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The Summer Life of Spike: Book 3 - Dark Matter 101

They're back! Join Spike and others as they enjoy their last month of Summer Vacation. Thrilling new adventures, new friends, and a special horror chapter coming soon.So get ready for another adventure with Spike and his friends.

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Ch 9: Home Alone Spike (Part 3)

Chapter 9
Home Alone Spike (Part 3)

At Chrysalis house, she has a phone call from Twilight. She answers the phone.

"Hello?" she said onto the phone. "…Yes, I'm aware Spike is sick… Of course I could watch over him… uh-huh, you too."

Chrysalis hung the phone and grabbed her purse. She was happy to see Spike and babysit him a bit. While she was doing that, the Timberwolves were preparing their task. Frank and Ben parked their car behind the house and entered from the back. They dressed in black and Ben had shotgun shells around his waist while carrying a small shotgun. Spike could see the two through the attic window without them noticing. He rushed to the TV where he hooked up video camera only showing the back yard. It shows them that they were splitting up. Ben took the back and Frank took the front. As for Scott and Stacey, they were walking up the house meeting with Frank till they notice Chrysalis.

"Nobody move," Scott spoke into the small microphone in his sleeve, "We have company. Once we get her out of the way, make your way into the house." He and Stacey walked up to Chrysalis taking care of her.

"I wonder what Spike and I will do today?" Chrysalis said to herself, "Maybe we can watch a movie, or go somewhere to eat. Oh! This is going to be great spending time with Spike."

"Excuse us, miss," Scott stopped her, "But we think that our mail was mixed into yours the other day."

"You know, I thought I had the wrong mail," Chrysalis said being easily tricked, "Come inside and I'll show you."

They walk to Chrysalis house. Spike noticed the two tricking her into going back. He gasped in worriy. When they enter the house, Scott and Stacey immediately locked the front door. Chrysalis jumped not sure what was going on.

"Why are you locking the door?" Chrysalis asked.

"We left our hearts back at home, Bitch." Scott said in a shadowy voice.

Frank saw they entered the house and went on investigating. He checked the side of the house and went on to the front.

"The little rug rat guarded this place tight." Frank spoke into the small microphone talking to Ben.

At the other side of the house, Ben scoped out the place. He saw a chair resting by the fence. He walked towards it deciding to take a short rest. What he didn't knew was an electric box was hooked up with electric cables. The electricity was running through the chair.

Back inside the house, Spike rushed down stairs heading to the front door. He peeked through the window seeing Frank standing in front of the wire gate Spike built. Frank laughed thought it was cute. There was a paper sign saying DANGER! ELETRICAL ENERGY! DON'T GET ELECTROCUTED!

"You're going to enjoy what I'm seeing," Frank spoke to Ben, "This kid is defending this place with his toys. I remember when I was a little kid I use to do this kind of stuff. I forgot how completely stupid they are." He took out his clippers as he talked to Ben.

"Just be careful, Frank," Ben said about to take a seat on the chair, "Sometimes when little kids get scared they wet they're pants." He laughed as he sat down. He suddenly got electrocuted by the chair sticking his hair out. He yelled in pain and was unable to get back up.

Frank clipped one of the wire and got electrocuted as well. He bounced small getting jerked by the electric wire. He mumbled as he screamed trying to let it out.

Ben gripped the chair trying to get back up while his shotgun shells exploded. The electricity ran through the shell and all at once exploded sending Ben flying out of the chair. He slid on the ground as smoke came out of his back and butt burnt.

Frank was still getting electrocuted. He yelled as long as he could out stand it. The hidden cameras in his shirt burst out getting electrocuted as well. Finally he let go of the clipper and stood still for a moment. He took heavy breathes as he still shook himself.

Scott heard everything thought was going on in his microphone, "Guys? Is everything alright?" Scott asked them while he and Stacey tied Chrysalis up in a chair, "I better go see what's going on. Make sure she doesn't try to escape."

Frank slightly bent over and let out electricity out of his back pants. It made a huge hole after that. He got back up hearing what Scott said to him, "…I'm alright," Frank said shortly and began a new tactic.

As for Ben, he got back up with is hair sticking out. His pants has a huge hole underneath him. He walked back to the house scoping the area. One last shell exploded making him jump and fell back down.

Frank got his focus back and walked to the sidewalk. He turns back facing the house and ran. He ran towards the electric fence and jumped over it. He landed on the welcome mat. He somehow made the mat slid forward as he tries to regain his balance. He smacked his head on the front door. He fell on his back seeing marbles rolling by him. He moaned in pain, while fixing his nose. It made a small crackling noise. He saw Scott over his head with one eyebrow up.

"Frank, what are you doing?" Scott asked.

"Don't touch the wires," Frank warned him seeing Scott unplugging it, "The kid's got this place booby-trapped."

"You're kidding?"

"Watch the welcome mat." Frank warned him again.

Scott went to the front door and noticed something. On the other side of the door, Spike ran to the other window seeing what they were doing, "Have you try the door yet?" Scott asked.

"No, not yet." Frank answered.

"Let me point something out for you." Scott grabbed a fishing line stretching from the top of the house.

Frank looked up and saw a barbell on the roof hanging to a fishing line, "Missed that." Frank said.

Scott took out his knife and cut the line. When he did, inside the attic was really triggered another trap. A huge trunk filled with books was hanging inside of the window. The fishing line was hooked onto the measuring tape sliding back into the device holding the skateboard in place.

"Maybe he isn't so clever after all." Scott said.

"Yeah, I guess I'm having an off day." Frank said, as the two walked towards the door.

The measuring tape reach its end making the skateboard slid down along with the trunk. It crashes through the window and fell straight down towards Scott and Frank. They both look up and saw it come crashing down. They yell and hits them both. The trunk torn apart and books scattered the place.

Inside of Chrysalis's house, Stacey wrapped the last duct tape around Chrysalis's ankle. She wiped her sweat off of her and duct taped her mouth.

"Now stay put and don't move," Stacey said to her. Chrysalis gave her a dirty look, "Don't look at me like that. I'll be back. I'm just going to take care of your next door neighbor," Chrysalis eyes widen notice Spike was still in the house. She mumbled seeing Stacey walk away, "Don't worry, it'll only be a minute." Stacey said walking outside.

Ben was looking around the area. His hair was still looking crazy, "That little brat! Frank! What's your status?" Ben said to the mic as he walked towards a fishing hook.

It was hooked up to a water turner. The water hose was hiding in a bush pointing out towards Ben. Ben continued calling for Frank. He walked into the hook and caught himself on his shirt. He felt a tug making him stop. He got into his karate stance and looked around. The water turner was pulled with the string turning the water on slightly. Ben notice a string and pulls it trying to take it off of him. With one tug, the water turn on spraying Ben in the face. He went down to his knees and tried to turn the water off.

Frank and Scott gain consciousness. They got back up not knowing what exactly happened. Inside, Spike walked up to a string attach to the doorknob. He took out his scissors ready to cut it, "Heads up!" Spike said snipping the rope.

"How did that happen?" Frank asked.

"I don't know." Scott said as they walk back to the door.

The rope snaps making the barbell fell off the roof and head straight down towards them. They looked up and saw it without flinching. Inside, Spike saw them get it making a loud ringing sound, "That's gotta hurt." Spike said running upstairs.

Stacey saw the two on the ground with books scattered around. She walked up to them and saw the barbell on top of them, "You got hit with a book?" She asked kicking the books around.

"Books! Plural!" Frank said getting back up, "A trunk full of books! And then a barbell, you dumbass!"

"Excuse me, Frank, I didn't get taken down by an infant!" Stacey back talked him.

"Stop fighting, you two!" Scott shouted, "We came here to get the boy. Frank, you take the North side. And, Stacey, you take the South side. I'll deal with the front door… Where the hell is Ben?"

Ben was still getting wet from the water hose. He leaned in grabbing the hose clogging it. The stopped and he was relieved it was over with.

The two scattered as Scott worked with the front door. On the other side, spike was drilling the door shut. He knew he was going to pick the lock. Scott picklock the door and turn the handle. The door didn't open. He knees the doorknob breaking it off and hurt himself with it. He moans as he slid down to the ground covering his knee.

Frank went over to a boarded window taking out his knife. He made sure no traps was around him this time. Spike ran to the living room getting his trap set. He grabs a giant slingshot attach to the window where Frank was at and stretches back. The slingshot was made with headbands, a slinky, rubber bands, anything that stretches. He could see Frank's knife coming from the crack. It slid up unlocking the window. Spike puts a bag of flour and then a water balloon on the slingshot. Frank opened the window fast. Before entering, he saw Spike with the slingshot pointing at him.

"Hi." Spike smiled at him.

Frank scoffed and has a friendly smile. Spike let go of the slingshot launching the balloon and flour at Frank. It hit him and sent him flying back outside. He was covered with water and flour dough all over him.

Stacey went to the other side of the house and saw a gate blocking her way. She pushed the gate and noticed it was locked. She put her hand over the gate unlocking it, but she accidentally stuck her hand in a bucket of glue. She looked over seeing her hand stretching the glue out. She was disgusted while wiping the glue off of her. Her hand was going to be a bit sticky.

Scott looked through the mail opener on the door. He looked around to see if Spike was around, "You can run, but you can't hide, kid." Scott said.

"Surprise!" Spike popped out of nowhere with black spray paint.

He sprayed it on Scott's eyes. He yell in pain. The paint was all over at the level of his eyes. He opened them blinking making sure he didn't gone blind.

"What a loser." Spike said laying against the door.

Suddenly an ugly looking knife struck through the door right beside him. He jumped and made a run for it. Scott was using his knife to saw his way in with rage.

Stacey hopped over the gate and landed in mud sinking all the way to her legs. She saw a water hose in the mud bubbling. The water was still running. Stacey grunted. She tried to lift her foot, but the mud was so thick that she lost her balance. She landed on her knees tripping a wire. A flower pot fell down towards Stacey. It landed on her head knocking her out. She fell forward landing in the mud head first.

Ben was soaked as he continued searching for a way in. He saw a window open leading to the attic. He went to the garage to get a ladder.

Frank was got himself up wiping the dough off of him. He got it out of his eyes and blew it out of his nose. It would take a while for him to reenter the house again.

Ben opened the door to the garage. He looked around seeing some useful tools he could use. He spotted the ladder and walked up to it. He grabbed it and saw two legs hanging down on the second floor. He slowly put the ladder down gently and tiptoed his way to his victim, "I got him!" he cried out grabbing a hold of the legs.

He pulls it and they came back up. He did it again and up they went. Upstairs was one of Twilight's doll of a monkey. It was attached to a lawnmower pulling the string starting it up. Ben did his last tug and started the mower. Ben caught the doll and saw what it was. He threw it down and heard a loud noise coming to him. The lawnmower swoops down at him making him scream.

Stacey was struggling her way through the mud path. Her front of the body dirty from falling. She stuck her legs out one by one. She accidentally trips again and fell on her back tripping another trap. Another flower pot came down towards her. She gasped and hit her face.

In the garage, the lawnmower drove down to the end of the wall. Ben got up lucky to be alive. He wiped himself and notice hair was on him. It was long and black like his. He check his head and notice his hair was shorter and badly cut. He gasped and yelped. He was sad his long beautiful hair was cut.

Frank opened the boarded window again making sure Spike was gone. He also notice the blinds were down. He pulled the string and up it went. He stuck his head in and the window shutter hit him on the head. Causing another of Spike's traps. He fell back outside moaning in pain.

Scott finally got in the house. He pushed the door open going in with his shotgun out. The spray paint was still on his face. A string was attached to the top of the door leading in a closet. Inside the closet was a baby toy pulling a string on its back. Scott closes the door causing the baby to giggle. Scott loaded his gun hearing the laughter. He smirked and put the gun away. He leans over to the closet whispering as Spike from upstairs watches, "You are dead, kid." he whispered and swung the door open.

He gasped the moment the punching glove launched at him. It punched straight to his crotch. He choked his yelling with his mouth wide open and started moaning softly. Spike felt his pain as well. Scott fell back on his butt triggering his gun. It exploded causing it to bust. Spike ran back to his room quietly. Scott pulled out his shotgun seeing it was broken.

Stacey got back up and was now dirty all over. She crawled through the mud heading towards the end.

Frank tried once again, this time busted the window open furiously. He looked around the place from outside, making sure no traps was around him. He smiled and came inside the house. He went inside carelessly and set both feet down inside. He accidentally landed his feet in two buckets filled with super glue. He looks down slowly and lifts his foot. His feet was stuck in the bucket.

Spike was in his room checking the video camera. He notice that Ben was climbing on the ladder heading to the attic. Spike made a run for it to see if he could out beat him. Ben climbed the ladder as fast as he could and made it. He was in a room that was constructed.

"Now things are looking up," Ben said. He saw a door open and saw Spike. He gasps seeing Ben beat him. "Gotcha!" Ben climbed through the window and fell through a giant tarp covering a hole. He screamed all the way down to the basement.

"See ya." Spike said waving at him.

Ben landed in the basement and in a bathroom on the toilet. He coughed noticing he was all right. The toilet broke apart and spread water around the place. Ben fell on it and took a deep breath.

Frank was having trouble getting out of the room he was in. The bucket kept making him trip.

Stacey made it to the back porch. She was about to head up the step when she noticed something odd about them. She saw it was unscrew causing it to break in half for whoever step on it.

"Well, well," Stacey scoffed. She grab both beams between the steps. She swings back and forth on it, "Nice try kid." The beams suddenly broke making her fall on the steps. She groaned in pain.

Scott kept searching the place with his busted gun and camera. The gun accidentally broke the camera by the explosion. He was pissed off more than ever. He took out his pistol and looked for Spike.

Stacey got back up and popped her back. She walked away the step and to the back of the yard. She faces forward and made a run for it. She hops and did multiple backflips. When she reached to the steps, she jumped and made it to the porch. She felt proud outsmarting Spike. She walked up to the door and fell through the board floor. She fell straight to the basement as the board perfectly got into place again.

Scott heard a scream from outside. He went to check it out.

Frank was in another room ripping down towards his face.

Scott went to the back porch to check out who screamed, "Stacey?" he called out to her.

He fell through the floorboard where Stacey fell. He landed on top of Stacey and shot the gun accidentally at the ceiling.

Frank stumbled towards a door leading to the basement. He opened the door and wanted to check it out with his pistol out.

"I'm coming down!" he cried out.

He took one step forward tripping over a wooden board. He trips over and topples down stairs. He reached the basement back on his feet still toppling. He ran into a washer machine hardcore. He heard and felt a snap on his finger. He yelled in pain seeing a mousetrap caught on him. He tripped back shooting the gun at a pipe above him. Brown gunk poured on top of him. He could smell what it was. It was the toilet pipe pouring shit on him. He looked over and saw Ben sitting on the toilet.

The two stared each other for a couple of second, "You almost done in there?" Frank asked.

"Don't start with me." Ben said to him.

"…I'll wait." Frank replied.

Scott busted down the door with Stacey behind him. He saw the two in the basement with them. They looked at each other wondering what happen to them.

"Hey." Ben spoke first.

"You got a haircut?" Stacey asked noticing half of his hair was missing.

"Why do you smell like shit?" Scott asked Frank covering his nose.

"Why are you dressed up like a raccoon?" he talked back at him.

"Touche." Scott admitted.

Frank looked at Stacey seeing her all muddy, "You were playing in the mud?" he asked.

"At least it wasn't shitty." Stacey retorted.

"I walked into that one." Frank sighed.


They heard the phone ring. Upstairs, Spike forgot that Twilight was calling him in half an hour. He rushed down stairs grabbing the phone. Scott quickly picked the phone up listening to their conversation. He told the others to search the house. Scott set his pistol down listening to the phone. Spike answered the phone and spoke with Twilight.

"Hello?" Spike answered. On the other line was Twilight eating lunch with her friends.

"Spike? You sound like you've been running around the place. Is something wrong?" Twilight asked.

"No, no! Everything is fine!" Spike lied to her. Only or her safety, "Me and Chrysalis are just watching a movie that's breath taking."

"Well, I was hoping I would come home just to see how you're doing."

"No, don't bother. I'm fine, really."

Scott couldn't believe what he was hearing from the kid. Usually at his age, he would call the police or his sister for help. Without looking, he grabbed a replica of his gun underneath some clothes accidentally and puts it in his holder. The real gun was still on the washer machine.

"Listen, I gotta go, Chrysalis gets upset when I'm gone." Spike continued.

"Alright, as long as you're safe." Twilight said.

"Always." Spike hung up the phone.

Scott chuckled the way he lied to his sister, "What a brave little fellow." he said walking off leaving his real gun.

Spike ran down out of the room and saw Frank's shadow merging up the stairs. He quickly ran towards the closet and hid in it. Frank saw a door closed where Spike was hiding.

"Ah-ha!" he pointed at the door running towards it, "I got you now you little brat!"

Spike quickly locks the door from the inside. Frank garbs the knob noticing it was locked.

"Frank?" Stacey saw him trying to open the door. Her and Ben was pointing their guns in each room.

"You are so dead, causing so much pain to me." Frank took a lock pick out and unlocking the door.

"Frank, what the hell are you doing?" Stacey demanded answers.

"The kid's in there," Frank said jiggling the knob, "Scaring him a little bit," Spike had to find a way to hide. He saw a basket hanging on the door. He climbs the shelf and jumped in, "And behind door number one!" Frank swings the door open. All there was are towels. He could here Ben and Stacey laughed, "I saw this door closed. Would lie? After what we've been through." He closed the door and saw a family photo on the wall. He saw Spike on it and punched him. The picture frame shattered.

At the school, cops showed up with the head chief of the CSI. He wore a brown coat and a badge showing he was with the CSI. Inside the principal's office, Twilight and Shining Armor was sitting in the seat with Principal Celestia and Luna. The chief head inside and entered the room they were in.

"CSI, I have a message that a criminal thief was in this town." he said.

"I'm sorry, who are you?" Celestia asks.

"Agent Williams," he said shaking her hand, "Now someone named Spike sent me a message that a thief was here. Was that you, son?"

He looked at Shining Armor. He shook his head replying.

"No, it's my little brother, he's at home sick."

Twilight asked, "Why, what's the matter?"

"We're afraid he might be in danger." Williams said shocking Twilight.

"Like I said, he's at home," she repeated.

"Well, then let's move." Williams said walking out.

"Why is my brother in danger?" Twilight stops him worried.

He stood there without a word to say, "She asked you a question, sir!" Luna said to him with force.

Again he didn't said a word, "I'm afraid I can't discuss it during this time." Williams said exiting the room.

Shining stopped him by shutting the door and leaning against it, "The 'It' you're referring to, is my little brother." he said to him.

Williams look back at Twilight seeing her worried sick. He sighed as he took a deep breath, "We think he encountered four most wanted criminals who are experts at thievery, also the head leader happens to be the son of the number one most wanted criminal's in America." They all looked at him with jaws dropped open. They didn't expect this to happen.

Back at the house, Spike slowly opened the closet door just a crack. He saw Ben and Stacey opening a door leading to Twilight's room. As for Frank, he entered Velvet and Night Light's room with his gun out. He heard the shower going in the bathroom, he could hear a voice coming from inside singing. He opened the bathroom door and saw a woman in the shower. Frank was excited to see her.

Ben and Stacey opens the door all the way and hid behind the wall. They both swing into the room pointing their guns. They saw something in the bed covered in blanket. It looked as if someone was hiding underneath it. Stacey tiptoed her way towards the bed. Spike saw everything what they're doing. He took Peewee out of his hoodie and took off.

"Go, Peewee, do you're thing." he said to the bird watching him flew quietly into Ben's pants. The bird landed where the hole was at from the electric chair.

Frank moved closer to the shower and removed the curtains. All there was is a cut out poster of a woman in Shining Armor's room. He sighed and saw a recorder in the shower.

Stacey came closer to the bed and whipped the cover over. It was a stuffed monkey laughing. Ben couldn't help but laugh, "Shut up," Stacey said punching the monkey off the bed. She turned and saw a bird in Ben's pants. She stood quiet staring at the bird. Ben felt uncomfortable all of a sudden.

"Stacey? What's wrong?" Ben asked her.

"Don't move, Ben." Stacey said slowly taking a small stick out. She pulled the tip creating a baton stick. Ben saw her slowly coming towards him.

"Stacey, what? What is it?" Ben asked again.

"Shh! Don't. Move." she said as she grips both hands on the baton. She aims at the bird steady.

"Stacey?" Ben said quietly seeing her raise the baton in the air ready to strike, "Stacey?"

She swings the baton missing the bird. She accidentally hits him in the crotch instead. Ben screamed from the top of his lungs in massive pain. Stacey swings her baton around looking for the bird.

"Excellent." Spike said making a run for it up the attic. He headed to the door waiting for Peewee to come.

Frank stepped out seeing Spike at the attic door, "The kid!" he cried out.

Spike jumped and saw him marching towards him. Stacey saw him too and ran towards him, "I got him!" both Frank and Stacey cried out.

Before Frank could catch him, Stacey accidentally rams into him. They both fell giving Spike time to escape. Peewee came flying to him and quickly went to the attic. Frank reached for him. Spike slammed the door smacking his face. Spike ran upstairs heading out the window. He grabbed a rope and threw it out the window. He tied it outside hiding it from the thieves. He rushed to the other window and opened it. He then rushed back to the rope and stepped outside. He closed the window behind him and took out a small knife. He cut the rope just halfway enough for one of them came down with him.

Back in the hallway, Frank and Stacey got back up and moaned. Ben crawled on the floor covering his crotch, "You… smacked my winky!" Ben said still in pain.

"Maybe if nature wasn't hanging out in your pants." Stacey retorted sarcastically.

"Okay, that's the lamest comeback, but right now let's get the kid." Frank said kicking the door down.

They all ran upstairs charging in. Spike was outside on the ground running across the backyard. The three looked around seeing if he was hiding anywhere.

"Where the hell could he be?" Ben said.

Spike grabbed a couple of leaves in a pile he set up. He puts some on himself and left a trail behind him. After he was halfway cross the yard, he cried out to them, "You're not gonna find me up there you big dumb law-breaking knuckleheads!" he shouted.

"He's outside!" the three all said. They ran to the window where Spike left it open. They saw him running to a small ladder on the fence.

"Better catch me! I'm getting the cops!" he said climbing the ladder and over the fence.

"How the hell did he get down there?" Frank said.

Stacey notice a trail of leaves he left. She saw a pile of leaves just over the window.

"The same way you're going," Stacey said.

"How?" Ben asked.

She pushed them towards the window.

"Jump!" Stacey said to them.

Without questions, they did as they were told. They climbed out the window balancing themselves on the roof.

"What are you going about, Stacey?" Frank asked.

"The kid jumped into those pile of leaves," Stacey pointed out, "If he can make it, so can you."

"And I'm assuming you're not gonna join up?" Ben asked.

"I would if there was room up there, now go!" Stacey cried out.

The two jumped together heading straight to the pile of leaves. They made it, but went through a hole in it while caught in a net. Leaves flew everywhere. Stacey saw that the leaves uncovered a giant hole. She was speechless. Frank and Ben struggled trying to get out of the net. It only made it worse for them, consider that they were in pain after that landing. Stacey then noticed a rope on the other side. She grinned and head to the other window. She climbed out and grabbed the rope.

"You got to do better than that, kid." she said as she jumped down gripping on the rope.

She didn't knew the rope was cut halfway. Her weight snapped the rope. She screamed all the way down. She hit the ground hard. With a drop like that, she was in so much pain she couldn't move. The only thing she could do was moan.

While Spike made his escape. He realized he forgot about Chrysalis. He ran back to her house and entered from the back. He enters the house seeing Chrysalis tied into a chair. He rushes over waking her up.

"Ms. Chrysalis!" Spike said unwrapping the duct tape off her, "You okay?"

"I'm okay now that you're here." she said gladly.

Spike unwrapped the tape half way almost done. Suddenly, Scott snuck up in front of him in another room. He held his gun out in front of him.

"Well, well," he said scaring Spike. He jumped seeing the gun in his hand, "You thought that you could stop me by one of your traps?" Scott asked grabbing his shirt picking him up. "Well, now you ran into my trap," He set him on the counter table with his gun pointing at him, "I heard about you, uh, Spike, isn't it?" Scott asked, "You're the kid who saved the animal shelter, and the time when this bitch tried to take down the town. Just like my father wanted. But you stopped it."

"Please, sir, I don't know who you are," Spike pleaded. He wasn't acting this time, he really was scared for real. And Scott knows it, "Chrysalis could've taken down the town, but she actually came here to learn our ways of why she shouldn't to."

"DOES IT LOOK LIKE I GIVE A DAMN!" Scott shouted at him. "My father wanted to rid of this town! It ruined his life! Now he's ruining mine because of this God forsaking town!"

"…Please," Spike began to cry, "I won't tell anyone that you were here. Just please let me and Chrysalis go."

Scott pointed the gun to Spike's head about to pull the trigger, "Believe me you nor Chrysalis won't say a word about me," he said. Spike noticed something about the gun. There was a small plunger at the end of it. He laughed making Scott madder, "What so funny?" Scott inquired.

"That's not your gun?" Spike said.


"I said that's not your gun." Spike repeated himself.

Scott looked at the gun. He pulled the trigger shooting a plunger on the wall. It was Spike's toy he got on his birthday. Scott look at him with furious eyes. He took out his knife about to slit Spike's throat.


Scott stopped hearing a gun click. He slowly turns around seeing Chrysalis holding a gun pointing right at him. She got the gun out of a drawer.

"Let go of Spike, now." she said about to pull the trigger. Scott slowly let go of him and raises his arms up, "Drop it!" Chrysalis demanded.

Scott dropped the knife and back away slowly. She barked at him scaring him. He ran outside running. She looked outside and closes the door locking it. She rushes over to Spike hugging him tightly, "Are you okay?" she asked him.

"Yeah, thanks to you," Spike said hugging her tightly, "You're kinda tough when it comes to thieves."

"And you are a brave young man." she added.

Later the cops came by running their sirens. About ten cop cars drove down the neighborhood. They made it to Spike's house and the cops began coming out of the cars. They held their guns out scoping out the place. They went to the back yard seeing the thieves. Frank and Ben got out of the net and climbed their way out. When they finally got out, the cops surrounded them.

"Freeze!" one of them shouted.

"You've got to be kidding." Frank said raising both hands up.

Twilight and Shining Armor got out of the car. Twilight was worried about Spike and went up to look for him. Spike exited the house with Chrysalis. He saw Twilight walking up to the house. He was glad to see her again.

"TWILIGHT!" he cried out to her.

Twilight turned to see Spike. The two ran towards each other giving hugs. Twilight picked him up in her arms hugging him. Spike held on tight liking her to be in her arms. She started to cry in tears that she was glad he was safe. She set him down back on the ground, "Spike, I… I'm so sorry that… I mean, if I haven't…" she stuttered trying to find words.

"Don't worry, it's okay, Twilight." Spike said hugging her again.

Shining smiled seeing the two hugging. Williams walks up to them. They stopped hugging as Spike was curious who this was, "Spike?" he asked.

"Yep, that's me." he answered.

"You're the one who sent the message?" he asked.

"About Scott? Yes, sir," Spike explained, "He got away, but his friends are at the backyard. Two grown men are in a pit trapped in a net, and woman who's probably right beside them."

Williams took out the photo Spike copied the other day, "Is this Scott?" he asked.

Spike looked at the picture making sure it as the right guy, "Yep," Spike said smiling.

"Three years I was trying to find him," Williams said, "But always manage to escape with no evidence left behind… Thank you."

Spike smiled as the two shook hands. Williams saw the thieves coming out from the back and into the front. He walks up to them laughing.

"Three grown folks getting caught by an eleven year old," Shining said laughing, "That's my brother."

"So where's your boss?" Williams asked them. They didn't say a word, "Get them out of here."

Scott was in a toy house hiding from the cops. He waited out resting. He heard a toy car driving by. A bird came with the controller on the top of the car. Peewee tweeted as Scott's eyes widen. A bird driving a toy car. He shushed the bird. Peewee took a match on the car and flew up. He landed on a beam lightening it up. Scott looked around and notice that fireworks were planted on the ceiling. The bird was about to light the fuse when Scott took out his gram cracker.

"Take it," Scott said to him. Peewee looked at him funny, "What? I only have one." Peewee lit the fuse and flew back to the car. Scott gasped covering his head. Peewee drove the car out of there flooring it, "Unbelievable." Scott said closing his eyes. The fireworks went off across the neighborhood. The cops saw the fireworks in the air and went to check it out. Spike grinned knowing that Scott was there.

Later that day, the sun was going down. A car pulled up the driveway. It was Velvet and Night Light back from vacation. They saw construction workers fixing up the place after what happen. They heard the news about the break in. They entered the house seeing Spike and his friends in the living room. Including Agent Williams and Chrysalis. Spike notice his parents coming in.

"Mom! Dad!" he shouted running up to them. He hugs both of them glad that they made it back.

"Oh, Spike, are you okay? They didn't hurt you, did they?" Velvet asked kissing him all over.

"Spike is doing fine actually." Fluttershy said.

"And his chickenpox are staring to wear off." Twilight added.

"Yeah, in a couple of more days, Spike will be coming back to school." Pipsqueak said high fiving Comet.

"Don't forget that I'll be coming to school too," Chrysalis said, "You're looking at the new assistant principal."

"Can there be three Principals?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"I think they just added one more." Rarity answered.

"So, Dad, did you bring me anything while you were away?" Spike asked.

"Actually, yes," Night Light ran back to the car and back inside, "I know that we missed your birthday and all, but here's your late birthday gift," Spike opens the present seeing that it was another remote control car. Only this time, it was blue, "Think you can handle it?" Night Light asked.

"I think I can handle it." Spike said smiling.

"Then you vs. me then, racer!" Dash said pulling out the controller behind her.

She drove the red toy car into the living room doing a power slide.

"You are so on!" Spike said.

In a prison. The cop's line up the thieves taking pictures. They all wore orange jumpsuits. Also has the chicken pox.

"Say cheese," says one of the cops.

They all didn't smiled. Stacy was still in pain from the fall. Frank had bruises all over him that ruined his tattoos. And Ben had a hat on. He wasn't allowed to wear it. He took it off revealing his messed up hair. You think that the story is over, but there is one more chapter before we end this book.