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Dark Matter 101

My job and dream is to make people happy the best I can. I want to tell stories that make you readers laugh, sad, and emotional. If you readers are happy then I'm happy.

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Join Spike and his friends on his last treasured moments as we look back to the past. He is now Sophomore boy who has one last year with Twilight and her friends. New friends, villains, and a new girl that Spike falls in love with. He has to make this year count in order to have the best life he can ever ask for.

Chapters (9)

They're back! Join Spike and others as they enjoy their last month of Summer Vacation. Thrilling new adventures, new friends, and a two part bonus chapter where they go camping together. But horrific tales awaits them as they witness the headless horsemen in 'Camp Sleepy Hollow'. So get ready for another adventure with Spike and the gang in the series 'The Life of Spike'.

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Join Spike and the rest of his gang on another life time adventure. See how Spike and Twilight get along throughout their family years, getting dates with one of his friends unexpectedly, standing up a trouble making gang, and meeting new characters throughout Spike's new life. New stories to tell, bigger adventures than before, it's better than ever in the new life of Spike.

Chapters (11)

In a humanized world, Spike is a new kid in Equestria High where he meet's Twilight and her friends. During his school years he'll be facing friends and enemies along the way. He'll face a fight, breaking in the schools, solving cases, a adventure Spike and his friends will never forget.

Chapters (10)