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The Summer Life of Spike: Book 3 - Dark Matter 101

They're back! Join Spike and others as they enjoy their last month of Summer Vacation. Thrilling new adventures, new friends, and a special horror chapter coming soon.So get ready for another adventure with Spike and his friends.

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Ch 3: A New 'Friend'

Chapter 3
A New 'Frriend'

Spike was walking in town. He enjoyed the scenery around him. Cars drove by, birds were chirping. Today was a perfect day for him.

"Hey, kid," a woman called out to him.

Spike turns around to see who it was.

"Yeah?" Spike answered.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Sure, what is it?" Spike asked again.

The woman grins happily. Glad to see Spike. At Twilight's House, Twilight was in the living room watching TV. She watched My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The theme song was playing while she hums with it.

"Hey, Twilight!" Applejack called out to her coming down stairs.

Twilight looks back quickly and hurries to find the remote. She spotted it on the arm rest. She grabs the remote changing the channel in a flash and put it back where she found it. When Applejack walks in the living room, she felt like something happened.

"Twi, what are you doin'?" she asked.

"Just watching a show," Twilight lied.

She was watching Duck Dynasty, but she didn't knew what it was.

Hey, look here, beavers," Si said on television. "You better hide your wife, hide your husband, and look here - both of ya – hide your children, cause we're comin'!"

"You're watchin' Duck Dynasty?" Applejack questions Twilight.

"There was nothing else on," Twilight choked her answer.

"Whatever you say, Twi," Applejack said walking off.

Twilight watches Applejack disappearing into another. She grabs the remote changing the channel back to My Little Pony. As she did, the doorbell went off. She moaned while changing the channel again. She got off of her couch and headed to the door. She opens the door and saw Spike. She notices him blushing.

"Hi, Spike," Twilight said. "What are you blushing fo-"

When she opens the door all the way, another person was standing by him. Her hair was red and yellow like flames. She wore a black jacket with an orange shirt underneath it with a sparkle sun on it. She wore black jeans and black boots.

"Sunset Shimmers?" Twilight smiled.

"Twilight Sparkle?" Sunset smiled back.

The two jumped up and down squealing of happiness. Spike watches the two getting excited. After they stopped they hugged.

"It's been so long!" Twilight said.

"I know! Eight years, seems like forever!" Sunset spoke.

"I missed you so much!"

"Not as much as I did!"

"I got to tell the girls! GIRLS! GIRLS!" Twilight cried out.

The five of them heard her yell. They came to her to see what was all the yelling and screaming was about.

"Twilight, dearie," Rarity spoke. "What are you calling us-"

The girls all took one look at Sunset Shimmers and gave out loud screams. They all rushed over to her excited to see her. Spike still didn't knew what was going on. All he notice was the girls was glad to see her again.

"Can anyone please tell me how you girls know about Sunset?" Spike asked.

"Oh, Spike, you have to come to the living room," Twilight pulled him to the room and onto the couch.

The girls all sat in the living room and Sunset sat next to Spike. Spike once again blushed seeing her smiling at him.

"So, what brings you here?" Pinkie asked.

"Come to visit us after eight years?" Dash said.

"What's it like at your home town?" Fluttershy asked.

"Can I say something?" Spike cried out getting everyone's attention. "How do you girls know Sunset, besides Twilight? I know that she and Sunset are friends, but I never knew you guys were her friend as well."

"It's been eight years, Sugarcube," Applejack said.

"It was in fourth grade when she left," Twilight explained the story. "We've been friends since preschool."

"You mean BFF," Sunset said.

"You mean BFF's," Pinkie corrected as they all laughed. "But really, why are you all of a sudden?"

"Well, I moved here not too long ago with my folks," Sunset said. "I'm moving back in Equestria and going to school here for now on. When we were moving, I decided to roam around town to see how much this place has changed. And that's when I ran into this adorable young man."

She looks at Spike seeing him blush. Spike grips his pants looking away from her as he kept blushing.

"Isn't he just the cutest?" Fluttershy said.

"Well, since you brought that up, what happen when you two came here?" Twilight asked.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you," Sunset said as she wraps Spike's shoulder pulling him towards her. "Spike is now my boyfriend!"

Lightning struck through the girls hard. Upset and anger, they dropped their jaws all together. Sunset is smiling with Spike still blushing.

"Isn't it great?" Sunset continued. "I know it sounds weird, but how could you say no to this charmer!"

"Uh… Spike, is this true?" Twilight asked still in shocked.

"I guess, I mean, I did said…" Spike remain silent blushing hardcore.

"Oh, come on, sweaty, tell them what you said to me," Shining supported him.

"Yeah, Spike… tell us," Dash said crossing her arms.

"I said that… she was beautiful," Spike answered making Rarity, Applejack, and Fluttershy heart broken.

"Isn't that the cutest thing he ever said to me," Sunset said snuggling him cheek to cheek.

Twilight and the girls blushed. Jealous that Spike was Sunset's boyfriend instead of one of them. Especially Twilight.

"Um… How long did you two became a couple?" Applejack asked.

"Since we first met," Sunset explained. "It began when I was roaming in town."

(Two Hours Ago)

Sunset saw Spike walking down the sidewalk in front of her. She holler at him.

"Hey, kid," she called out to him.

Spike turns around to see who it was.

"Yeah?" Spike answered.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Sure, what is it?" Spike asked again.

Sunset walks up to him and squats down to his height.

"Do you know anyone name Twilight?" she asked.

"Yes, you know her?" Spike asked.

"Yes, but can I ask you something?"

"Sure," Spike said.

"Is your name Spike by any chance?"

"Yes, it is," Spike answered.

"So you're Twilight's sister then, aren't you?"

"That's right," Spike said.

Sunset stood back up crossing her arms.

"My name is Sunset Shimmers, nice to meet you," She shook Spike's hand as Spike shook back.

"Nice to meet you to," Spike said smiling.

"Well, since we now know each other, could you show me around town?"


After a while, Spike showed Sunset around the area. A few hours later, they finally sat in Sugarcube Corner. They were drinking ice-cream floats that Mr. Cake prepared.

"I never had a float before," Sunset said.

"Never in your life? That's crazy!" Spike said as the two laughed.

"So, you're my sister's friend?"

"Yep, been friends since we were little," Sunset said. "Thank you for showing me around, it's been years since I left this place."

"I can imaging," Spike said. "Going away and came back years later, then it's a whole new world."

"I like you, no one was kind enough to show me around the place," Sunset said leaning in.

"Uh… it was nothing really," Spike blushed scratching the back of his head.

"Aww, you're blushing," Sunset giggled. "I hate to ask you this but, would you like to be my boyfriend?"

Spike sat quietly in his seat spacing out.

"WHAT!" Spike gave out a loud shout.

"Just for a week, please!" Sunset begged. "I promise I'll be the best girlfriend you ever had!"

"But, Sunset, this is so sudden," Spike blushed. "I'm ten years old in a matter of fact."

"I know, but like I said, just for a week," Sunset kept begging. "Then I promise that I won't ask you a silly question ever again."

"Why would I be your boyfriend? We just met."

"Look at you," Sunset continued. "You have good eye sight, you're a sweet young man who knows how to treat a lady, and you're just the cutest kid I ever seen."

Spike put some thought into this. Like he has a choice really. She'll just keep asking her offer.

"…Just for a week?" Spike spoke.

"And then we'll be friends after that week," Sunset said.

'Fine, just for a week," Spike shook her hand agreeing he'll be her boyfriend.

(Present Day)

"And that is ho me and my boyfriend became a couple," Sunset concluded her story.

The girls was still depressed. Spike already has a girlfriend for a week.

"So, Spike, are you saying that if one of us would ask you to be our boyfriend for a week, would you do it?" Rarity asked.

"Well, I guess I could," Spike answered.

"That all it took?" Rarity jumps back yelling in her head sadly.

"So you two are datin' just for a week?" Applejack said.

"Yeah, isn't that great," Sunset said happily grabbing ahold of Spike's arm.

"Well, then I won't argue with it," Applejack said making the girls surprised

"You sure it's okay, Applejack?" Fluttershy asked.

"If it's just for a week, then yes, I'm okay with it."

"Well, I guess a week wouldn't hurt," Rainbow Dash spoke.

"Thank you all for understanding," Sunset said. "Come on boyfriend! Let's go out on our first date."

"Already? But I just got home," Spike said.

Sunset ignored him as she drags him out of the house. Spike didn't mind being her boyfriend for a week. The girls in the house were okay with it. Some of them anyway.

"I still hate it when she stolen my Spikey-Wikey like that," Rarity said still frustrated.

"Let it go, Rarity, all of us want Spike to be our girlfriend," Dash said.

"Yeah, it's just for a week, so put that frown upside down, Rarity," Pinkie said as she pushes both of her cheeks up making her smile.

"I won't accept this!" Twilight cried out standing out holding up her fist.

"What?" Applejack said.

"I'm not gonna let my little brother go out with someone who is older than him!" Twilight continued. "I mean, what if they kiss lip to lip?"

"I see what's going on with you," Fluttershy said. "You're being over protective on Spike because you're jealous."

"I am not jealous, Fluttershy," Twilight said blushing.

"Twilight, we all have a cute crush on Spike," Dash spoke. "I'm pretty sure you two have a crush on him."

"That is sick! I'm his sister!" Twilight said.

"You adopted him," Pinkie spoke.

"He's not blood related to you," Rarity added.

"I can't believe what I'm hearing," Twilight continued. "You guys are actually approving that Spike is going out with our old friend."

"Which is why we ain't goin' to bother them, Twi," Applejack said. "Look, it's only for a week. Till then, we can fight over who gets Spike."

"Whatever," Twilight walks off heading to the front door.

"Where are you going?" Fluttershy asked.

"I'm going to see what Sunset is doing to Spike!" Twilight cried out as she headed outside.

The girls sat in the living room a bit awkward.

"She can't be quite serious, could she?" Rarity spoke.

"When it comes to Twilight and Spike, it's always serious," Rainbow Dash said.

In town, Spike and Sunset were holding hands as they walked down the streets. Spike was blushing, looking down at the sidewalk as he walked. Sunset noticed him blushing.

"Why you blushing, Spike?" she asked making Spike jump. "You've been blushing ever since we went out."

"It's just that… I, uh…" Spike stuttered.

"Oh, no, I'm embarrassing you, aren't I," Sunset interrupted him. "I knew going out with an older girl would, I wasn't thinking clearly."

"It's not that," Spike said. "It's just, I'm not really used to hanging out with girls who are older than me."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm, well… shy around with older women," Spike answered.

"Is that why you out your hood over your head?" Sunset asked.

"How did you know?"

"I heard rumors about you throwing you hiding your face when you blush too hard," she said.

Spike moaned angrily. Sunset laughed seeing him turn red. As the two were walking, Twilight as following them unnoticed. She hid behind everything that stood in her path every time the walk farther. Twilight was still mad over the fact she was jealous.

"I am not jealous," Twilight talked to herself. "I may have a crush on my own little brother, but that does not mean I'm jealous. Course, stalking them could a way saying I'm jealous, but really I'm just worried about Spike. If Sunset has any weird plan going on, I will surely stop whatever it is she's planning."

As Spike and Sunset walks down the sidewalk, The Diamond Dogs sops them blocking their way.

"Look what we have here boys, a new comer," Rover spoke. He saw Spike with her holding hands. "Spike? What's happening? Are you scared that you might get lost? Or are you scared to see us again?"

"In your dreams, Rover," Spike backed talked him.

"He's my boyfriend," Sunset spoke getting Rover's attention.

"You're his boyfriend?" Rover laughed and shoved Spike aside. "Why go out with Mr. Goody Two-shoes here, when you can go out with tough men like us."

"Because I don't like boys who are aggressive," Sunset answered.

"You know how life works sweat heart," Rover got closer to her. "A sweet girl like you always goes out with assholes like us."

"It's true," Spot spoke. "It's a cycle: Bad boys wants nice girls, nice girls wants nice boys, nice boys wants bad girls, and bad girls wants bad boys."

"It's an endless cycle if you think about," Fido said.

"And in the end, nice boys like this little squirt, never gets the girl," Rover grabs Sunset's hands. "So how about it? Want to spend time with a real man?"

Twilight finally catch up with them as she hid behind a tree. She saw The Diamond Dogs with Spike and Sunset.

"Oh, no," Twilight gasped. "Not now… Wait! Now's my chance to show Spike that I'm much more important than Sunset Shimmers. Which means if I protect them from Rover then Spike would come crawling back to me knowing that I'll always be with him when he's in danger. So if I just rush over there-"

Suddenly with a wink of an eye, Sunset Shimmers send Rover and his friends into the air with three single punch. Spike swathe three go flying across the sky scared shitless. Twilight jaws dropped open seeing her mighty blow. Sunset grabs Spike around his neck hugging him.

"Spending time with Spike is the only time I have," Sunset happily said.

"That was amazing, Sunset!" Spike said. "You sent those three flying with a single blow."

"Oh, stop it, now you're making me blush," Sunset blushed.

The two continued walking down the streets. Twilight stood behind the tree with her jaws still dropped open.

"How the hell did…" Twilight said. She finally growled loudly with rage. "Just because she took out three assholes, doesn't mean she's that protective! I swear with all my heart that-"

"Twilight?" a man spoke.

Twilight jumped turning around to see Flash wearing his police uniform.

"Flash! Sorry about my tantrum moment," Twilight said blushing as she quickly goes back being nice.

"It's okay, you're cute when you're angry," Flash said laughing.

"Oh, Flash," Twilight bonked his head still in a happy mood.

"So anyway, what are you angry about?" Flash asked.

"Well, my friend Sunset came back to town," Twilight continued. "And now I found out that Spike is going out with her."

"Oh, you're jealous that Spike is spending time with Sunset instead of you," Flash caught her.

"I am not jealous!" Twilight cried out.

"Then why are you spying on them?"

Twilight was about to say something, but again he caught her.

"You're cute when you're curious," Twilight spoke.

"Oh, Twilight," Flash said copying Twilight.

"If you excuse me, I'll be looking after my baby brother," Twilight said walking off, continuing spying on them.

Later that day, Spike and Sunset was walking in the park. Spike was getting better not to feel too shy around Sunset. As for Twilight, she was hiding in a bush disguising herself. She moves towards them along with the bush. She made ruffle sounds making it hard to sneak up on them. Now and then Spike and Sunset looks behind them to see what was making that noise. Twilight stood still hiding. When they continued to walk, so did Twilight.

"The park is beautiful," Sunset said.

"You remember what the park was like before you left?" Spike asked.

"Nothing like this," she said.

They walked down the path and saw Mr. Cake selling ice cream in a stand he set up. They decided to see what he was up to.

"Hey, Mr. Cake," Spike said to him.

"Hello, Spike. And hello to you two, Sunset Shimmers," Mr. Cake said.

"Hello, Mr. Cake, it's good to see you again," Sunset was happy to see him.

"Every time I look at you you're not little anymore," Mr. Cake said. "You're all grown up. Would you and Spike like some ice cream?"

"One large would do," Sunset said.

"I'm guessing we're going to share that ice cream, huh?" Spike guessed.

"That's what couples do, Spike," Sunset said.

She got her ice in a large cone. The two continued walking down the path resuming on their date.

"It's great to have her back," Mr. Cake said.

He suddenly saw bush coming towards him. Twilight pokes her head out ignoring Mr. Cake. He was curious what she was up to.

"Twilight, what on earth are you doing?" Mr. Cake asked.

"I'm spying on Spike and Sunset," Twilight answered still focus on the two. She saw them sitting down on a bench eating their ice cream. "Look at them. Eating ice cream together like that."

"I think you're jealous over the fact Spike is hanging out with Sunset instead of you," Mr. Cake said.

"I am not jealous!" Twilight stood out of her bush covered in leafs. "I'm just mad that Spike is going out with Sunset who's older than him."

"Oh… It's that type of jealousy," Mr. Cake said making Twilight turn red.

Twilight continued watching the two and saw that Sunset fed him ice cream, which made her mad.

"You remind me of Fluttershy when me and her hanged out together," Spike said.

"How so?" Sunset asked eating her ice cream.

"She fed me ice cream before, and she's nice like you," Spike said.

"You're just saying that," Sunset said.

"I mean it, you're the nicest person I met," Spike said happily.

"What about Twilight?" Sunset seemed to make Twilight trigger her heart ready for Spike's true feelings towards her.

"She seems okay," Spike answered making Twilight fell to the ground disappointed. She could still hear him mamboing on about her. "She's just a bit over protective towards me, she over realms of what I do, she's just a bit annoying now and then."

"Is that what he really thinks of me?" Twilight asked herself tearing up.

She saw the two walking off out of the park. She stood back up taking deep breaths calming herself.

"If you excuse me, Mr. Cake," Twilight went back into her bush and continued spying in them.

Mr. Cake watches her walk through the park in the bush. He didn't bother to ask why and resume on selling ice cream. Later that day, Spike and Sunset finally headed home. Twilight was hiding behind trees again. She notices that they were almost home.

"Oh, shit! We're almost home!" Twilight whispered. "If they notice that I'm not there, they're gonna ask where I was. Then I'll be in trouble because Spike will know I'm lying."

While Twilight ran to the backyard, Sunset and Spike continued with. Their conversation.

"And back at your home where you use to live, they fun of you because of your cute blush?" Sunset asked.

"Yeah, can you believe it," Spike said. "Where I come from, it felt like I didn't belong there. But ever since I came to this town, it felt like I finally found a home."

"Well, I'm glad you did," Sunset hugs him softly.

They walked to the front door. Before Spike could open it, Twilight bear him to it on the other side. She was huffing air catching her breath. She was sweating and was a mess.

"Twilight, you okay?" Spike asked.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" Twilight said.

"Because you're sweating like mad," Sunset said.

"Did I asked you?" Twilight whispered angrily.


"How was your date?" Twilight quickly answered.

"Me and Spike had a great time," Sunset said. "We walked through the park, met some old friends of mine."

"That's it? Nothing else?" Twilight said.

"No, that's about it," Spike said.

"You didn't hold hands? Talk about your feeling? Shared an ice cream together?"

"You sure you're okay, Twilight?" Sunset asked.

"Just looking out for MY number one assistant is all," Twilight hugs Spike happily.

"Thanks, Twilight, you always a good sister to me," Spike said.

"Oh, Spike, do you REALLY think of me that way?" Twilight continued to smile as she started to Squeeze Spike's neck. She remember him saying she was annoying to him.

"Yes! Yes, I do!" Spike started to choke for air.

"Well, I think it's time for bedtime Spike," Twilight released him and catching his breath. "Off you go, now."

"Aww, but, Twilight, its summer vacation," Spike whined.

"You ten years old, and like or not, children have to go to bed before ten at your age," Twilight lead him upstairs.

When she came back down, Sunset walk upstairs. Twilight eyes widen curious of what she was doing.

"Where are you going?" Twilight asked.

"I'm spending the night, didn't Rainbow Dash told you?" Sunset said. "I'll be next door by Spike if you need anything."

Twilight watched her disappear in the upper hall. She stood there blankly gazing into thin air. Dahs came by seeing what happened.

"I forgot to mention you about Sunset staying for a week, all because her and Spike are a couple," Dash said. "You're not mad or anything, are you?"

"Me? No, of course not," Twilight said smiling at her.

"Good, for a second, I thought your jealousy was going to act up," Dash laughed.

"Jealous?" Twilight laughed with her. She then punch the wall with force cracking it almost hitting Rainbow Dash. Dash immediately stops laughing scared to death by her mighty blow. Twilight was still smiling not showing her anger at her. "Don't be silly, I'm not jealous."

Twilight headed up stairs humming leaving Dash scared.

"R… R… Right, I knew that," Dash stuttered in fear.

That night, everyone was fast asleep. Even for Twilight. She drooled in her sleep. She snorted waking herself up. She ribs her eye and headed to the bathroom. After a potty break, she walk out of the bathroom walking back into her room still sleepy. She walks towards the door not knowing it wasn't hers. She opens the door and saw that Sunset was up sleepy.

"Twilight? What are you doing?" She asked quietly about to doze off.

"Oh, sorry, Sunset," Twilight said. "I thought this was my room. Sorry if I wake you."

"No worries, goodnight, Twilight," Sunset closes the door.

"Goodnight, Sunset," Twilight said walking back into her room.

She closes the door behind her. Everything went quiet; silently.

"WAIT!" Twilight cried out in her room. She kicks the door open making a loud bang. "That's Spike's room!

Twilight marched and rushed towards his rooms. She jerk the door open seeing Sunset on the ground in her sleeping bag and Spike in his bed both sleeping. Twilight thought that Sunset was sleeping with spike. She slowly realize something. She was being over protected.

"Oh my God," Twilight whispered as she slowly closed the door. "Spike was right. The girls are right. I shouldn't worry at all. Tomorrow, I will keep cool. They're just together for a week, right. It's not like they're getting together forever."

Twilight walks back into her room and went to bed.

"Yeah, because tomorrow, I'm a happy sister to Spike."

(The Next Day)

"And then, me and Spike went strolling through the park," Sunset said.

"How charming of you, Spike," Rarity said pinching his cheeks.

Spike and the girls was eating breakfast. The girls were happy to hear Spike and Sunset having a good time yesterday. But Twilight was thrilled. She stares at Sunset with anger in her eyes. She was drinking coffee stirring sugar in it with a spoon. Listening to Sunset's story.

"So, how did you like Spike as your boyfriend?" Pinkie asked.

"Spike is the cutest, nicest boyfriend any girl could have," Sunset hugs Spike.

"And you are the best girlfriend I could ever asked for," Spike jugged back.

The girls went AAAWWW!, except for Twilight. She scoffed quietly as she took a sip of her coffee.

"So, Sugarcube, must be nice having a girlfriend and all, but when are ya gonna kiss her like a real man?" Applejack said.

"What kiss?" Spike asked blushing.

"Don't pressure on the poor dear, Applejack," Rarity said.

"Sorry, that slip out of my mind," Applejack said.

"If Spike doesn't want a kiss, then he doesn't want a kiss," Sunset said. "All I'm really happy about that we're together for a week."

As she continued, Twilight grew angrier every time she mention about her and Spike.

"And if we're lucky, we could end up being together... FFFOOOOOORRRRRRRREEEEEEEVVVVVEEERRRRR."

The word 'Forever' slowed down in Twilight's mind. Her eyes burst to flames, she grips her mug cracking it, and steam was coming out of her ears.

"If only I wish that could happen though," Sunset and the girls laughed, including Spike.

Out of nowhere, a mug came flying by hitting the wall. It almost hits Sunset as it shattered to pieces. The coffee stained the wall, dripping down to the floor. They all stopped laughing. They turn to see Twilight with her arm out. She threw the mug. The look on her face scared the girls.

"Twilight… you feeling okay?" Fluttershy asked.

Twilight took amount calming herself down taking deep breathes.

"Yes, I am," Twilight answered.

"Really? Cause, uh, ya almost hit Sunset," Applejack spoke.

"Oh, let's talk about Sunset Shimmers, why don't we," Twilight continued. "Let's talk about how she should sleep here tonight without my permission. Or maybe we should let her take Spike away and let her have him all to herself. Or perhaps we should let her sleep with him or share ice cream together or protecting Spike when I'm not around. Maybe Sunset should become Spike's older sister instead of me! Maybe we should let Spike live with her instead of living here where I took care of him and comfort him and clean him like a mother he always wanted!"

The room stood quiet. The girls sit still and Spike was scared to see her this way.

"I told you she was jealous," Dash whispered to Applejack.

"FOR HE LAST TIME! I! AM NOT! JEALOUS!" Twilight breath heavily in and out of her nostril.

Spike got up and pushed Twilight out of the kitchen.

"Living room~~~," Spike smiled awkwardly as they went to the room.

Spike saw Twilight calming herself down, but he gave her a dirty look.

"So… How about that date of yours?" Twilight asked. "I heard that you had a good time at-"

"Save it," Spike crossed his arms.

"Look, Spike, I-"

"What happened in there? You spooked our friends in there," Spike continued. "What's going on?"

Twilight couldn't take it any longer, she had to confess.

"… I spied on you and Sunset," Twilight said seeing Spike drop his arms. "Because I got worried. I didn't want anything bad happen to you, so I over did it. I saw her standing for you against The Diamond Dogs, saw that you two eating ice cream together, and I overheard you saying that I annoyed you because I was being over protected."

Spike felt guilty when she heard him saying things about her. And shocked that she spied on them.

"The more I saw you with Sunset, the more I see you happier with her," she continued. "I thought you liked her because well she isn't like me. Maybe I thought you want her to be you big sister instead of me. I just… I just hate for you to get away from me now and then."

She went over to the couch and sat down crying.

"I'm so sorry, Spike," she cried covering her eyes as tears came out of her hand. "I failed you for being my assistant… I failed being your big sister."

She continued crying. Tears kept rolling down on her face. She felt a hug around her neck. Her head was resting on Spike's chest. She lifted to see him smiling at her as he hugged her.

"You haven't failed me, Twilight," Spike said to her. "Because you're always there for me, always looking after me. You're more than my big sister… you're like a mother I've always wanted."

Spike gave her another hug just to comfort her. Twilight felt warmth inside of her. She smiled and hugs him back. The two happily shared their feelings. Later they entered the kitchen. Twilight apologized to Sunset as the two made up. Sunset was still going to date Spike for a week. Now they have a new friend on their side. And a new challenger to win Spike's heart.