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The Summer Life of Spike: Book 3 - Dark Matter 101

They're back! Join Spike and others as they enjoy their last month of Summer Vacation. Thrilling new adventures, new friends, and a special horror chapter coming soon.So get ready for another adventure with Spike and his friends.

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Ch 2: Summer Jobs

Chapter 2
Summer Jobs

"Tonight, witness our favorite hero on a big mission," the TV said. "He'll explore the city looking for answers, fight his way, and he'll finally reveal himself who he really is."

Spike and Pinkie was sitting on the edge of the couch. The two were excited about what was TV.

"He's mysterious, he's cunning, he is… The Mysterious Do Well," the TV continued. "In theaters tonight."

Spike and Pinkie both gasps seeing the title on the screen. The Mysterious Do Well: Unmasked.

"Looks like my secret is out," Do Well said.

Spike turns off the TV. He and Pinkie were both excited for the movie. They both ran to the kitchen where Twilight was at on the table reading her book peacefully. She puts the book down seeing Spike and Pinkie grinning at her.

"Whatever it is, the answer is no," Twilight spoke.

"You don't know what we were going to say!" Spike said.

"You want to borrow money for me."

"Okay, maybe you know HALF of what we were going to say."

"It's just twenty dollars to go see The Mysterious Do Well," Pinkie said.

"Yeah, twenty dollars apiece," Twilight added. "If you want money, you have to work it off."

"Not a summer job," Spike moaned.

"Yes, Spike, a summer job," Twilight continued. "One of these days you guys going to have a job, might as well start something short. And I heard that our new neighbor needed help, she's willing to pay anyone for it."

"You do realize that Chrysalis was trying to get rid of this town, right," Spike reminded her.

"Yeah, why is she here? I thought she was in jail," Pinkie said.

"She said that the only way for her to pay her time was to live in our town," Twilight explained. "All she has to do is to live like a normal citizen and find a new job."

"Okay, but she better change her attitude though," Spike said.

"Good, I'll give her a call," Twilight walks over to the telephone dialing her number.

"You have our enemy's number?" Pinkie said.

"She needs to be welcomed to this neighborhood," Twilight said.

There was a knock at the front door. Spike went over to see who it was. It was comet and Pipsqueak.

"Spike, did you heard?" Comet said.

"There's a movie tonight about Do Well," Pipsqueak said.

"I know, but we need twenty dollars per person to go to it though," Spike said. "So me and Pinkie are going to our new neighbor and help whatever she needs."

"I notice your new neighbor is Chrysalis," Comet said. "You sure you need to help her?"

"Anything to get twenty dollars. Anyway, you guys need twenty dollars too."

"It's impossible," Pipsqueak said. "Comet is an orphan who can't get a job and I keep asking my mom for an eloquence."

"Maybe you could ask Applejack," Spike suggested. "I'm probably sure she could help you guys."

"Awesome, but we have to make it fast though," Comet said. "Just because it's out till the week, we have to see it this night."

"I totally understand," Spike said. He turned to Pinkie. "Pinkie, you ready to make money."

"Yeah, but I'm not going to be happy," Pinkie said. "Helping Chrysalis just feels weird."

"It's worth twenty dollars, let's go."

Later the four planned their jobs. Spike and Pinkie was going to help Chrysalis and Comet and Pipsqueak were going to help Applejack. For their sakes, they would do anything to go see the movie. Spike and Pinkie went to Chrysalis's house. Spike knocks on the door. Chrysalis opens the door and was happy to see them.

"SPIKE!" Chrysalis immediately pick Spike up and hugs him with a tight squeeze. "It's good see you again!"

"Good to see you too, I think," Spike said.

"I heard you were a change woman," Pinkie said.

"I am, thank you for noticing," Chrysalis puts Spike down. "Twilight told me about you two helping out."

"We wanted to go see a movie, so we heard you were willing to pay anyone finishing your house," Spike said.

"All I needed really is for someone to paint the inside of my house," Chrysalis said. "And since you two were the first to help me out, if you two do a good job, I'll give you two movie tickets as a prepaid job effort."

"Seriously?" Pinkie said.

"You do a good job, I'll find you two the best seats in the theater," she said.

"Thank you so much, Chrysalis!" Spike said happily.

"The paint bucket and brushes are inside," Chrysalis continued as she headed out. "I just want the living room done, nothing more. Oh, and one more thing…"

She walks up to the two and looks down at them giving them a scary look.

"If you two, get paint on anything valuable in my house, you can kiss you're movie tickets goodbye," she said in a dark tone. "Do we understand?"

"Yes ma'am!" they both said.

"Good, now have fun with the job," Chrysalis went to her car back to being happy again.

She gets into her car and drove off heading into town. Spike and Pinkie went into her house and into the living room. They stop with their eyes widen. In the living room was filled with expensive decoration: portraits, knickknacks, everything that hung on the wall was filled with decorations.

"Pinkie," Spike spoke.

"Yes, Spike?" Pinkie said in a quiet voice.

"…Chrysalis sure has a lot of expensive items in this living room," Spike looks around and started to get worried. "Do you think we should take this stuff down first?"

"No way, Spike, we aren't getting paid to move her furniture around," Pinkie said.

"Pinkie, we're not getting paid at all, she's buying us movie tickets," Spike corrected her.

"That's what I meant, we're not getting paid and that's final."

"Okay, then I guess we'll leave everything there is."

"Good, just don't pay me."

"First, let's get things settle by putting up the tarp," Spike said as he went over where the green paint buckets were.

"For the movie premiere!" Pinkie shouted.

Later they saw that the tarp was a bit too small. It only covered a quarter of the living room. They looked around seeing that they still need to cover the furniture and fabric.

"…we're going need a bigger tarp," Spike spoke.

Pipsqueak and Comet was carrying two buckets filled with muffins. Their job is to sell muffins for the folks in town. Granny Smith made a new ingredient when she gave the boys the muffins. The muffins were known as 'Apple Muffins'.

"Granny Smith's famous apple muffins," Pipsqueak said. "No way would people deny her cooking."

"We'll get paid in no time," Comet said. "Course its fifty cents each, but worth the pay."

"Let's say we go to the neighborhood and look for our first customer," Pipsqueak suggested.

The two went to the neighborhood. They went to the first house they see. Comet rang the doorbell. Derpy opens the door and saw the two.

"Hi, guys, did you need something?" Derpy asked.

"Perfect, she'll give us hundred bucks for muffins," Pipsqueak whispered to Comet.

"Hi, Derpy, could we interest you with some muffins?" Comet asked.

"Muffins? Did you say 'Muffins'?" Derpy asked back at him.

"We sure did," Pipsqueak intrude. "Red or green apple?"

"Muffins… Muffins! Muffins! MUFFIIIIIINS!" Derpy cried out.

As she kept yelling, Comet and Pipsqueak looked at each other and backed away slowly. When they stepped on the streets they made a run for it. Derpy was chasing after them all the way down through the neighborhood. Later on, after safely getting away from Derpy, they tried another house.

"Okay, the first customer didn't count," Comet said. "THIS is our first customer."

He rang the doorbell and out comes Mr. Discord.

"Hey, Mr. Discord," Pipsqueak spoke. "Would you like to buy some muffins?"

"Muffins?" Discord said. "Why are you selling muffins?"

"We're trying to raise money for the movie premiere tonight," Comet answered. "These muffins here are only fifty cents each."

"If you ask me, that's no way to carry muffins," Mr. Discord said. He saw other muffins inside of Comet's hood. "If you want to sell those muffins, then get rid of them. Do you two really want money?"

"Oh, most definitely, sir!" they both said happily.

""Then give them a reason why they should buy those muffins," Discord said. "I'll take ten muffins, which will bring up to five dollars."

"Thanks, Mr. Discord," Comet said.

After receiving their first payment, they walked down the street dancing around.

"If we keep this up, we'll head to the movies in no time," Pipsqueak said.

"If we're lucky enough, we'll be seeing the movie early," Comet said.

Suddenly they heard a loud roar off the distance. Comet gasps and knew what made that sound.

"What is it?" Pipsqueak asked.

"I know that sound," Comet said quietly as the sound grew louder. "That sounding roar, burning rubber… Gilda."

They saw Gilda on her motorcycle on the streets slowly riding. She spotted the two and drove towards them. Comet knew it was too late to run. When she came over to them, she removes her helmet and smirked at the two.

"What are you ladies up to?" she asked.

"Hi, Gilda," Comet moaned.

"We're selling muffins, care for you to buy some? Only fifty cents each," pipsqueak said holding up a muffin.

"Nah, I don't eat muffins, they get crumbs on my jackets," she said. "But it's time for the toll you two."

"Are you serious? We only have five dollars," Comet yelled.

"You either give me the five, or I'll do things that you won't like."

"You know, you keep saying that and yet you never did it," Comet continued. "So what happens if I don't give you our five dollar bill?"

Soon, the two were hanged on the tree by their underwear. Their muffin basket was laying on the ground.

"You just had to say it, didn't you," Pipsqueak said.

"It may be a bad start, but it'll get better," Comet said.

"MUFFIIIIIIIIINS!" Derpy cried out from the distance making the two jump.

They quickly wiggle themselves down. They hit the ground hard and took off grabbing their muffin baskets. Derpy chased them down again as they left a trail of muffins without notice.

Back at Spike and Pinkie, the two were wearing painter uniforms (including the hats and tool belts) and finally set up the tarps around the room. Around the fabric and furniture and floor.

"Now that's what I'm talking about," Spike said.

"Now I guess all we have to do now is take the lids off the paint buckets," Pinkie said.

"Hang on, Pinkie," Spike stops her before she could do anything. "Chances are that the paint could spread out of it. Meaning it could touch anything in this room."

"Why is important not to get paint on her things, is it permanent?"

"I don't know, usually there's a warning on the bucket but who reads the description these days."

Spike grabs the bucket and took out a screw driver off his tool belt, easily tinkering the lid. Spike was nervous and sweaty. Pinkie was pressuring him.

"Careful, Spike," she said. "Carful, Spike. Carful, Spike! Carful, Spike! Careful, Spike! Carful, Spike! CAREFUL, SPIIIIIIIIIIKE!"

"Pinkie, the lid is already off," Spike said holding the lid in his hand.

"Oh, good… now it's my turn," Pinkie picked the bucket and threw it on the ground with force.

"IthinkIshoulddothisone!" Spike quickly said taking the bucket away from her.

He carefully place the bucket down. Doing the same as the other, he jiggle the lid off. When he too the lid off, drip of paints flew out. Spike and Pinkie gasps as the paint flew towards one of the decorations. Thankfully the paint fell straight down on the tarp. They both sigh of relief.

"Okay, no more fooling around," Spike said, he got down to his knees near the bucket. "Come on, Pinkie, let's get our brushes out and get this done."

Spike took out a giant paintbrush. He looks at it and didn't liked it.

"Maybe we should try something smaller," Spike said pitting away the brush.

He took another brush only smaller. It's a paintbrush that artist uses. Pinkie got her paintbrush only there was no brush. She set the tip of it into her hair. One pluck did the trip. Her brush one now pink. Spike dips his brush in the bucket. After taking it out getting green paint on it, he hovered his hand below in case the paint dripped on anything. He walks over to the wall with his hand still below the brush. The wall was covered with portraits, no surprise there. The portraits covered the whole wall almost, the only place he could paint was to paint between it.

"Okay, just a small stroke would do it," Spike said still holding the brush. "Otherwise, we can only paint on the wall but not the portraits: without getting paint on them, but the wall… Here we go… Any second now… I'll get there sooner or later…"

"While we wait for Spike to paint the wall, let's see how Comet and Pipsqueak are doing," Pinkie said to you.

Comet and Pipsqueak were at Sugarcube Corner. They sat in a table with muffins still unsold. They both sigh sadly.

"We're not doing so well, Comet," Pipsqueak said. "We need to sell these muffins before the day is over. Got any ideas?"

"I got! Let's get naked!" Comet suggested.

"Comet that's- Actually, now that I think about, let's save that for when we're REALLY desperate," Pipsqueak said. "What did Mr. Discord say about getting the costumers attention?"

"I don't know, usually he hates us for visiting his house."

"That's it, he said to give a customer a reason to buy our muffins," Pipsqueak said.

"So what, we tell them it's from Granny Smith?"

"I saying that we tell them how much we care for them," Pipsqueak picks up the muffin baskets. "Come on, let's make some, money."

After a while, the two walks up to a house. Before they did, pipsqueak gave him an advice.

"Remember, Comet, flatter the costumed, make him feel good," Pipsqueak said.

They both walked up to the house. Pipsqueak rung the bell. Rover opens the door and wasn't happy to see them.

"What do you two clowns want?" he said.

"I love you," Comet said.

Rover eyes widen. He quickly slams the door shut on them.

"I think you went too far on flattering the costumer, Comet," Pipsqueak said. "Let me try."

He knocks on the door. Rover opens the door just a crack as he peeks his head out.

"I don't know what you're planning, but please, go away!" Rover said.

"Sorry about that, we just want to see how you're doing," Pipsqueak continued. "Though you may have bullied us and kicked us around, but other than that, how are you doing?"

"How am I doing?" Rover repeated his question.

"Wanna buy apple muffins?"

"WE GOT HIM NOW!" Comet cried out.

"Sorry, but I'm allergic to muffins," Rover said. "If you don't believe me, I have pictures here showing my face bloated."

He shows them a photo of himself. In the photo his face cheeks was fat and bloated.

"I have more, you can keep that for five dollars," Rover said handing them his photo.

"We'll take twenty," Comet said.

"I am about to paint the wall…"Spike said still standing in the exact spot holding the brush.

"Spike, can you hurry up? We're on a time schedule, you know," Pinkie said.

"Okay, okay!" Spike said as he slowly moves his brush towards the wall.

The paint touches the wall. Spike slowly stroke the paint down just a tad bit. When he backed away slowly, the paint remains. Spike smiled with joy. Till the paint wasn't dry enough that it slowly went down more towards one of the pictures. Spike gasp and blew the paint to the other directions. Once he did, the paint headed to the other direction heading towards another picture. Spike was terrified. He kept on blowing the paint again and again and again. He finally took a miniature fan out of his tool belt for cooling down and fans the pain dry.

Spike wipes the sweat off of his forehead. When he turned around, his eyes widen in fear. Pinkie was blowing bubbles with paint. Paint bubbles were flying in the air around the living room.

"PINKIE! What the hell are you doing?" Spike shouted.

"While you were standing there for hours, I got bored and decided to past the time," Pinkie answered.

"But the paint could hit anything and pop all over Chrysalis's expensive values!"

The bubbles suddenly touch together creating into a bigger form of a bubble. Spike grabs his face and pulls it down, afraid that the paint might get onto something. As the bubble grew bigger, it almost filled the whole room.

"Pinkie," Spike said.

"Yeah, Spike?" Pinkie said impressed by the bubble.

"I don't think this bubble could get any bigger."

"Nonsense!" Pinkie said with an air pump out of nowhere.

She was pumping air into the bubble making it bigger.

"PINKIE, NO!" Spike cried out begging.

The bubble popped sending green paint everywhere. It splattered all over the wall missing the portraits and decorations. The paint covered the wall making the room green. Spike has his eyes closed. When he opens them, he was surprised that the room was finished. Not a smudge of paint was left on anything but the wall itself.

"I don't believe it," Spike said booking around the room smiling. "We've painted the whole room, and not even a- JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY, WHAT'S THAT!"

Spike glued his eyes onto one object. A little glass horse that was clear as day was on the shelf. Zooming into the glass horse was a small speck of green: the same color on the wall and the paint. Spike fell straight back on the floor fainting.

"Pinkie, do you see that?" Spike asked her while looking at the ceiling.

Pinkie saw the glass horse and inspected it. She squints her eyes studying it.

"It's a horsy! I win!" Pinkie said cheerfully.

"It's not just a horse, its Chrysalis's favorite horse," Spike stood back up. He walks over to it and took it off the shelf getting a closer look. "Twilight told me that Chrysalis has a glass horse like this. She told me that Chrysalis gotten this after her mother died, it was a gift to her. AND WE GOT PAINT ON IT!"

"I think you're over reacting, Spike," Pinkie said shaking her head. "I don't see any paint on the horse."

"It's fine! Everything is fine!" Spike said setting the horse down. "I'll just wipe it off, no one will know the difference."

Spike took a cloth rag and wipe where the paint is. After a couple of wipes, he took a look at it.

"I think I got it?" Spike said.

It wasn't fine, it turned out worse. The green paint spread over the horse making it bigger. Spike kept wiping only making it worse. The paint got all over the horse. Spike gave out a screech

"Oh, now I see it," Pinkie said.

"This isn't good, Pinkie," Spike got back up holding the green horse in his hands. "Once Chrysalis sees what we've done with her horse, we can kiss our tickets goodbye."

"Spike, we have to get the paint off," Pinkie suggested, this time been frightened.

"You've seen what this could happen, turns out this paint is perma-"

"Don't say that word!" Pinkie quickly covered his mouth. "Every paint must come off with something."

Later, they washed it down with a water house. They looked at it and saw it was still green. Next they try washing it in the washing machine. When it was done, they open the lid and saw that it was still green, they even used soap on it. Then they try to put it in hot water in the sink. That didn't work either. They kept trying before Chrysalis came back.

"We haven't sold a single muffin," Pipsqueak said depressed walking down the streets.

Comet was holding photos of Rover bloated face. He looks at it, fascinated by the look on his face.

"Huh?" Comet spoke.

"We need to focus more so the customer can buy the damn muffins," Pipsqueak continued. "So let's get our head in the game, no more distractions!"


"Let's shake on it," Pipsqueak held his hand up in front of him.

"…Did you said something?" Comet asked putting the photos down.

"Comet, this is serious," Pipsqueak smacks the pictures off of his hands. "We need to find out how people sell goods. Other people do it, I mean… look at that."

Pipsqueak points at a billboard. There was Flim and Flam in there suits on the board holding apple candy. And a title over there head saying: TRY OUT OUR NEW CANDY APPLE FLAVOR!.

"So what? There delicious," Comet said.

"They are certainly NOT delicious," Pipsqueak corrected him. "I just want to know how they can sell those candies when they are awful tasting."

"Maybe if they didn't stretch out the truth, they wouldn't sell as many," Comet said.

"That's it, Comet! We've gotta stretch the truth!"


Comet and Pipsqueak took off running as soon as they heard the first word. Later, they walked up to another house trying a new theory. The house they were at was Principal Celestia.

"Okay, let me warm up the customer, and then you come in for the kill," pipsqueak said.

"The kill," Comet repeated himself.

Pipsqueak rang the doorbell. Principal Celestia opens the door and saw them with muffin baskets.

"Pipsqueak, Comet, how are you two doing," Celestia said happy to see them. "How's your summer vacation?"

"Hello, Ms. Celestia," Pipsqueak said kindly. "We're selling muffins. Would you or your sister like to buy some?"

"I'm not a fan of muffin, but Luna might buy some," Celestia went back into h house getting her sister.

Pipsqueak winks at Comet. In a short matter of time, Luna opens the door. She was happy to see them.

"Hello, boys," Luna said. She saw Pipsqueak blushing, thought it was cute.

"Hi, Ms. Luna," Pipsqueak said in a kiddy tone. "Would you like to buy Granny Smith's apple muffins?"

"Apple muffins? That's sounds newly to me," Luna said. "Usually I don't at anything new till I hear it's delicious."

"But it is, it taste like apples too," Pipsqueak continued.

"I'm sorry, but I don't think I would enjoy it," Luna was about to head back in. "Maybe some other time."

"Wait! If you eat this, it'll… it'll...," Pipsqueak stuttered trying to sell at least one muffin.

"If you eat this, it'll make your skin smoother," Comet budged in.

Luna eyes shot open. She looks at the muffins actually buying it.

"Make my skin smoother? I'll take six then," Luna said grabbing the muffins. "Maybe now my skin can be more beautiful than my sister."

She gave them three dollars. She took a bite out of a muffin and went inside. Pipsqueak and Comet hive five each other.

"If we keep this up, we can go see the movie in no time," Pipsqueak said.

"Hurry, for lying!" Comet cried out.

At Chrysalis's house, Spike and Pinkie were still trying to get the paint off the glass horse. Spike was hitting it with a baseball bat and Pinkie was hitting it with a sledgehammer. The bat broke in half and the sledgehammer shattered into pieces after their last hit. They looked at the horse and it was still covered in paint.

"Nothing's working!" Spike cried out.

"Wait, Spike! We're are not cavemen!" Pinkie said taking the horse over to a laptop. "We have the technology."

Pinkie set the horse down by the laptop. She picks the laptop up and began smashing it on the horse. After a couple of hits, she looks at the horse and the paint remains.

"That didn't work either," Spike said to her.

"This is all Chrysalis's fault!" Pinkie cried out. "If she haven't put all her expansive things in her living room, none of this would ever! Sure this may be important to her, but there are millions like this in the whole world! Might as well go to a store and buy another so she'll never know the difference!"

Pinkie kept talking about the glass horse when Spike had an idea.

"Come on, Pinkie," Spike grabs her hand and pulled her outside. "We're going to the general store."

Later, they went to the general store and came back with the exact same replica of the glass horse. Spike was relieved. So was Pinkie.

"This is going to work," Spike said. "Now all we have to do is take this back to the shelf and everything will be fine."

"And if things goes smoothly, we can go see the movies!" Pinkie excitedly said.

Spike went into the living room walking towards the shelf. But without notice, he stepped on a puddle of green paint on the tarp. He slips back sending the glass horse flying in the air. Pinkie jumps forward in the air and landed flat on the ground. She stretches her hands out to catch the horse but it hit the ground shattering to pieces next to her. Spike slaps his forehead.

"Okay! Okay! We can figure this out!" Pinkie said getting up off the floor. "That may be the only horse they got back at the general store, but we can figure this out! We have to work our brains, figure out of a way, we have plenty of time."

"Chrysalis send me a text saying she'll be here in ten minutes," Spike spoke checking his phone.

Pinkie ran around the house panicking. Spike stops her.

"Calm down, Pinkie!" Spike cried out. "Just put the horse back on the shelf and start cleaning, I have an idea!"

Pipsqueak and Comet went over house to house selling apple muffins like mad. All they did was told a lie.

"It'll make you stronger," Pipsqueak said.

"Thanks, now I can beat my wife in arm wrestling," Iron Will said giving them money.

At another house.

"You'll sing even greater than the angels," Comet said.

"I'll take twenty!" Octavia gave them some cash.

And another house.

"It can make you smarter!" Pipsqueak said.

"Just in time," Twilight said.

And another.

"You'll overcome fear," Comet said.

"Finally, a miracle," Fluttershy said.

Every house they went to, they come up with the craziest ideas that popped into their head.

"You'll find true love!" Pipsqueak said.

"You'll become famous," Comet said.

"The muffins will bring world peace."

"You'll become immortal!"

"You'll rule the World!"

Later, they went to another house wearing fracture braces. Pipsqueak was in a wheel chair and Comet has a clutch for his fake broken leg. The two giggled as they rang the doorbell.

"This'll be the best lie yet," Comet said.

"Yeah, this guy will feel so sorry for us, he'll have to buy all of our muffins," Pipsqueak said.

The customer opens the door crack open.

"What can I do for you boys?" he said to them.

"Hello, sir, could you buy our muffins?" Pipsqueak asked.

"We need an operation," Comet said.

"Really? Small world after all," he came out with also broken fractures. He also wore braces and bandages. A heart thermometer was around his wrist checking his heartbeat. "What happen to you two?"

Pipsqueak and Comet didn't knew what to say. The look on their faces were guilt written all over them.

"Uh… We had an accident," Pipsqueak spoke.

"Oh, some folks have all the luck," he continued. "I was born glass bones and paper skin, every morning I break my legs and every afternoon I break my arms, and everynight I can't sleep whenever my heart attack is acting up."

Comet and Pipsqueak had tears in their eyes feeling bad for the man. The costumer then fell down moaning in pain.

"Comet, quick! Let's get him inside!" Pipsqueak said as him and Comet took off the braces and drag him inside the house. "Now let's put him down gently."

Comet accidently drops him down hard hearing the costumer moan.

"Sorry," Comet said.

"Is there anything we can do to help?" Pipsqueak asked.

"Well, there is one thing," he spoke. "My medical bills are awfully low, but I manage to survive by selling apple muffins for Granny Smith."

The two look over to the corner seeing crates of apple muffins piled up. Later they continued selling the muffins again carrying crates of muffins. They gave the costumer their money for the medical bill for generosity.

"Such good kids," He said looking out the window watching them. "Maybe someday they'll learn…"

He took off the braces and heart thermometer off of him. He grabs his face and pulled it off. It was Applejack in a rubber mask.

""…To not lie to customers ever again," she said going outside returning the money back to the costumers.

Chrysalis pulled up by her house. She got out carrying groceries. She walked up to the front door and open it. The lights were off making the room completely dark.

"Spike? Pinkie?" she called out to them.

"We're all done here, Chrysalis," Spike said in the dark.

"Yeah, you don't have to look around, we already did that for you," Pinkie said standing next to Spike in the dark.

Chrysalis turn the lights back on. She saw the two smiling wide and nervous.

"You two seem like you're hiding something from me," Chrysalis said seeing Spike and Pinkie wipe away their smiles. "I'm just kidding. Let's see how you did."

Chrysalis walks into the living looking around the place. The wall was smooth and green. Just the way she wanted it to be.

"Not bad, you two, not bad," she said. "Just as I pictured it. Smooth edges, clean surface, no paint left unmarked."

"Yeah, that's great to hear Ms. Chrysalis," Spike nervously said. "Now if you just give us the movie tickets will be heading out."

"Wait a minute," Chrysalis said taking another look around. "Something isn't right."

"W-W-What do you mean?" Pinkie stuttered.

"Something in this room has been replaced."

Spike and Pinkie shot their eyes open. In fear they started to sweat.

"Let's see," Chrysalis continued as she kept looking around the room. "The pictures are the same, the furniture hasn't been moved; what could it be?"

She looked over to the shelf and notice the glass horse was gone. She walked over to the shelf looking around it.

"My glass horse is missing," she said to them.

"We, uh… We didn't aw a glass horse," Spike said quietly.

"I couldn't forget that a horse was sitting on this shelf," she said as she kept looking around.

She stumble to a box on the floor. She kneels down at it.

"Since when did this box get here?" she said as she lift the box up.

There was another box within a box. He lift that box and another box was there. And another and another. Spike and Pinkie started to shook terrified that she'll get to the bottom. When she reach to the end, there was a box chained up with a lock.

"Spike, what is this?" Chrysalis asked.

"Oh, you know, a time capsule you can put in your front yard and such," Spike lied.

"Where's the key to it?" Chrysalis said.

Spike didn't want to give her the key, but what other choice does he have. He reach down in his pocket and pulled out a sliver key. He gave it to her. She took the key and unlocks the box. She saw the glass horse covered in green paint. She pulled it out as Spike saw her getting serious.

"Did you two get paint on my glass horse?" she said.

"We're sorry, Chrysalis," Spike and Pinkie squeaked.

She stood up and looked down at them.

"Can we just see the tickets one last time?" Pinkie asked.

Chrysalis took another look at the glass horse. She went back to the shelf and placed it back where it was at before.

"You're lucky this wasn't my grandma's horse," Chrysalis said smiling.

Spike and Pinkie was confused.

"But, Twilight said that horse…" Spike said.

"The glass horse she was talking about is up stairs," Chrysalis said. "And the glass is black, this one that you got paint on is clear."

"So, we're good then?" Pinkie asked.

"I'll let this one sly, for now you two get your payment," Chrysalis took out two movie ticket ot of her pocket.

She handed it to Spike and Pinkie. They were happy that they finally get to go see the movie.

"Thanks, Chrysalis," Spike said.

"Yeah, thank a lot!" Pinkie said.

"Come on, Pinkie, let's go back to my house and wait till nighttime," Spike said as the two went out of the house happily.

As for Pipsqueak and Comet. The two were down in the dumps. They were walking down the road carrying a crates of muffins.

"It's great that we helped that man," Pipsqueak spoke. "But now we have to start again. And what's worse, there's no one left in this neighborhood who will buy these muffins."

Pipsqueak suddenly lost grip of the crate and fell back. The crate broke on top of him. He remain on the ground and decided to give up.

"Let's face it Comet," Pipsqueak continued. "We're failures."

"I can live with that," Comet said sitting his crate down.

The two both sigh together.

"Let's face it, Comet," Pipsqueak said. "We're failures."

As the two gave up, Derpy came walking towards them without them noticing. She walks behind them and yelled giving them a fright.

"MUFFIIIIIIIIIINS!" she cried out.

Pipsqueak and Comet hugged together afraid she might murder them or worse. They both begged for mercy. Derpy laughed hysterically insane.

"Finally! I've been catching you boys all day!" Derpy continued still insane. "Now that I got right where I want you... I like to buy all your chocolate."

Derpy happily said showing them two fifties. Pipsqueak and Comet remain still. Muffins came out of Comet's hoodie. All this time, Derpy wanted the muffins. The first customer they visited. The two fell back exhausted knowing that this wouldn't happen if Derpy didn't go on a rampage.

"Thank you for your patronage," Pipsqueak said.

Later that day, night came by and Spike, Pinkie, Pipsqueak, and Comet was in line to see the movie. They four of them were so excited, they couldn't hold it in much longer.

"I'm so excited!" Spike said happily.

"After what we've been through, it was worth the payment," Comet said.

"Now we can finally enjoy our movie and be done with this day," Pipsqueak said.

"Look, we're up next!" Pinkie said seeing the last person walking in.

Spike went up to the ticket booth and handed the ticket guy his ticket.

"Four seats for The Mysterious Mare Do Well: Unmasked," Spike said.

"Sorry, son, full house tonight," the ticket guy said.

"What do you mean full house?" Comet spoke.

"The movie you want to go see is practically full, no empty seats are left," he continued. "But you can try again next week."

He put a sign up saying Sold Out. Spike and his friends stood still watching the ticket guy walk inside. Finally, they all fall back passing out. The work they put up through was all for nothing. Maybe next time.