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Dark Matter 101

My job and dream is to make people happy the best I can. I want to tell stories that make you readers laugh, sad, and emotional. If you readers are happy then I'm happy.


It finally arrives!!! Like I promised! · 5:28am May 22nd, 2015

The new Life of Spike has been remastered! Check out My new book The University Life of Spike: Remastered and join in on another adventure with Spike and his friends. Also check out my new series; Spike and Pinkie's Clueless Adventures. Please leave a comment of what you think of those stories. I want to hear what you have to say. So start reading and enjoy the new books!

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Dream Catcher will come back. · 1:18am Apr 11th, 2015


Dream Catcher will be back on the website. So much stuff is going on this month. Once I get out of college and work again. I can relax and post my new chapters. DREAM CATCHER WILL COME BACK

Please understand my situation.

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NEW BOOK CAME OUT!!! · 4:09am Apr 5th, 2015

Hi. I'm Dark Matter 101. But now you can call me Reversal tales - My new username. I made another story for you fans. It's called Dream Catcher. It's about Spike finding out he has powers to travel into dreams. In Equestria is over roamed by Night-Mares who came for the Dream Catcher. It's up for Spike and his friends to stop the nightmares. In order to do that, Spike must find dream orbs from his friends. The adventure is fun, exciting, and scary for Spike is only a baby

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[no title] · 5:24pm Aug 21st, 2014

We always see the same thing over and over again. The women gets the men: especially women falls for men who are elves, wolves, super hero, anything like that. The stories are the same, movies, horror, everything we know is starting to bore us. But what if we change the rules a bit. What if men fell for women who were not human, a kid who goes off on an adventure with grown people. Let's change the stories, change the rules, it's time to make things new around here. Make different scenes, make

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