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The Summer Life of Spike: Book 3 - Dark Matter 101

They're back! Join Spike and others as they enjoy their last month of Summer Vacation. Thrilling new adventures, new friends, and a special horror chapter coming soon.So get ready for another adventure with Spike and his friends.

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Ch 5: Halloween Special (Part 1)

Hello, fellow readers! Thank you for the support you gave me by liking my series, giving me good comments, and adding me as a follower. And just for that, here is a Halloween Special showing my thanks to all my fans out there. Enoy! : )

Chapter 5
Camp Hollow

Rarity was closing her store. It was 8:00 p.m. Rarity was heading upstairs in her room. She puts on her pajamas and heading to the kitchen. She opens a cabinet where snacks was put. The first thing she grabs was popcorn. Then she opens another cabinet getting a glass cup. She puts the popcorn in the microwave and get milk for her glass. While she poured milk in her glass, she heard the phone ringed. She finished pouring her milk and picked up the phone.

"Hello?" she answered.

"Hello? Do I have the wrong number?" a man said through the line.

"I'm afraid you do, sir, but that's okay, you're not the first who has the wrong number here," Rarity set taking a sip of her milk.

"Oh, sorry."

"Like I said, it happens, goodbye."

"Hang on, I want to talk for a bit. I can't tell the way you look, but with that voice of yours, my guess is you seem to be cute," the man flirted Rarity.

"Oh, now your being a creeper," Rarity said blushing as she sways around. She liked how he admired her just like that.

"Since we're getting to know each other, can I have a name?" the man continued.

"I won't tell my name unless you tell me your name," Rarity said.

"Come on, can I at least have a hint?"

"You have to guess first."

Rarity walked into the living room waiting for the popcorn to be done.

"Gala Appleby? Sassaflash? Holly Dash?" he guesses.

"None of them are correct," Rarity laughed.

"Oh, come on, I don't know."

"Why do you want to know my name?"

"So I know who I'm looking at."

Rarity stops and turned around with a shocked face. Her jaws immediately dropped. Her pupil eyes sank deep.

"What did you say?" she asked stuttering.

"…I said I want to know you're name," the man hesitated.

"That's not what you said," Rarity kept talking to him rushing to the front door locking it.

"What did you think I said?" the man continued.

Rarity turned the front entrance light on outside. She looked to see if he was out there watching her. The man kept talking, trying to see if she was still on the phone.

"I gotta go," Rarity said.

"Wait, I thought we were going out," the man said.

"I don't think so."

"Don't hang up on me!" he said fiercely.

Rarity hung up the phone. She went back into the kitchen seeing if the popcorn was done. She was about to take the popcorn out, but the phone rings again making her jump. She answers the phone knowing it was the same guy.

"I told you not to hang up," he said in a dark voice.

"Dial someone else," Rarity hung up the phone again.

The phone rang just as soon as she hung up. She answers again with anger.

"Listen, Asshole!" Rarity cried out.

"No you listen to me you little bitch!" the man cried out to her. "You hang me up again I'll cut you like a pig!"

Rarity jumps. Her lips tremble in fear.

"Who are you?" she asked as tears rolled down her eyes.

"I want to play a game," he continued. "Let's play hide and seek. I'm in your house somewhere. You hide. And I'll find you. Can you handle that… Rarity?"

The popcorn burst out of the microwave scaring Rarity. She ignored the popcorn as she made her way up stairs. Without warning, her bedroom door was kicked open by the man who she was talking to. She scream as he came closer. He accidentally tripped over onto Rarity. She got a good look of the man wearing a bunny mask. Flash took off the mask and looked at Rarity. The two laughed out loud as they screwed up the scene.

In a car, Comet was watching the video of Rarity and Flash laughing in his video camera. Comet wasn't the only one in the car. Spike, Twilight, Shining Armor, Pipsqueak, Sunset, and Cadence who was driving was in the car as well. Spike, Sunset, and Comet was sitting in the back. Shining and Pipsqueak sat by the window seats. And Twilight was in front with Cadence.

"This video won't do," Comet said.

"I think it looks great, Comet," Sunset said looking over his shoulders.

"But it's not scary enough," Comet continued depressed. "I need something to get the audience scared; chills running own their spines."

"Comet, it doesn't have to be perfect," Spike said.

"You don't understand, Spike," Comet pulled out a flyer out of his hoodie. It has a pitcher of monsters and a bloody title saying Horror Movie Competition. "I want to win this so badly. The prize is one-thousand dollars cash whoever wins best movie."

"Comet, you really think they let ten year olds like us enter something like that?" Pipsqueak asked.

"They will when they witness my master piece," Comet said.

"Well I hope you win the competition, Comet," Cadence said.

"You're lucky we're going camping this weekend," Twilight said. "That'll be a good shot for your movie."

"Thanks again for driving us to Camp Hollow, Cadence," Pipsqueak said kindly.

"Anytime, I always wanted to go camping when I was young," Cadence said.

"How did Applejack get ahold of the camp to ourselves?" Shining asked.

"She has a cousin there, his name is Braeburn and I'm pretty sure we won't be the only one's there," Twilight said.

"I'm so bum that it's already the weekend," Sunset whined. "Just two more days and it's all over from there."

"It's okay, Sunset, we'll make it our last together," Spike said to her.

"You're just the sweetest boyfriend any girl could have," Sunset leaned in over him hugging him. "I hope I meet a boyfriend who's like you one day."

"…I thought you wanted Spike to be your ONLY boyfriend," Pipsqueak said looking back at them.

"Applejack just text me, saying we're almost there," Twilight said.

The group cheered finally heading to their arrival. Three cars – including Spike and his friend's car – was driving through the woods. They reached to a fence gate saying Camp Hollow. They stopped letting Applejack get the gate for them. They drove off through the gate heading towards camp.

They could finally see the cabin and tents set up. They parked on the dirt road getting out of the car. In Spike's car, they went to the back of car getting their things. In the second bus was Applejack and her family, also Applebloom's friends as well; Scootaloo and Sweetie Bell. In the third van was the rest of the gang. Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Mr. Dash as well. (For those of you readers who don't remember Mr. Dash, he was in the second book at the end).

"Finally we're here," Rarity said.

"You said it, if I have to hear one more special activity from Pinkie, I'll lose it," Dash said angrily.

"Hurry! We're finally here!" Pinkie shouted jumping up and down. "I can't wait for hiking, canoeing, crafting, racing, swimming, archery…"

Pinkie continued on about her activities while the others were excited as well of being here.

"Camping should be our specialty," Applebloom said to her friends.

"Yeah, we are girls scouts, how hard could it be," Scootaloo said.

"Maybe we can find our meaning here," Sweetie Belle said.

Mr. Dash, Granny Smith, and Cadence gathered up discussing about group wise.

"Okay, so who's taking who?" Mr. Dash spoke.

"I was thinking that whoever rode with us on our way here should be in our group," Cadence said.

"I like that idea," Granny Smith said. "I'll take my family and Applebloom's friends along."

"Me, Sunset Shimmers, Twilight and her brothers, and Spike's friends will be in my group," Cadence said.

"I think I'll take Sunset Shimmers, just so we don't have too much people in our group," Mr. Dash suggested.

"Then that's settles it then," Granny Smith said.

Another car pulled by in the dirt road. It was a grey pickup-truck covered in dirt. To the gang shock, it was Rover and his boys.

"Oh, no," Pipsqueak lowered his head disappointed.

"Well, looky here boys! If it ain't the squirt and the squirt's friends," Rover teased Spike.

"What are you clowns doin' here in my cousin's camp?" Applejack demanded answers getting into Rover's face.

"Cool your jets, cowgirl, we're just spending our summer vacation as well as you," Rover pushed Applejack's face away from his.

"Yeah, we're shooting our movie here in camp," Fido said.

"Wait, you're shooting a movie?" Comet asked afraid what he thinks they're doing.

"Yep. Entering a contest to see who'll win the one-thousand dollar prize, in cash," Spot said taking out a poster that Comet had as well.

"In your dreams! I'm the one who'll win that prize money!" Comet said into Rover's face.

"Is that a threat, little man?" Rover leaned over him getting into his face.

"What do you think, dumbass!"

The two growled each other as they glue their heads together looking eye to eye. Fluttershy broke the fight by blowing a whistle between them. The two covered their ears in pain by the loud whistle.

"You two should be ashamed of yourselves! Fighting over a contest," Fluttershy angrily said. "We're supposed to have fun here, not to create a fight."

"She's right, we're supposed to be having a good time here in Camp Hollow," Mr. Dash said.

"So if I see you two fighting again, I'll have to put you two in a time out," Fluttershy said waving her finger around. "Do we understand?"

Comet and Rover mumbled in an agreement.

"Mutt," Comet whispered.
"Shrimp," Rover whispered.

"What did you say?!" they both shouted throwing their first punch.

It was long after Fluttershy bonked their heads stopping the fight again.

"Consider that as a warning," Fluttershy said turning her back at them with her arms crossed.

"Sometimes Fluttershy scares me," Big Mac said.

"Just don't get into fights with her around," Pipsqueak said.

"Is that Applejack I see cross my country land?" a man shouted at her.

It was Applejack's cousin, Breaburn. He wore a brown cowboy hat, a yellow button up shirt with a light brown vest wearing over it. His shirt was tucked in his tan pants. He ran over to Applejack giving her a big hug.

"It's bein' awhile since I've seen you around," Breaburn said happily.

"Same for you cous," Applejack hugs back.

"See that you brought your family as well, and this here must be your friends," Breaburn looks at the gang. He notice Spike waving at him. "Is that Spike? The one who saved the animal shelter and town I'm assumin'?"

"Well I-"

"That's him! He's the guy!" Shining butt in.

"Well, it's an honor to meet you around this area," Breaburn firmly shakes Spike's hand.

"Thanks, sir," Spike shook back.

"Come on now, you can give me a firm grip if you want it ain't gonna hurt anyone," Breaburn said.

"Breaburn!" Applejack cried out putting her hands on her hips.

"I'm just giving this feller a hard time," Breaburn said kindly.

He walks over to the middle of the road getting everyone's attention.

"Alright campers, here's the deal! You are welcome in this camp if you follow these here rules!" Breaburn began. "Number 1: Treat each other with respect. Number 2: Stay with your groups at all times. And number 3: Have fun here, its summer vacation after all."

The gang cheered as they walked towards the cabin. Before they entered, Breaburn stopped them.

"Oh, before I forget! One more thing you should remember," Breaburn said. "Don't go wondering out at night."

"Why?" Rover asked thinking it was a dumb rule.

"You'll soon find out tonight," Breaburn said in a shady voice.

The Diamond Dogs wiped their grins off their faces. Not because they were scared, but was curious why the rule sounded serious to Breaburn. They enter the cabin seeing furniture was already laid out. A kitchen was built inside. Felt like they were already home.

"Hey, Spike, Twilight, stand over by the fireplace with Shining and Cadence," Comet said. "I want to get a good shot at this."

Comet took out his camera and film the four family together. The video turned on with a short scratchy sound. He zoomed in Spike and Twilight together.

"Here we have Twilight, her brother, her adopted little brother, and her friend slash future sister to be," Comet said.

"And here we have Comet filming a family video of his scary kiddy show," Rover said filming on Comet as he was filming. "Come on, shrimp. This is supposed to be a horror flick, not a family video get together."

"Rover, hate to warn ya, but…" Comet filmed Fluttershy over by the kitchen zooming in. She was looking straight at them giving them the stare.

"Ugh, she's going to be on our asses throughout the weekend," Rover said.

"I guess we'll have to fight later I suppose," Comet whispered as he kept filming.

"We'll just see who gets more viewers than, huh?" Rover whispered back at him.

"I suppose so," Comet said as he continued to film around the house. He walks up to Sunset and Applejack getting some info for his movie. "Hey girls, could you answer a couple of questions for my movie?"

"Sure, if it gets me famous enough," Sunset laughed.

"Shoot, partner," Applejack said.

"When was this camp built?" Comet asked.

"I remember it was the year 1999," Applejack answered. "When I was still young and all, me and the Apple Family built this campsite for the kids and family."

"Sunset, what do you think so far of this campsite?" Comet asked zooming the camera in on her.

"So far so good, as long as I'm having fun here and everyone else," Sunset answered. "…Do you think attractive boys will see this movie you're filming?"

"Moving on to the next group," Comet walked off cutting the clip to the next. Outside was Fluttershy and Breaburn talking together. "Mind if I ask a couple of questions?"

After a while, they started answering Comet's questions.

"A horror film? You and your friend came to the right place to shoot a short film here at Camp Hollow," Breaburn said.

"He's not my friend, nor will he ever be," Comet said shaking his head along with the camera.

"Well, son, tonight you and your non friend are in for a treat," Breaburn said.

"I'm looking forward to it," Comet said.

"I'm not," Fluttershy said feeling scared already. Comet points the camera to her. "I don't like anything scary."

"It's okay, Fluttershy, the shy girls always have the biggest hits," Comet said.


"Sure, and you can survive in my horror film, considering that you're a virgin," Comet softly said his last sentence.


"Nothing," Comet said rushing to the others.

After countless of questions from everyone, he took a break from filming and onto his camp activities. He went over to his group, they were going canoeing. Mr. Dash and his group was going hiking and Granny Smith's group was going bird watching. But for now, we're sticking with Mr. Dash's group, for they're in a big surprise.

The group went into the woods hiking carrying backpacks. Mr. Dash and Rainbow Dash was both excited for they enjoyed their walk together. As for the others, they were already tired.

"How long does this hiking trip usually take, Mr. Dash?" Rarity asked beginning to get tired.

"When it gets dark outside," Mr. Dash said to her.

Rarity sighed as she gets a bug-spray out of her backpack. She sprayed it around her getting the bugs around. Pinkie and Sunset was left behind of the group. They can still see the group but was slowing down a bit. Pinkie heard a stick broke behind her. She looks back and a big hairy animal running across the trail.

"Sunset, look! It's Bigfoot!" Pinkie cried out.

"Pinkie, I know that you're trying to lighten up the mood but right now I'm tired. So could you please keep your imagination to yourself," Sunset said without turning around.

Pinkie looks back at Bigfoot disappearing into the woods. She sighed of disappointment and continued on with her hike. They found a wooden bridge over a river. Leading to another path.

"What's across there?" Dash asked.

"Breaburn told me not to cross there, saying that someone owns that land," Mr. Dash said. "He said we're always welcome going over to the folks, but haven't told me about them. For now we'll stay off their land."

"I sure hope we get to meet them," Fluttershy said.

Sunset notice someone walking down the path they were headed. Sunset wasn't the only one who notice him, the whole group notice him one by one. A young boy wearing blue jeans and a red button up shirt. He was a close age as Shining Armor and Big Mac. His hair was neatly combed and his eyes are dark green.

"Hey, who are you people?" the stranger asked.

"Are you he young man who lives across the bridge?" Mr. Dash asked.

"Yes, sir, my name is Benjamin, I live just across the bridge, my house isn't far," Benjamin said.

"So, you here for our camping trip?" Rarity asked.

"I heard about camp here, but I never been in one," he answered.

"Well, Benjamin, since we now know each other, why don't you come to our cabin," Mr. Dash offered. "It's getting late anyways."

"That would be great actually," Benjamin gladly said.

"Should we contact your folks?" Dash asked.

"Nah, I'll let them know tonight," Benjamin said.

They walked off heading back to the cabin. Night came by and the gang was around a huge campfire outside the cabin. The campfire was set up in the middle of the tents circling around the gang. They were roasting marshmallows making smores.

"How's the movie coming along, Comet?" Pipsqueak asked, taking a bite of his smore

"It's coming along great, it's just that it's really annoying when Rover and his gang are always around me filming where I'm filming," Comet answered.

"Because you're always getting the good spots, dammit!" Rover barked at him.

"Or maybe your jealous of my… directing experiences," Comet whisper to him with that last sentence.

"I oughta punch you in the nose you little brat," Rover held his fist up at him.

"You two will never learn, will you?" Twilight said to them.

"So, Benjamin, what were ya doin' out in the middle of the woods?" Granny Smith asked.

"Getting fresh air, clearing my mind," he answered.

"You don't talk much, do ya," Big Mac said.

"Speak of yourself," Applebloom said to him as everyone laughed.

"Did you three found your guy's meaning yet?" Spike asked the Crusaders.

"No, apparently bird watching was to boring for us," Scootaloo said.

"All we ever found was robins and blue jays, nothing more," Sweetie Belle said.

"Hey, Breaburn, weren't you goin' to tell us a story?" Applejack asked.

"That's right, I do actually," Breaburn said excited to tell his story. "I gather all you here tonight telling you why you should never go out at night."

"Then why are we sleeping outside when it's night?" Fido asked.

"Yeah, why can't we just sleep in the cabin?" Dash asked.

"Just a little story to scare you folks, that's what I always do to my campers here," Breaburn said.

"I don't enjoy scary stories that much," Fluttershy said.

"Don't worry, Fluttershy, stories like this aren't real," Sunset said to her.

"I didn't said that, did I," Breaburn said. "This part of the land used to be a town livin' here named Sleepy Hollow."

"Sleepy Hollow? Isn't that off of a book," Cadence said.

"Actually, it's the nickname of the town, it's actually called Applewoods," Breaburn continued. "They call it Sleepy Hollow because a serial killer roams around calling himself The Headless Horsemen."

"This is the perfect opportunity for my horror movie," Comet took out his video camera and filmed along with Rover.

"Why would a serial killer call himself The Headless Horseman?" Shining asked.

"Because at first, he likes to scare people, people knew he was a fake but was still a menace, till the day he died…," Breaburn said as he began his story. "It was the year 1790, the serial killer started out the first day he made his first kill. He loves the way he blood runs through his fingers, and the way he plays with the dead bodies. But he couldn't let anyone knew who he was, he was afraid that someone might see him on the night of his first kill. So he created a scheme to scare off his victims by creating a huge coat enough to cover his whole body and put over his head. And to put a little extra touch for his scheme, he has a black stallion outside of his house. He finally goes out at night killing his victim, and sure enough he was right. A sheriff rushed outside and saw the killer with his own eyes. Thinking it was actually a headless horseman, he jumped on his horse with the victims head in his hand. He made a run for it into the woods. He kills everyday making the same routine, till one day he was caught in a trap. The victim he was supposed to kill was actually bait luring the killer inside the house filled with men with guns. The next day, they held him in court. They find him guilty of course and execute him by beheading him with a rusty axe. They buried him in the river where no one could find him. But what a mistake that was. The next day, they found another dead body without a head. And then the next day. And the next. They started the search party finding who was responsible for the madness in town during the night. Then they witness who was the killer was, The Headless Horseman. The same serial killer they beheaded. He laughed hysterically riding his black stallion. He held up an ax way up high, the ax they killed him with. After that night, they decided to move out of town. Leaving the nightmare behind. As years went by, the houses and buildings grew older and became ruins. Few years later, no ruins remain standing. The Headless Horseman was now a fairy tale for folks around here. But for some people, he still lives this day on in this very woods. He would go at night hunting for his pray. Taking their heads for his collection of the victim. And that my dear children, is why you should never go out at night."

Breaburn finished his story. The gang was quiet and some jaws were open. Rover was shaking his camera as he filmed. He hid his fear by putting a serious look. Pipsqueak gulped. Fluttershy hid behind Sunset covering her ears.

"Oh, come on!" Dash burst out laughing. "Do you actually think this is for real?"

"It doesn't have to be real, as long as the story sounds scary it's a good start for camping," Rarity said.

"It sounded real tome," Scootaloo said rubbing her arms. She felt a sudden chill running through her.

"Well, if we're ain't supposed to be out here, shouldn't The Headless Horseman come by now?" Dash continued.

"See, that's the thing, Rainbow Dash," Breaburn spoke. "We aren't on his part of the land. He lives somewhere over the river."

"The river with the wooden bridge?" Pinkie said.

"Yep, and as long as you folks don't cross the bridge you'll be safe," Breaburn continued. "But if you do and run into him, there's a way where you can be safe. If you cross the bridge make you cross back from it. The Headless Horseman can't get to you if you're off his property."

"Whatever," Dash said yawing. "I'm going to bed."

It is awfully getting late, ya'll," Applejack said.

"I think we should have a tent buddy system," Cadence said. "I'll sleep with Twilight, Shining Armor could sleep with Big Mac."

"Me and Granny Smith will sleep together in a tent," Applejack said.

"Spike, who are you going to sleep with?" Pipsqueak asked.

"He's going to be sleeping with me of course," Sunset said before Spike could spoke a word.

"Hang on, Sunset, I thought Spike was going to sleep with me," Rarity said grabbing his arm.

"But this is my last day with Spikey-Wikey," Sunset just hit Rarity's strong point.

"Did you just call my Spikey-Wikey, Spikey Wikey?!" Rarity cried out grabbing ahold of her collar jacket.

"Yeah, so what if I did," Sunset said. "He's my boyfriend now."

"Not until this camping trip is over!" Rarity put her in a headlock.

Sunset was choking by Rarity's arm.

"Hang on! That's not fair! I wasn't ready!" Sunset shouted trying to set herself free.

"Will you two stop!" Spike cried out. The two stared at him as they stopped fighting. "I was going to sleep with Mr. Dash if that alright with you."

"…Oh," Rarity and Sunset said lowering their heads down.

"Come on, Spike, let's get some sleep while we can," Mr. Dash said patting his back.

"Does this always happen with Spike?" Benjamin asked Applejack.

"Yeah, and the worst part is that now we're fighting over who'll win his heart," Applejack said sighing.

That night, everyone was asleep. The night was cold and dark. Crickets chirped in the silent night. Rainbow Dash tossed and turned in her sleeping bag. She was sleeping with Fluttershy in the tent. She woke up yawing. She went outside stretching heading to the bathroom.

"Rainbow Dash?" Comet surprised her from behind. "What are you doing?"

"Shouldn't I ask you the same thing?" Dash back fired.

"I was going to film outside for my horror movie," Comet said. "After hearing that story Breaburn told us, felt like it wants me to film that story. But since you're up about, can you go film the rest of the area for me?"

"Sure I guess," Dash took the camera from him and saw him dashed back into the tent. She kept walking and stops for a while. "Ge I got out smart by a ten year old for doing his work for him?"

Dash slaps her head as she turned the camera on. The film was pointing to her. She flipped the camera in front of her path walking down it. She saw the stall and went inside with the camera.

"Why am I filming this inside the stall?" she said herself turning the camera off.

The next clip showed her outside the stall. She walks back to her tent when she heard a sound in the woods. She looks back at her tent and back to the woods.

"It's for Comet's film I guess," Dash said making her way into the woods.

She skipped a clip showing her in the woods on the path. She started talking to herself as she recorded.

"It's a tale, Rainbow Dash," she said to herself. "Staying up out at night is bad? Please. The Headless Horseman couldn't be alive over two hundred years. Hell, he couldn't be alive if he was headless. And another note that I'll be safe if I don't enter his land, that is three miles away from where I'm standing."

She heard another noise. It was clearly this time. It was a sounding of a horse. She slowly walked down the path breathing slowly and quietly. She saw a dark horse walking down the path towards her. She froze shooting the camera right at it. The horse stopped jerking its head up. Rainbow Dash slowly approached the horse while filming. She pet the horse gently.

"You wouldn't be The Headless Horseman horse's owner, would you?" she said to the horse.

The horse jerk its head again. She notice a saddle on its back. She walked over to it shooting the camera at it. She scan the saddle with the camera getting a good shot from it. Then she notice something very odd about the saddle.

"That's weird," she said chuckling. "This looks like Applejack's saddle back in her barn. Course she never uses it because it was never made in this year. I think she said it was made in the year 17… 17…"

She slowly faded her laugh and finally realized. She looked at the horse as the horse looked back at her. She slowly took a step back away from the horse. The horse then whined loudly with a cry as it bucked up. Rainbow Das fell back surprised by the horse. She dropped the camera watching the horse gallop down the path. Rainbow Dash heard a laughter from the other path. Her eyes widen and jaws dropped immediately as she saw a dark figure with her own eyes. Soon she ran back to the tent with the camera in her hand. She jumped into the tent and in her sleeping bag. She zipped it all the way up with the camera in it with her. She recorded her with the light on the camera.

"Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!" she repeated herself over and over again whispering. "He's real… he's f'ing real! I am filming Comets stupid horror movie and got a glimpse of him! The Headless Horseman is real!"

She shut the camera off and waited till morning. When the sun rise over the hills, everyone was up. Comet walked over to where Rainbow Dash was sleeping and saw her still in her sleeping bag. Comet unzipped the bag and saw her watching the video.

"Rainbow Dash?" Comet said to her seeing if she was okay.

"Get someone you trust," she said without questioning.

Comet, Spike, Pipsqueak, Applejack, Shining Armor, Sunset, and Rainbow Dash watched the film. Comet held the camera to where everyone could see. They saw her walking down the path talking to herself.

"You really think this is stupid?" Comet asked Dash, hearing her talking to herself.

"Be quiet, here it comes," Dash said as they saw a horse coming towards her.

As she pet the horse and talk, they go to the part where she realized that the horse belonged to the Headless Horseman. She fell back dropping the camera. All they saw the leaves on the ground hearing the horse whine.

"I don't get what you're so scared, Rainbow Dash," Spike said to her.

"Yeah, it could be anyone's horse for all we know," Applejack said.

"Hang on a minute and watch, here it comes," Dash shushes her when they heard a horrifying laugh in the camera.

In the film, Dash grabs the camera and booked it out of there. She swings the camera around making it hard to see where she was at. Finally she ended up in the tent and into the sleeping bag. She points the camera to herself recording. "Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! He's real… he's f'ing real! I am filming Comets stupid horror movie and got a glimpse of him! The Headless Horseman is real!" After that she shut the camera down. And that was the end of the clip.

"Whoa," was all Shining could say.

"That did seemed to be real," Sunset said.

"So the legend is true then?" Pipsqueak asked.

"Now hold your horses," Applejack waved her hands around. "Wasn't Rainbow Dash the one who said the story of The Headless Horseman was all just a phony to her?"

"I'm telling you, I saw what I saw!" Dash said.

"But that's strange though," Pinkie came in interrupting their conversation.

"Pinkie, what are you doing?" Spike asked.

"Did you eaves dropped on us?" Sunset asked.

"As a detective, yes!" Pinkie points her finger at her. "Breaburn said that The Headless Horseman owns part of the land just over the river. And he also said the he couldn't cross the river because that's where his grave is."

"So what you're saying is that someone is faking this whole scheme?" Comet said.

"That's right, Comet," Pinkie continued taking a smoke pipe that blew bubbles. "And we have three suspects: Breaburn, rover, and the mysterious stranger Benjamin."

"How do you know it's them?" Spike asked.

"Elementary, my dear Spike, elementary," Pinkie said. "Breaburn told us a spooky tale that he wants us to be scared of, Rover is our enemy who will do anything to win the horror film competition, and then we have Benjamin who randomly showed up."

"Benjamin did went back home last night, so it could been him," Shining said thinking this through.

"And you know what this mean," Pinkie said pulling Spike by her side. "Pinkie and Spike on a case of solving The Headless Horseman scheme!"

"What?" Spike was shocked.

"Yeah, with both our brains fitting together, we can solve the mystery in a day," Pinkie said.

"I thought you were joking about that!" Spike said.

"What's going on?" Sunset asked.

"Back in Equestria, Spike solve a mystery in game of Who done it? And now Pinkie want spike as Watson by her side," Rainbow Dash said to her.

They watched Pinkie hugging Spike and Spike pulling a hood over his head hiding his blush.

"Okay! Okay! I'll do it!" Spike cried out making Pinkie let go of him.

"Hooray!" Pinkie jumped in the air of joy.

"You sure, Spike?" Comet said.

"Well, I don't want this weekend ruined by this Headless Horseman," Spike said. "So why not. Starting right now, we're solving this mystery. The Case of the Headless Horseman."