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Dark Matter 101

My job and dream is to make people happy the best I can. I want to tell stories that make you readers laugh, sad, and emotional. If you readers are happy then I'm happy.


In a humanized world, Spike is a new kid in Equestria High where he meet's Twilight and her friends. During his school years he'll be facing friends and enemies along the way. He'll face a fight, breaking in the schools, solving cases, a adventure Spike and his friends will never forget.

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I saw this on fanfiction. I'm glad you brought it here. :D

This is a great story, I am really liking the Spike and the world you created. I want to see when the truth comes and and they find out what is really going on in Spike's life. I wonder how they will react in the next chapter now they are noticing they are in love with Spike lol (I wonder how does the other girls feel about Spike, I think Shy has the biggest place in his heart tho as of right now). I also want to see just how smart Spike is, like with a Quiz Off or something lol. Anyway this is a really interesting story that I can't wait for the next chapter.:moustache:

This is a really good story. You have developed Spike's character really well and having him grow in character with each chapter while giving him and mystery about his back ground. You just got yourself a fan.

You should reveal spike's past soon!

Spike didn't skip three grades for nothing. Let that be a lesson, never mess with the smart ones, they can come up with ways to destroy you that you couldn't even dream of.:trollestia: Looks like the girls are going to takle the mystery around Spike head first, lets just hope they and more importantly Spike and their friendship survive the impact.

Well this was a interesting chapter. Spike took it a step beyond the classic "not pranking" prank, he killed it they so deserved it tho. Then at the end the whole mood of the story changed and it got really real on us lol. I do wonder tho, how does Twi feel for Spike, she seems to be split between loving him like a guy and loving him like little brother (i would prefer the lover but I am sure it will be little brother since they mention that earlier. But it would be interesting to see Twi struggle to come to terms with her feelings that she does see him as more then a brother) I think tho the one that has the best relationship chance with Spike is AJ, she just seems to have a very deep connection with him. Anyway I can't wait to see what he is hiding.:moustache:

4225316 Hmm I think if he finds out they were spying and snooping into his private life he will be very hurt.But probably more scared of how they react. A would be worried that they would do something stupid like find out and act like they don't know but try to do things they think will help him. That never works out, if they find out they just need to let him know they know. But I do want to see them try to figure out the mystery that is Spike lol.:trixieshiftright:

4225431 Yeah, even the best of intentions can backfire badly. Lets just hope that they don't go overboard and just tell Spike they know and have their support. Though I'm really curious about Spike's secert. I've got a few guesses but the author has wrote the story so far in such a way that it could be anything really.

Spike always gets the ladies.:moustache: So that's Spike's sercet? I was thinking of something completely different.

This was a great chapter. So much in one chapter but it was well done. I almost died laughing so many times this chapter *whipping eyes* I was hoping his past would be "alittle" darker like his relatives beat him or some just to make it even more dramatic. Now the real question is how long can Twi hold her tongue and not tell the girls.... I give it one chapter. We all know she can't keep a secret at all lol.:twilightblush:. If Spike was older he would be so lucky, but once he hit puberty he will be in heaven lol.:moustache:

4279959 Its the spikes. Ladies love the spikes:raritywink:

What the...
I feel like Rosie odonald at a salad bar.

Dat Spongebob reference, tho.

Oh, they are dead in the eyes, so they can't see!
Makes sense.

4283209 I was thinking that he had some internall illness that was going to kill him in a few years or he had that condition that makes him look like a kid for the rest of his life. Now that I think of it those might have been too dark for an E rated story.

4283261 It's teen now, soooooooooooooo

4283973 Please Spike has so much Swag he could walk up to Celestia and throw his junk on the desk and say "what are we going to do about this?" and she would call Luna and say " I'm out for lunch" lol.:moustache::trollestia::rainbowlaugh:

i kinda wanna see a drunk Spike try that now, maybe even impress the female population of the school at the same time :rainbowwild:

4284036 huuhhhhh.... you want to see a 10 year old's junk...:unsuresweetie: lol

4284036 Lol no no I want to see him get drunk during a sleep over with the girls. and he impress them when they dare him to kiss each on of them. (which it turns out he is VERY skilled with his tongue) BOO YA!!!:facehoof:

nope.jpg :pinkiesick:

now that's more like it :trollestia: a drunk Spike causing chaos and gaining many fans and admires along the way :yay:

This chapter reminds my of a manga called "Negima! Magister Negi Magi" this and the manga are so similar!

I remember the reference in half of this story in a movie,but I can't remember the title of the movie is

Still,a great,cute story :pinkiehappy:

Wow "Max Keeble's Big Move" huh :trixieshiftright: lol. Can't say it was one of my favorite movies when I was younger but by the stars I am enjoying your version alot more. If Spike wasn't 10 he would be swimming in the babes lol. The fact Gilda took his first kiss in front of everyone cracked me up but I am still kinda wondering alittle (i am sure I have the answer already but still..) what kind of affection does Twi have for Spike, is it sisterly or something more like everyone else. She has given hints that she kinda has both. Oh I was just thinking as a sequel you could have it where Spike and Twi go off to college together with the rest of the girls and they all get one big place together. Spike just starting to hit puberty with a bunch of hot girls as his roommate. And you could use all those college party and road trip movies as a reference lol.:moustache:

if Spike was only older his Swag levels would be so high he would become a God! :moustache:

Hey It's me from fanfic, CM. Glad I finally found this fic here. Now I can keep track of this at both sites.

This reminds me of that episode of Drake and Josh :pinkiehappy:
Guessing this is probably what you based it on

While Spike is probably as good as dead he'll at least go down in Canterlot High School's history as the coolest freshman to ever live. Even after he leaves his deeds and actions will be the stuff of legend.

I am loving your story more then I did the original version from the movie. I am going to die if what I am thinking is going to happen next happens. Not to mention the next day at school will be so much more fun. I only hope you keep going with the story even after this is all done. there are so many school stories that could still happen with the gang.:pinkiehappy::moustache:

In the end of the movie you reference, didn't it turn out that he wasn't moving?
This can only end badly. So lets just hope spike gets a gun...

you know this is a mlp humanized version of Max Keebles Big Move

Ahhhh,I love it when the bloodbath starts :pinkiecrazy:

It is going to get wild on the other chapter:pinkiehappy:

in a past life Spike must have been David Xanatos theinsightfulpanda.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/xanatos-gambit.png
his plans are awesome :moustache:

Oh my god I really need another chapter because this is so good (you could use a proofreader for spelling though)

Another great chapter, though it feels like this and the last two chapters are based off of a moive that I can't remember the name of. Maybe a disney movie?

4457141 Lol I know the movie you are thinking of and yes it is base off of that. Only Spike is 10 times better then Max. I can't wait to see what he has to do next. With Twilight out of the running that leave 6 girls (not counting the CMC) that has shown interesting in him (and not just aww'ed over his cuteness) Maybe we can see where that goes. It would be funny seeing him take each girl on little dates after losing a bet with them or something lol.

Well done. I can't wait to see more adventures with Spike and the girls

4457316 Oh yeah, thats right. I'm surrpised I still remember it.

4457484 same here but once it started to sound like the movie all the memories of it came flying back. Even though this was much better then the movie lol

If this is AppleSpike i will love you forever. If Not, ill still love you for making this story. However, you do have to work on your grammar.

"Before you go, Spike," Pinkie stops them. "Who were you going to dance if Rarity didn't hurt her ankle?"
"Oh, well, to be honest, I would've asked Fluttershy," Spike answered.

YESSSSS!!! FlutterSpike FTW! :moustache::heart::yay:

Love this story. But you already gussed that.

On a completly unrelated note, you guys remember that Spike based Anime, right?
Yeah, that is oming out once we have... Say, 230 more people to sign the petition.

Still, love the story.

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