, Spike?" Twilight asked still crossing her arms.

"Funny you should ask," Spike began.

"Spike is sleeping with me!" Fluttershy yelled coming down stairs with Pinkie.

"No, he's sleeping with me!" Pinkie said. She saw Twilight and was surprised to see her. "Twilight! Where have you've been? Are you here to kiss Spike two?"

Twilight made a small gasp. She snap at Spike squinting at him. The look she gave him ran chills down his spine.

"Okay, Spike, I was thinking maybe we could go eat somewhere fancy," Dash said coming from the front door. "Hey, Twilight, where have you been?"

Later, everyone was in the living room finally chilling out: including Pipsqueak and Comet. Twilight was pacing walk the room slowly trying to figure out what happened.

"…So where were you?" Rarity asked.

"Visiting Zecora, helping with her garden," Twilight said. "But when I was gone, did I miss something?"

"It's a long story," Spike spoke.

"He was putting the move on us," Applejack said.

"The reason why I did that was because I was tired of you guys teasing me," Spike said.

"That was just for a day," Dash spoke.

"But if we were teasing you, why were you trying to flirt with us?" Rarity said.

"Because I wanted you guys to feel what I felt," Spike continued. "You guys keep teasing me so I wanted to tease you guys back. So I did this reverse psychology on you guys just for payback."

"Even me?" Twilight asked.

"Comet and Pipsqueak said it was a fifty fifty chance."

"Wait, Comet and Pipsqueak gave you the idea?"


The girls stared at the two giving them the look. Comet and Pipsqueak eyes widen and looked at each other.

"Well, I think it's time for us to head home," Comet said stretching his arms.

"Yeah, don't want to be late for dinner," Pipsqueak said leaving, along with Comet.

They headed to the front door and exit the house. When the door was closed, they started to run like idiots. They fell and trip and shove each other escaping cross the street. Spike and the girls were watching them through the window seeing them run. The next day, Spike and Twilight was walking down the neighborhood.

"So I talked to the girls and they promise that they try their best not to tease you," Twilight said.

"You know they'll keep teasing me," Spike said.

"It's not my fault that you too cute for us," Twilight laughed.

"That's my least of my worries," Spike said.

When they reach to their house, they notice a moving van was at a house next to theirs. A new next door neighbor was moving in.

"A new neighbor?" Spike asked himself.

"Well, I guess new friends couldn't hurt during our summer vacation," Twilight said.

"Maybe this summer vacation will turn out great after all," Spike said.

The front door at the new house opens revealing their new neighbor. She wore black jeans, a green shirt, and her hair awfully seems familiar to them. She notice Spike and Twilight seeing them fading their smiles away and had terrified faces.

"Spike! Twilight!" she cried out to them. It was Chrysalis. "Guess will be neighbors for now on."

Chrysalis went back in cleaning up the place. As for Spike and Twilight, they looked at each other and back at their new neighbor. They screamed their heads off. This summer vacation was going to be interesting.