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The Summer Life of Spike: Book 3 - Dark Matter 101

They're back! Join Spike and others as they enjoy their last month of Summer Vacation. Thrilling new adventures, new friends, and a special horror chapter coming soon.So get ready for another adventure with Spike and his friends.

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Ch 8: Home Alone Spike (Part 2)

Chapter 8
Home Alone Spike (Part2)

The morning, Spike woke up preparing his plan. He was up before Twilight and Shining Armor was. He took his telescope up in the attic. Next, he found a small TV in the attic and hooked it up to a wireless video camera. He then waited a bit downstairs waiting for Twilight and Shining to leave. Twilight grabbed her backpack and headed down stairs. She stop for a moment seeing Spike on the couch already.

"Spike, what are you doing up?" Twilight asked.

"I woke up this morning and now I couldn't sleep," Spike said.

"Anyways, we're gong now, so I expect you to be good while we're gone." Twilight said.

"Believe me, I won't this time." Spike promised.

"Goodbye, Spike." Twilight said.

"Bye." Spike said.

He watched her walk out of the house. When she disappeared around the sidewalk corner, Spike went into action. He ran upstairs getting his pet bird and into the attic. He turned the TV on and set his telescope outside his window. He looked through the telescope looking for the thief once again.

Twilight walked down the sidewalk carrying her books. When she turned to the next corner, she bumped into Stacey with her fake baby in a baby carriage. Twilight dropped her books as Stacey was surprised.

"I am so sorry, I'm still tired from waking up this morning." Twilight said picking up her books.

"It's alright, happens to all of us." Stacey said, helping her pick up her books.

"You have a baby? I love babies!" Twilight said, "Can I see her?"

"I rather you didn't," Stacey quickly stops her before she get a glimpse of the toy, "She's asleep and it would be difficult to put her back to sleep."

"Oh, I understand," Twilight whispered, "I have to get to school anyway, have a good day."

"You too." Stacey said.

Twilight continued walking to school. When she did, Stacey gave her a dirty look without her noticing. During Spike's plan, he went to the living room getting a video camera out of the cabinet. He took the camera and a couple of cables and duct-tape. After that, He rushes upstairs with just cables in his hands and up into the attic. Inside the attic he put in an antenna attach the small TV, boxes, and a mini doodled map to a house the thief would enter. Spike knew which neighborhood he was heading too.

When Spike was fiddling with the cable wires, the TV came on with a yard in it. Spike smiled and went to the telescope. He searched for the thief and spotted him in seconds. He saw Scott entering the backyard heading to the backdoor. Spike went back to the TV and picked up a controller to the toy car.

"Check this out, Peewee." Spike to the bird.

Spike turns the controller on and jiggled the sticks. The screen moved where Spike wanted to. He smiled happily it would work. He pushed the sticks forward seeing the screen moving. Outside was Spike's toy car with a video camera taped on the top. Luckily for him the toy car was big enough to hold the small camera. The toy car drove down to the house Scott entered. Spike smiled, excited that he was finally going to get the thief on camera. He drove the toy car down the street and saw Frank in an old man suit and Stacey jogging with the toy baby. Spike stops the toy car. He knew those two were up to no good. Spike waited for them to pass by. After that, he drove the toy car forward heading towards the house.

Stacey and Frank stopped for a moment hearing something going off. The toy car drove into the yard as soon as the two turned around. They didn't saw what the noise was. They both looked at each other thinking it was one of them. They continued patrolling the place as the toy car went around back. As for Scott, he looked around the house for a bit while stealing goods. He wanted to make sure he was alone after he almost got caught twice.

Spike saw Scott from the telescope making sure he was still in the house. He made the toy car go through a small hole in the hedge. It was now at the backyard. Spike looks for a way in and saw a cat door. He drove it through the small door no entering the house. He drove it slowly in case the thief shows up. When it turned to the next corner a cat appeared.

In the attic, the cat appeared on the screen looking at the toy car.

"Look, Peewee." Spike teased him.

Peewee flew behind Spike hiding from the cat. Spike made the toy car floor it scaring the cat. He laughed and continued the search.

Back in the house, the car drove down the hallway. It stopped when it reached to a small stair steps.

"Oh, no," Spike said looking at his doodled map, "I forgot the stairs."

Spike notice a carpet was underneath the toy car. He had an idea that just might work. He made the car backup furiously. The carpet under it slid down the steps making a smooth pathway for him to go down. In the house the toy car drove down on the carpet and into the living room. It drove around till it spotted Scott stealing pictures. The toy car stops making Scott stop. It took him a second what the noise was. The toy car backup a bit trying to hide. Scott turned around seeing nothing but furniture. The toy car was hiding behind a table stool, making an illusion from a distance where Scott couldn't see it. He returned taking the things and shove it in his bag. The toy car moved forward slowly recording Scott on camera.

"We got him, Peewee," Spike said smiling as he watches Scott walk away, "We got him. You are so busted."

Scott suddenly popped his face up on the screen. Spike jolted back yelping as he fell back on the ground. Peewee flew away scared as well.

Scott looked at the car and couldn't believe what he was looking at. He took his walkie-talkie out telling his gang what happened.

"Guys… there's someone watching us." Scott said.

"What?" Frank stops walking.

Ben who was driving stops the car.

"Could you repeat the last message, Scott?" Stacey asked.

"There is a toy car, with a camera on top, videotaping me." Scott said.

Back in the attic, Spike got up fast and saw Scott reaching for the camera. Spike quickly made the toy car back up.

Scott hesitated jumping forward grabbing the car but missed. The car drove off. He stood up hitting his head on the table stool. The car went up the carpet and through the halls.

"Go! Go! Go!" Spike cried out sweating on the controller.

The toy car took a sharp turn into the kitchen spinning out of control.

"Don't spin! Don't spin!" Spike cried out to the TV.

The car stops spinning. It took Spike a moment where he was at. Scott rushed into the kitchen knocking a basket of clothes on the toy car. He didn't saw where the toy car went. He checked the cat door seeing if it went through there. The door didn't swing or nothing. He then realized the clothes on the floor. A small blinking faded light caught his attention. He didn't know if he was seeing things or what.

Spike already knew he was going to check the clothes. The screen video camera could see through the clothes seeing Scott come closer. He quickly grabs the TV remote and rushed to the telescope. He pushes buttons and pushed the power button in the house.

Scott jumped upon hearing the TV turn on. He ignored the clothes for a while and was certain he was alone in the house. Course he thought about the car so he thinks there was someone in the house. As he walked away towards the TV, the toy car moved forward making the clothes move with it.

Spike puts the remote down and grabs the phone. He rushes down stairs dialing the number while he ran to the answering machine. Spike clicks on a missed phone call that goes on for thirty minutes or so. He called the house where Scott was at. Spike finally sets the phone down waiting for voice message.

Scott could hear the phone ringing upstairs.

It went to voice mail and beeped. Spike played the missed call. It was from Rarity.

"Hello? Twilight?" the recorder said through the phone, "Twilight, I know you're there."

Back at where Scott was at he thought a girl was in the house with him. He could still hear her going on.

"Listen, I was going to talk about what shirt I should where for camp," the recorder went on, "I want to get Spike's attention when we go there: I have a white T-shirt and a blue T-shirt. I couldn't decide what to where for Spikey-Wikey…"

Spike ran back to the attic and saw Scott walking into the living hearing Rarity go on. As soon as Scott went to the other room, Spike made his move.

"See ya!" Spike cried out flooring the car.

The toy car burst out of the clothes. Scott saw the car on the move. So was he. The car drove towards the cat door and accidently hit the side. The car made it through the door, but hitting the side of it lost control. It toppled onto the ground landed it on the side.

Spike slapped his head of stupidity.

Scott quickly rushed to the door. He notice the door was locked. He took out his walkie-talkie getting his buddies.

"Guys, get to the house where I'm at." Scott ordered them.

Spike tried to get the toy car back up but span in circles.

In Chrysalis's house, Chrysalis looked out of the window and saw an old man running. This made her shocked seeing him running in fast speed. Next she saw a women with a baby carriage. She ran tripping over and swinging the carriage around.

"Everybody is in a hurry." Chrysalis said

Back with Scott, he finally got the door open and saw the toy car spinning in circles. He grabbed the car and picks it up.

Spike could see him in the screen smiling. Suddenly the TV went blank. Spike sighed almost catching him in action.

Frank and Scott made it to Scott. They saw him carrying the toy car with the video camera.

"Somebody is watching us?" Ben asked.

"How's that possible?" Frank asked.

"It doesn't matter, we got the tape and we found the person who's behind it all, she's inside the house," Scott answered. He notice he was missing one short, "Where's Stacey?"

Stacey came running to the back yard pushing the carriage away.

"What happen?" she asked.

"There's a woman in the house," Scott said, giving the car to Stacey. He took his gun out loading it, "I'll go in and make sure she doesn't go anywhere."

He went back in the house. Stacey fiddled with the camera making it turned back on.

Spike looked through the telescope seeing the thieves. He saw Stacey holing the car and notice the camera was back on. He had a curious thought. He held up the controller and jerked the sticks forward.

The toy car burned rubber on Stacey and flew out of her hands. The toy car drove over her face and landed back on the ground. Stacey fell on the ground with tire marks on her. Spike jumped in the air for success.

Frank and Ben went after the car driving around the yard. The car drove towards the fence with cracks on it. It burst through the fence and back on the road.

Scott walked upstairs where he could still hear her talking with his gun out, "Ma'am? May I have a word with you?" Scott asked kindly.

"Hold on, I'm on another line," the voice recorder said.

Scott jumped in the room pointing his gun. He saw the voicemail talking. He turned it off acting stupid. Stacey ran inside the house.

"I lost it!" she cried out from downstairs.

"WHAT!" Scott shouted and ran downstairs.

Frank chased after the toy car in an alley while Ben ran back into the car. Frank saw the toy car across from him. The car drove away from him. Frank chased after it as fast as he could. The car was faster than him. He started to slow down losing his breath. The toy car bolted out of there in a mile away. The car stopped all of a sudden.

"It's out of range!" Spike said running over to the other side of the window.

He saw Frank catching up to the car.

"I got it!" he said through his walkie.

Spike found him and the car. He pushes the sticks forward and off the car went. Frank made a jump for it and slid across the dirt ground. He almost had it as he watches the car drove off. Frank clenches the dirt on the ground. The toy car kept going as it went back on the road again. Suddenly a black car slid down the road and drove towards the toy car.

"Gotcha now!" Ben said flooring it.

Ben burned rubber driving the car towards the toy car. He aims the toy car with his tire. Spike couldn't look as he closes his eyes yelling. He jerk the stick to the left going underneath the car grinding the metal. Ben looks back seeing the toy car going underneath him and out behind him. He stops the car and saw the toy car going in the yard.

"What direction is the toy car headed?" Scott spoke through his walkie.

Ben got out of the car and saw where it went.

"It's off the streets heading west." Ben said to him.

Scott and Stacey went separate directions getting a chance of getting the camera. Spike went to the other window and saw the toy car from where he's at. He saw Scott and Stacey separating from each street. He drove the toy car in the middle of the yard as he saw Stacey entering it.

"I see it! It's going through the hedge." Stacey said running after the car.

The car drove through the bush.

"What position?" Scott asked.

"You're there!" Ben said seeing where it went.

Scott and Stacey ran towards the bush and jumps into it.

"I got it!" they both yelled and smack their heads together.

They both fell down to the ground with major headaches. Spike laughed and drove the car out of the bush.

Ben drove down the road mad. He was looking for Frank. Frank was running down the alley.

"Frank, where are you?" Ben asked through the walkie.

"I'm coming out of an alley." Frank answered.

"Repeat that?" Ben asked.

"I said I'm-"


Frank got hit by the car Ben was driving in. He stopped the car as Frank flew back onto the road.

The toy car entered another yard almost reaching to Spike's location. Ben kept driving down the road and into an alley. Spike could see the toy car and Ben. He wasn't sure how to surpass this. He then notice a dirt hill looking like a ramp for the toy car. Ben got out looking around the area. Spike ran downstairs and outside the backyard. He kneeled down and was hoping he could make the jump. He closes his eyes and opens. He made the car floor it.

The toy car drove towards the ramp and flew across the alley. Ben thought he heard something and turned around. Just in time the car flew over his head. The car made to Spike's yard. He drove it towards him and quickly grabs it heading back inside. Ben peeked over the fence where Spike lives. No toy car was spotted.

"I lost the toy car." Ben said into the walkie.

Scott and Stacey was walking together with the baby carriage. It was a wreck and so were they.

"Over and out." Scott said.

Spike set the camera down on the dinner table. He opened the case and saw the tape. He grabbed it and notice something. The tape was almost torn apart. He noticed the car he went under he heard a chipping noise. He went to check if the tape was still working. He put it back in the camera and hooked it up to the TV. To his luck it still works. He watches Scott appearing on the screen.

"Guys… there's someone watching us." he said.

Spike could hear his friends talking through the walkie. He heard someone calling him Scott. Spike was glad to catch him on tape.

"Perfect," Spike said grabbing the camera, "Now we can show them the-"

When Spike grabs the tape it broke in half. He gasped. The way it was torn up, he knew it wouldn't last. But he still wouldn't give up. He heard the thief's name. He went to his computer searching for World's Most Wanted Thief and Criminals. He click on a random site and searched through. He looked under Scott's name and found at least 14 names. He saw a picture of him and printed it. When he did, he looked to see what address this going to. He wrote the paper with his address and a note on it and puts it in an envelope and put the address on. He rushed over to the post office and delivered the mail covering his chicken pox with a big heavy coat and scarf and sunglasses. He was getting weird looks. He didn't care. He went back home and went to his room taking his disguise off. He plots on the bed and hoped this would work. If not, he'll be in big trouble. Peewee flew to him chirping.

"You think we should tell Twilight and Shining?" Spike asked Peewee. All he got was chirps. "Yeah, you're right. The less they know, the better. Those guys are bad news."

At the Timberwolves hide out, they were eating Chinese food. Frank has an ice pack around his neck from the car he hit. And Scott and Stacey are holding ice packs on their heads.

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate you hitting me with your car." Frank said to Ben sarcastically.

"You should've looked both ways." Ben said to him.

"You should've took Drivers Ed." Frank shot back.

"I just don't know what we're doing wrong," Scott slurped his noodles, "We can bust a tape but we can't steal anything if someone's watching us the whole time."

"It's a kid!" Stacey cried out, "It has to be a kid."

Scott took a breather and was about to say something, "…Bull," was all he said.

"Stacey, I think you hit your head harder than I thought." Ben said.

"The cops comes twice and don't believe the kid," Stacey went on, "So he took matters in his own hands. It can't be anything else."

"If that the case then tomorrow we whack every kid in the neighborhood; burn them all alive." Frank said freaking Ben out a bit.

"I'm not gonna believe that a kid would out smart us!" Scott snapped, "Sure he or she is using a toy car, but that could be anyone."


They all stopped hearing Scott's phone go off. Scoot looked at his phone and it said DAD. Scott gulped afraid to answer the phone. He answered it and gave time to think what he'll say.

"Did you fulfill my dream?" the dad answered first before Scott could say anything.

Scott stuttered afraid to say no, "Just about, father." Scott answered.

"Don't lie to me," the dad said calmly, "I can still see the town smiling from here. I thought you had it all under control."

"We're starting out small, we just need-"

"Starting out small?" the dad said angrily, "You either do what you're supposed to do or so help me I'll make you rot in prison till the day you die! Do we understand?"

"…Y-Yes, sir," Scott stuttered.

"Good, do NOT disappoint me." the dad hung up on him.

Scott looked at the phone and chucked it to the wall breaking it.

"Call every neighborhood and find that brat!" Scott shouted at his teammates.

At Spike's house, Twilight and Shining Armor arrived at home and ate dinner. Along with Rainbow Dash, "Spike, tomorrow I won't be home for a while," Twilight said to him "I have a meeting with the Principal after school, that's why I have Rainbow Dash here to babysit you."

"Whoa, whoa. Babysit?" Dash waving her fork around, "Can't. I have a soccer game after school. I thought you have Chrysalis watching over him."

"She's a back plan," Shining said, "In case if it's an emergency, she'll come right down."

"Yeah, she'll do anything to protect me," Spike said sipping his water, "But I'll be fine, Twilight."

"There you have it," Dash said, "Spike could you pass the false alarm? 'Scuse me, I meant pass the peas."

Twilight eyeballed her not amused by the joke. Rainbow Dash shrugged.

"Ha ha." Spike said rolling his eyes.

The house phone rang on the kitchen counter. Twilight went over to pick it up answering it.

"Hello?" Twilight spoke. "Yes… Spike, did you play with your toy car outside today?"

Spike shook his head lying. Just to be on the safe side.

"That's weird, a lady called, did you take a toy car from them?" Twilight asked.

Spike gasped knowing it was the thieves who's calling. Spike shook his head fast.

"No, sorry, he has one of those remote control cars," Twilight continued the conversation only making it worse for Spike, "It's small and red with lightning bolts-" Spike took the phone from her and hung it up.

At the hide out, Stacey smiled, "We have it." she said.

Back at the house, Twilight grabbed his shoulders and shook him.

"Spike, what is the matter with you?" Twilight yelled, "You can't just cancel my call!"

"They're lies, Twilight! You can't call her back!" Spike said to her.

"What? Why not?" Twilight asked.

"She's dangerous!" Spike shouted.

"Dangerous? What-"

"They're lies! They're all lies!" Spike continued.

"What do you mean they're lies?" Twilight asked not getting a hint.

Spike stuttered trying to make sense as possible. But it just made it harder for him. He looked back at Shining Armor and Rainbow Dash who was giving him the look. He sighed and gave the phone back to her.

"Call her back, I think you'd be surprised." Spike said heading out of the kitchen.

Twilight shrugged and took the phone. She dialed the number on it calling them back.

Back at the Timberwolves, Ben was on the computer watching the phone numbers around the neighborhood. He spotted Twilight's number.

"She's calling back." he said to Stacey.

Stacey cleared her throat and answered the phone, "Hello? Sorry did I disconnect you…" Stacey looked in the computer seeing Twilight's name, "Twilight?"

Back at Spike's house, Twilight continued talking, as Spike listened to her un-spotted, "Sorry, my little brother hung up the phone," Twilight said. "He's been having the chickenpox."

"Oh, is that so?" Stacey said into the phone.

Spike could hear her talking.

"Yes, he's thinks thieves are roaming around the neighborhood." Twilight said.

Spike lowered his head. He was in deep trouble now.

"Little boys do have big imaginations." Stacey said.

"Yes, they do." Twilight laughed.

Spike slowly walked upstairs. He went into his room and plotted down head first on his pillow. Peewee came flying in chirping. Spike rolled over staring at the ceiling.

"They'll be coming for me now, Peewee," Spike said, "Worst part is nobody will listen. Not Twilight, or Shining Armor, or my friends, and probably not the government. Any ideas?"

Peewee hid under the pillow.

"If that means hide, you're wrong."

Peewee flew out of the pillow and landed on his shoulder.

"If that means fight, you're right," Spike took a moment to think. He took a big sigh, "They'll understand. They'll know I was telling the truth. I'm not gonna cry or feel sad or scared. They're grownups and they're criminals. But this is my neighborhood and this is my house. No matter how old they are; no matter how big they are. They can't beat me hear. Which is why I'm smarter than them."

Later that night, Spike sneaked through the house making a game plan. He went outside with a small balloon filling it with water. Next he went to get two flower pots from Zecora's yard and ran up to his attic setting them down by the open windows. Spike couldn't do it alone though. Which is why he went to get crackers. He gave them to Peewee in exchange for helping him with his fight. The next step on the list was gathering fireworks he got from Rainbow Dash. There wasn't enough though. He sneaked into Shining's room grabbing a box under his bed filled with powerful fireworks. He ran back outside and into another yard. He sneaked into a toy house fitted by an adult size. He dumped the fireworks and started to get to it.

While the Timberwolves was working with their plan, they set up cameras and speakers into their clothes for tomorrow. Ben was setting up ammo fir the guns for him and the team. Frank was eating macaroni and cheese, while playing with his tools: Picklocks, clippers, and a Taser.

Back at the house, Spike was drilling a small and skinny hard board onto the door leading to the basement. Next he was back to the attic with a measuring tape and a skateboard. He then filled a chest with Twilight's old books. The chest was hanging out of the window tilting towards it. He then took his toy gun and sprays paint it black in the basement.

During Timberwolves's plan, Scott was watching the news making sure nothing goes wrong. He ate a piece of cracker and stick one in his pocket. He was ready to dive into the house and murder Spike.

Spike went into Twilight's room getting a few things. He stopped and look at Twilight. He walked to her and kissed her on the cheek while she was sleeping. She smiled and nuzzled in her bed. Spike left getting ready for the big event.

The next morning, Stacey was walking outside wearing sunglasses with Winona on a leash. She whines thinking she was punished. She was walking towards Spike's house looking around the place. Spike looked out his window and noticed Stacey walking up to his house. He knew Winona was there with her. He ran to his drawer and took out a dog whistle. He ran back to the window and blew it. Winona reacts to the whistle and ran towards it. Stacey was yanked by the dog and toppled over towards the front door. Spike smiled and grabs Peewee.

"Here we go, Peewee," Spike said rushing down stairs.

Stacey looked around the house. She clicked a small button on the glasses. A small video camera was attach to it. The other gang was in the car looking at the computer. They could see what Stacey could see.

Spike rushes to the front door and went into a closet besides it. He messes with the cable box finding a cable hooked up to the doorbell. He took his wire out waiting till she rings the bell. When she did, Spike quickly cuts the wire.


"Spike! Could you get that?" Twilight hollered. She was in the shower.

Spike ignored Twilight and looked through the kitchen window. He could see Stacey scanning the place. He saw Winona. He took out the whistle and blew it. Winona walked over where the sound was coming from. Spike ran to the living room and blew it again. Winona walks to the other way. Spike did repeatedly seeing that the leash was around Stacey's legs without her knowing.

"No one is answering yet." Stacey said to a small microphone in her shirt.

Spike ran to the back and carefully sneaks to the side of the house. He peeked around the corner seeing Stacey still pushing the doorbell. He saw Winona and waited for the right moment.

"Permission to break in." she said to the gang.

Spike blew the whistle seeing Winona running towards it. Stacey was jerked to the side caught on the leash. She was pulled by the dog screaming. The gang watches the computer hearing her screaming. Stacey was finally untangled and plotted on the ground. Winona ran to Spike hopping on him licking his face.

"You're welcome, no go home," Spike said to the dog taking the leash off her. "Go, girl. Go back to Applejack."

Winona ran back home freely. Spike threw the leash into a bush and ran back inside. Stacey spat the dirt out of her mouth. She was already dirty.

"Stacey?" Scott spoke into the microphone.

Stacey got up and saw her sunglasses on the ground. She went to pick it up and accidentally split her pants. She gasped and looked under her seeing the camera swinging videotaping it. The boys in the car nose were nose bleeding seeing her panties and butt.

"Stop looking at my ass!" Stacey cried out showing her face on the computer.

They jumped scared seeing her mad like that.

"Just focus on the main task here!" Scott said blushing. "Just act natural and come back."

Somewhere in New York, a government was rushing in a building. The building was CSI Corporations. He ran into the office and handed the boss a file.

"Sir, someone gave us a picture of a most waned criminal," the man said handing him the picture. "Someone in Equestria wrote a note saying he was in that town."

The boss looks at the picture and saw Scott's face. He looked into his files and saw a list of crimes most wanted, "We're going to Equestria," he said rushing out of the office.

Back at Spike's house. Spike was waiting for Twilight. He has her vest out for her. Twilight came downstairs seeing Spike with her vest.

"You got this for me?" Twilight asked.

"Yep." Spike smiled.

"Thanks, Spike, but I wanted to wear my other vest." Twilight walked up to the closet making Spike gasp.

"Wait!" Spike stopped her before she touched the knob, "Why don't you go into the kitchen! I made you breakfast too. I'll get your vest for you."

"Aww, thanks, Spike, this is why you're my number one assistance." she said walking to the kitchen.

Spike sighs in relief. He slowly opened the closet door and out came a punching glove. It launched out almost knocking Spike out. It was hooked up to a pole and a folded chair. A stick pole was the trigger to the trap. He checked on Twilight making sure she didn't hear it. Spike picked up the stick pole and hooked it back onto the chair. Soon, Spike gave Twilight her vest.

"Here's your vest." Spike said giving her it.

"Thanks, Spike," Twilight said. "Before I go, I need to tell you something. I'll be calling half an hour checking on you when school is over. I'll be at a meeting with Principal Celestia."

"I know, Twilight." Spike said.

"Okay, now be good, be safe, and maybe you can keep an eye out of this place." Twilight said.

"I got it all covered." Spike said to her.

Twilight walked out of the house leaving Spike in charge of the house. Spike's smile faded. He thinks to himself what if this was the last time he ever saw her. So he rushed outside seeing her on the sidewalk already.

"Twilight, wait!" Spike cried out to her.

Twilight stopped turning around seeing what Spike wanted. He ran up to Twilight giving her a tight warm hug. Twilight was stunned. She looked at Spike seeing him worried. Twilight smiled and hugged him back.

"I'll be back, I promise," Twilight said to him, "So don't worry."

Twilight hugged him one last time and walked off. She waved goodbye to him as Spike waves back smiling. He went back inside the house sitting on the couch. Peewee flew by.

"Here we go, Peewee," Spike said to him, "This is it. Just you and me… So let's get to work."

Spike came out of the house with metal wires around his shoulder and a pole. He struck the pole on the ground and attached the wire to it. He grabs the plug and plugs it to the outlet outside. He then set up a plan on the kitchen floor with a toy house and paper. He was talking to Peewee about the plan for the backyard. He went to the backyard and grabs a shovel, net, and rake. He shovels a hole in the ground and set a net above it. He then rakes the leaves above it. After he was done, he got a good look at it seeing no hole what so ever. Next he was unscrewing the screw with a driller off the floorboards and steps at the back porch. He went to the attic and removed a big floorboard off the floor making a big hole. He ran to Shining's room with Peewee and closes the door. There was a poster of a woman on it. He took it down and got out a pair of scissors snipping it. At the front porch, he poured marbles on the ground and set a welcome home mattress on top of it.

The Timberwolves readied themselves as well. Scott and Stacey was heading down to Spike's house ending this once and for all. Ben and Frank was driving down the road heading to the back of the house. This is it. Expert thieves vs. a highly smart eleven year old. Let the party begin.