The Summer Life of Spike: Book 3

by Dark Matter 101

Ch 6: Halloween Special (Part 2)

Chapter 6
The Headless Horseman

Our story so far. Spike and the gang went on a camping trip during the weekend for their next Summer Vacation activity. Comet was entering a horror movie competition along with Rover and his gang. A mysterious stranger name Benjamin showed up and joined the gang. Breaburn told a scary tale about The Headless Horseman making them scared. Rainbow Dash was the first who encounter The Horseman while filming Comet's movie. Spike and Pinkie are now on the case solving this mystery along with a couple of friends. And now our story continues as the gang goes out into the woods where Rainbow Dash first witness the Headless Horseman.

They were on the path and notice horse tracks on the dirt road. Pinkie kneels down where the tracks were at examine it. She squints her eyes getting a good look at it.

"Yep, it's a horse." she said.

"No shit, Pinkie!" Rainbow Dash cried out. "I filmed the camera and you guys saw it."

"No need to be hateful." Pinkie said turning her back at her.

"Rainbow Dash, you said that the horse belonged to the Headless Horseman, how do you know?" Spike asked.

"I saw the saddle on its back, it looks like the same saddle in Applejack's house." Dash answered.

"The 1700's saddle?" Applejack guessed.

"Yes! The 1700's saddle you showed me the other day." Dash confirmed.

"Well that doesn't make any sense, though," Shining said looking down the path. "Who would still have a 1700's saddle now a days beside Applejack?"

"That's where Breaburn comes in." Pinkie said.

"Well, he is related to you, Applejack." Sunset noted.

"So it could possibly be Breaburn. I mean, he did tell us the tale last night and now all of a sudden the Headless Horseman shows up." Pipsqueak said.

"We don't know that for sure. though," Spike said, "Let's go talk to him about the Headless Horseman incident."

They head back to the cabin and went over to Breaburn. He was reading a book in a chair on the front porch with his feet resting on the table. He was leaning back off on the chair on the wall. He notice Applejack and friends coming towards him.

"What can I do for you guys?" Breaburn said, before sitting upright.

"We want to know about the tale you told us last night," Applejack said, "Will you tell them that the Headless Horseman doesn't exist."

"Yeah, you guys, it's just a story that I scare the campers." Breaburn said.

"Then how come a random horse came out last night?" Dash asked.

"Was the horse black?" he asked.

"So you do know about this shenanigan!" Pinkie cried out, while pointing at him.

"I pretty sure that's not what he meant, Pinkie." Spike said.

"Yeah, Thunderbolt? He's the owner's folks on the other side of the river," Breaburn explained, "Like I said, it just a story."

"See guys, I told you it was nothin'." Applejack said.

"But what about the laugh though?" Pipsqueak pointed out, "We heard a laugh in the camera."

"Yeah, and it was a man's voice too." Shining said, adding to the clue.

"It could be someone scaring us or somethin'," Applejack continued, "And I'm pretty sure who's responsible for this."

Later, they all walked up to the Diamond Dogs inside the cabin. They were playing cards on the dinner table with the camera by Rover. Shining grabbed a hold of Rover's collar shirt about to punch him.

"Wait a minute, Shining Armor!" Spike pleaded.

"I'm not waiting another minute till this shithead tells us the truth!" Shining growled at Rover.

"We don't even know if it's him or not!" Sunset shouted.

"What did I do?!" Rover cried out.

"You're the one who scared Rainbow Dash in the woods last night, weren't you!" Shining continued tormenting him.

"What? What are you talking about? I was asleep in my tent!" Rover said to him.

"He' right, he was in the tent with us." Fido said.

"Yeah, he was sleeping in the sleeping bag," Spot spoke, "He was a heavy sleeper last night."

"So if he claims that he isn't the Headless Horseman, then that leaves one but last suspect." Pinkie said.

"Wait, you think I'm the Headless Horseman?" Rover asked, before pushing Shining back, "Are you crazy? I'm just here to film my winning prize!"

"You mean MY winning prize." Comet corrected him.

"Not now, Comet!" Applejack flicked him on the head.

"Anyway, whatever you clowns are doing, I gotta go film my movie." Rover said, as the three went outside taking the camera with them.

"I still think they're the ones who did it." Shining said.

"You and me both." Sunset agreed.

Spike hummed, thinking of something what they said.

"What is it, Spike?" Pipsqueak asked. noticing him hummed loudly.

"I also think that Rover did it," Spike said, "Because since they're here to film a movie, they would be part of this."

"I told you," Shining said.

"But what Fido said about Rover was the true though," Spike continued, "We all know Fido isn't the brightest in his group which means that he can't keep secrets to himself."

"But what about Benjamin? Isn't he a suspect too?" Sunset asked.

"That's also possible. He did showed up randomly in your guy's group."

"So what do we do then?" Applejack asked.

"I think I know the solution to this problem." Pinkie said, while blowing bubbles out of her toy smoke pipe.

Pinkie and Spike went over to the tents. They entered one tent where The Diamond Dogs were sleeping. Spike entered the tent and searched inside. Pinkie stood outside seeing if the Diamond Dogs would come back. Spike came out of the tent with a mannequins head and a short black wig.

"Eww! What is that?" Pinkie asked.

"It's a wig and a fake head," Spike answered, "This wig looks like Rover's hair though."

"So Rover must be doing this himself then?" Pinkie guessed.

"We're not sure yet, we still have Benjamin as our suspect," Spike said, "Get the guys, we're going after Benjamin tonight."

So they waited till 6:00 p.m, till the sun went down. When it did, they were ready to head out on the road. They were wearing coats with their favorite colors. They packed their equipment along the way. Comet was packing his camera along the way for movie footage.

"Why are we going out at night, Spike?" Sunset asked.

"Well, in case we ran into this fake horseman, we'll get the jump on him," Spike explained, "Then we'll see who's behind all this."

"I'm sorry, Spike, but this is stupid," Applejack said, "We aren't allowed to go out at night."

"Yeah, what if we get in trouble?" Shining asked.

"Then we'll make sure we do this quick," Spike said, "Right now we need to find out who scared Rainbow Dash last night."

Spike went on ahead leading the group. Soon everyone else followed him. The stars shine bright down on them. The trees grew over them every time they walk down the path. The moon was full, enough for them to see out in the dark without flashlights. It took them almost an hour for them to reach the wooden bridge. Applejack went across the bridge making everyone gasp.

"Are you crazy?" Comet cried, "That's someone else's property!"

"Don't worry, the folks around here are nice." Applejack said, as she continued walking across the bridge.

They all crossed the bridge exploring the other side of the land. Comet took out his camera recording what's happening around them. The owls hooted in the trees. The branches looks as if they were reaching to grab their hairs.

"Comet, why are you recording at a time like this?" Pipsqueak asked, as Comet filmed him.

"I have a new idea for my movie; a documentary," Comet said.

"A what?"

"Ever watch Paranormal Activity? Grave Encounters? Some horror movies are based on documentary on tape. And I'll be sharing this film with the audience and they'll flip shit."

"Doesn't everyone die by those movies?"

"Rainbow Dash was okay when she first encountered the horseman."

"Hate to ruin your film, but can we get serious here?" Shining asked.

"Actually, this is perfect, Shining Armor," Comet said, "You could be that one guy that's always aggressive to others, just to spice the drama up a bit."

"Comet, I don't-"

They suddenly heard twig snapped somewhere in the woods. The gang took out their flashlights searching the place. Comet flipped the camera around continued filming. He adjusted the camera flipping the lights on. He looked around him. So far all he saw was his friends looking around with their flashlights. Comet slowly turned around and saw a face right up the camera lenses. Comet yelled in horror falling back. The camera stopped when he dropped it on the ground.

"Benjamin?" Sunset cried out.

"Hey, guys." he waved calmly.

"What are you doing out here in the middle of the night?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Shouldn't I be asking you the same question?" he asked back at her.

"We're looking who's the Headless Horseman is," Pinkie said, while holding the flashlight above him like a lamp shining on him, "And we think it might be you who's responsible for last night."

"I was just enjoy my evening walk." he answered.

"Kind of late for an evening walk, wouldn't you say?" Sunset asked suspiciously.

"Look, you all look like you're finding someone, so I'll tag along," Benjamin said, "And if you still think I'm the Headless Horseman, go ahead and blame me. Otherwise, I won't be in trouble."

Benjamin joined the group and continued their search for the Headless Horseman. The night grew darker and scarier for our gang. Fog suddenly showed up. Not much but still scared of what's in the fog. Comet continued filming with his camera of what's happening right now. Spike walked up to Rainbow Dash asking her a question.

"Rainbow Dash, you have a sec?" Spike said to her.

"Sure, little dude, what's up?" Dash offered her answer.

"You said you saw the Headless Horseman, right?"


"What did he looked like?" Spike looked around shivering.

"Not much to say," she answered, "He had a black cape around his collar, heavy boots."

"Did he carried an axe with him?" Spike continued asking.

"No, he didn't. Spike, why are you asking me questions?" Dash asked him now.

"I've been thinking," Spike put some thought into it, "First you saw the horse and then the horseman. Wouldn't the horseman be on his horse in the first place?"

"Spike, you know how ridiculous this sounds."

"I know. Thought I put clues in."

"Shh! everyone quiet." Applejack said shushing everybody.

They stood quiet listening what Applejack heard. Nothing. They heard only the still silence.

"I hear nothing." Pipsqueak spoke.

"That's just it though." Applejack said quietly.

They kept quiet, still hearing nothing. They finally heard hard thump across the path. They all stared down the road as the noise grew louder. The fog was blocking the view ahead of them. Then a Hysterical laugh came out of nowhere. The Headless Horseman riding his horse came out of the fog pushing away the mist. He was carrying an axe in his hand charging straight at the group.

"It's the Headless Horseman!" Pinkie screamed making a run for it.

The whole group had the same idea. The horseman laughed as he swings his axe around crazy. Comet ran as he kept filming. He kept turning around trying to film the horseman. He accidently tripped over himself by his own leg with one turn. He dropped the camera and continued running. The horseman stops his horse. He tries to calm the horse down as he got off of it. He walked coming after them with his axe in his hand. The gang continued to run screaming.

"Do you believe me now?!" Dash screamed at Applejack.

"And me for being a prime suspect?!" Benjamin shouted at her as well.

"Oh, put a lid on it, Rainbow Dash!" Applejack shouted back at her, "And I'm not the one who thought you were a prime suspect, Benjamin!"

"Hey! Where're the others?" Shining yelled.

They stopped running looking for the other group. Spike, Pipsqueak, Comet, Pinkie, nor Sunset was to be found anywhere. The other half ran in the different running for their lives. They stopped to take a breather, hoping the horseman wasn't close from where they're at.

"Is he gone?" Sunset asked.

"I hope so." Spike said.

"But we're in his land! Meaning we're in his property!" Comet cried out.

"And that would only mean that he'll be coming at us and collect our heads." Pinkie squealed.

"No one is getting their heads chopped." Sunset said, calming her down.

"She's right, we all need to take a break for a minute and start looking for the others," Pipsqueak said, while leaning against a tree. An axe flew hitting the tree ringing almost slicing his face open, "Why wait when we can look for them now."

Pipsqueak made a run for it along with the others. The horseman walked faster going after them. He took his axe off the tree with one tug. As they kept running, Spike stopped Comet as they get left behind.

"Why are we stopping, Spike?!" Comet cried out.

"I have an idea." Spike said grabbing his hand and ran into the woods.

The others kept on running away. Sunset tripped over a rock and hits the ground hard without the others noticing. Sunset moaned in pain as she turned over onto her back. She saw the horseman coming at her dragging his axe on the ground. Sunset crawled back as she stared at him frantically, unable to look away. The horseman lifted his axe and heaved it over his head ready to strike her.

"NOW!" Spike cried out.

He and Comet released a branch they were holding on the tree. The branch swings at the horseman making a loud whip. The horseman flew back onto the ground. The two high five each other for victory. The group walked up to the horseman hearing him moaning.

"Wait a minute," Pinkie said.

She leans down removing the clothes off of him. She unbutton the shirt and saw Rover's head. He wore stilts and two wooden blocks on his shoulders.

"Rover!" they all cried out.

"I knew it!" Pinkie said.

"Why were you scaring us in the first place, Rover?" Pipsqueak asked.

"It was for the film, pee-brain." Rover answered getting up brushing the dirt off of him.

"So you're the one who scared Rainbow Dash last night," Spike said.

"That's right, and it was good too." Rover said.

"So if you're here, where's your buddies?" Comet asked.

"Actually, I figure that out myself," Spike said explaining, "I and Pinkie found a mannequin head and a wig that looks exactly like Rover hair."

"In other words he planned this himself making his friends believe he was in the tent with them." Pinkie added to the conclusion.

"But why did he try to kill me?" Sunset asked.

"It was special effects," Rover spoke, "I wanted to see if you peed your pants or something."

Rover got punched across the face by Sunset.

"You cruel bastard!" Sunset shouted.

Soon the other group showed up seeing who it was.

"Rover?" Rainbow Dash spoke.

"He's the Headless Horseman?" Applejack asked

"Called it!" Shining said knowing it was him.

"So he's been chasing us the whole time?" Benjamin asked.

"Yes, and it seems this case is closed." Spike said.

"That didn't took long." Pinkie said all sad inside.

"And a good thing too," Applejack said, "Now we can head back to camp before our folks find out we were gone."

"Oh, it's late for that, honey," a harsh old voice spoke behind Applejack.

Her face froze in fear. Her jaws dropped and eyes widen. She slowly turned around to see Granny Smith, Mr. Dash, and Cadence with aggressive faces. Applejack screamed seeing her granny along with the others.

"Granny Smith! I can explain!" Applejack said. Before she could say anything, Granny Smith tugged her ear painfully.

"Don't have to explain anythin' after ya ran out of into woods like that!" Granny Smith said angrily.

"I thought something bad happened to you, I was worried sick!" Mr. Dash said hugging his daughter.

"I'm fine, dad, really." Dash said.

"Good, cause you are grounded till school starts," Mr. Dash said getting mad.

"But, dad!" Dash cried out.

"No buts, were heading home tomorrow," Mr. Dash continued, "And once we get there, you won't be watching TV. That's your punishment."

"But I'll die if I don't watch TV!" Dash cried out tears.

"You'll manage." Mr. Dash ignored her.

"Spike, what were you thinking?" Cadence asked.

"I was helping out a friend, and shouldn't you get onto your boyfriend for coming with us?" Spike said.

"Dammit, Spike!" Shining cried out.

"Doesn't matter whose fault it was," Cadence said grabbing their ears, "Twilight will handle you, Spike, I'll have to handle my boyfriend for allowing you to go out in the woods."

"I was with Spike the whole time, Cadence, come on!" Shining cried out.

"Please, don't tell Twilight, she'll think of a way getting me grounded!" Spike cried out begging.

The others watch them getting into deep trouble. They yell and argued as they headed back to the cabin. Pipsqueak chuckled a bit entertained by the looks of things. He looks at his friends and gave him the stare. He stopped laughing and went back being serious. Later they walked back to the cabin still in trouble.

"You younglings shouldn't be out here filming a silly horror movie." Granny Smith said still angry at them.

"Granny Smith, for the last time, I wasn't part of this, Rover is the one who should be in trouble." Applejack pleaded.

"Hey, that's… Well, actually I got nothing to blame," Rover said grinning, "Besides, I filmed my horror movie, and Comet will lose that prize of his."

"You made me drop my camera out in the woods!" Comet yelled at him.

"Will you two stop fighting! We're enough trouble as it is," Sunset said.

Mr. Dash looked at Benjamin giving him a dirty look, "Benjamin, I don't want to know why you were part of this mess, but your parents will do something to you once we get a hold of them," he said.

"Don't call my parents! They'll fry me up good!" Benjamin said pleading.

"Hope they don't make you raw in the future then."

Cadence was still getting onto Spike and Shining Armor, "I still can't believe you two would go out at night like this," Cadence said.

"I had to solve the mystery, Rainbow Dash is my friend." Spike said.

"I don't want to hear another word out of you, young man," Cadence said to him. She then looked at Shining Armor, "And you! Why did you let a ten year old go out in the middle of the night? It's way past his bedtime."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know we were his parents all of a sudden." Shining talked back to her.

"That's Twilight's job, and I won't forget the time you forgot me the day at the carnival." Cadence continued.

"There was a mishap!" Shining said, remembering the day he went to World of Fun without her.

"How long till we reach to the cabin?" Pinkie asked.

"Actually, we should've been there by now." Granny Smith said.

"What? What do you mean we should've been there by now?" Sunset asked.

"Breaburn said that there was a shortcut to the cabin." Mr. Dash scratched his head.

"Don't tell me we're lost, Dad." Dash said.

"Breaburn said there was a giant boulder by the path." Cadence said.

"Like that one over there?" Pipsqueak pointed to a boulder up ahead of them.

There was a boulder next to the path. The road cut around the corner of it.

"Is that it?" Granny Smith asked.

"I don't know, let me take a look at it." Mr. Dash said walking ahead.

He walked over to the boulder and cut around the corner. The gang waited for him to come back or holler at them. So far nothing has happen yet. They took another minute to wait on him. Again nothing.

"Dad?" Dash hollered for him.

No response.

"You think he's okay?" Rover asked Benjamin.

"I'm not sure," he answered.

"I'll go have a look, see if he's okay," Cadence said.

"Be careful," Shining said to her.

Cadence walked down the path heading to the boulder. She walked around it where Mr. Dash went to. When she disappeared behind the rock, the wind grew loud. Again they waited. Again nothing.

"Cadence, you found Mr. Dash?" Applejack hollered.

No response.

"You two better stop foolin' around, ya hear!" Granny Smith marched right over to the boulder, "This is no time for game. Especially at a time like this."

She went around the rock. The gang waited on her and was gone too with them.

"Granny Smith!" Applejack shouted.

Spike, Comet, and Pipsqueak rushed over to the boulder seeing what happened. They peeked around the rock and saw but an empty road. Neither Mr. Dash or Cadence or Granny Smith was found anywhere.

"We're all disappearing one by one!" Pipsqueak shook Spike on the shoulders panicking.

The gang all rushed where the disappearance was at.

"This is the fun house all over again!" Pinkie cried out.

"Everybody, calm down! I'm sure there's an explanation to this situation," Applejack spoke trying to calm the group down.

"You don't think it's the Headless Horseman, do you?" Dash asked.

"But we proved that the Headless Horseman doesn't exist." Comet said.

"Are we next?" Sunset started to panic.

"No one is going anywhere!" Shining said.

The group argued over the situation of what's happening. Soon Spike stood up to the plate and shouted at them.

"Hey. Hey! HEY!" he shouted getting everyone's attention, "Here's what we're going to do: We're going into the woods. Maybe they thought there was another path in it."

"Screw you man! I'm heading down this path!" Rover said stomping down the path.

"Where do you think you're going?" Shining asked.

"Anywhere but here! I'm getting out of this land!" Rover said walking down the path.

Suddenly he fell through the ground creating a big hole. The gang heard his cry as he fell and rushed over to him. They saw him lying on his back moaning in pain.

"Rover! You okay?" Spike asked.

"No! I broke my camera!" Rover said holding his broken camera.

"Well, think of it this way… Now we're even." Comet grinned.

"I would beat you up, but not right now," Rover said getting up. He notice he fell into a tunnel system, "I'm in a tunnel!" There was plank of woods built into the dirt wall. Rover saw a light behind him, "Hang on! I think I found a way for you guys to enter here!" Rover said running to the light.

The gang wondered where he went to. Suddenly he called out to them into the woods waving. They walked over to see that it was a mine tunnel.

"What on earth did you stumbled on?" Applejack asked.

"I think it's a mine where they collect gold and silver." Rover said.

"You think they went down there?" Sunset asked.

"Where else would they've gone to?" Pipsqueak replied.

"Only one way to find out!" Pinkie charged into the mine, "Let's see where this tunnel leads to!"

They took out their flashlights and began walking through the tunnel. The tunnel was dark ahead. They stumbled over pickaxes and mining helmets, mostly rocks. Sunset and Pipsqueak were not amused but the look of his place.

"I hate being in tunnels, it's dark and creepy." Sunset said.

"Yeah, and what's worse is I'm claustrophobic." Pipsqueak said.

"But once we get to the end of this tunnel, we'll be fine if we stick together." Sunset said.

"BOO!" Comet cried out behind him scaring them.

He laughed out loud couldn't help himself. He received a punched on the shoulder from Pipsqueak.

"Come on, Comet, don't do that!" Pipsqueak shouted.

"You could've killed us or something!" Sunset shouted with him.

"Guys, we have to be quiet," Shining said to them, "I don't know how long this mine was, but I know that this place will come down if we don't be quiet."

Dash began to get curious why Benjamin haven't said a word since he entered the tunnels, "Hey, Spike, is Benjamin acting strange to you?" she asked Spike.

"I notice he doesn't talk much, but everyone knows that for sure." Spike said.

"No, I'm just saying that he's walking a bit too fast."

"Look, I'll ask if he's okay or not, alright," Spike said, as he began calling out to him, "Hey, Benjamin, you okay? Rainbow Dash wanted to know that if-"

Benjamin turned around glaring at the two with glowing red eyes. Spike and Rainbow Dash stared into his eyes in fear. He turned back around walking again. Spike rubbed his eyes thinking he imagined it. Pinkie saw the whole thing too.

"Please tell you saw that too." Spike said to Pinkie.

"Benjamin's eyes glowing bright blood red?... no." Pinkie answered.

"Let's keep it that way." Dash said, as the other two agreed with her.

They continued walking down the path. They finally reached to a room with tables and equipment, "What is this place?" Shining asked.

"What is that?" Rover pointed over to a table with three Skeletons sitting in it.

They all screamed seeing their first dead skeleton. Also thought it was their leaders, "What are you kids yellin' about?" Granny Smith asked.

The gang looked over to the right side of the room seeing her, Mr. Dash, and Cadence playing cards. They all ran over to them relief to see them. All except Benjamin. His eyes started to glow white.

"We thought you guys were gone." Dash hugged her dad.

"Well, Mr. Dash got curious about the mine we ran after him." Cadence said.

"It doesn't matter, everyone is safe, and we can go back now," Applejack said. As soon as she said that, Pinkie made a mess creating noises. Applejack sighed without turning around, "Well, most of us are safe, and I guess we can wait awhile."

Spike and Pipsqueak went over to the equipment. They put on mining helmets and carried pickaxes.

"Hey, Spike, who am I?" Pipsqueak held the pickax over his shoulder and started whistling the song Heigh Ho.

Spike laughed and joined in. Sunset got onto them.

"This is no time for playing around," Sunset said taking the pickaxes away from Spike and Pipsqueak, "We have to get out of here. Besides, these tools are too dangerous for you two to use."

"Relax, Sunset Shimmers," Pipsqueak said taking the pickax back, "There is nothing in this room that could be possibly dangerous."

He swings the pickax on the wall mining. With one good strike, the wall crumbled down revealing a hidden room.

"Well that's convenient." Pipsqueak said throwing the pickax away.

He and Spike entered the secret room. All they found was a small box. Spike opened the box and saw old items.

"Wow! Guys, come look at this!" Spike yelled to them.

They all come to see items made in the 1700's. There was jewelry but all rusted. And a journal buried in the jewelry. Benjamin however, smiled as he slid back into the tunnel and into the darkness. Spike went through the journal and read the first page he opened.

"It's talking about Sleepy Hollow. How peculiar." Spike said.

"What does it say?" Comet asked.

"All it says really is the history of the town," Spike said scanning the page, "Now we know the town is real… so is the serial killer!"

"He's real?" Cadence asked.

"Yeah, and the story Breaburn told us was true, he literally cut off the victims head off," Spike turned the page and saw a sketch of a person, "Hey isn't that…"

"That looks a lot like…" Applejack hold her breath.

"…Benjamin?" Shining finally spoke.

They all looked at each other than screamed. They ran out of the room leaving the journal behind. They froze for a moment thinking about Benjamin.

"Wasn't he with you guys?" Cadence asked.

They looked around the room looking for him. He was nowhere to be seen.

"He's gone!" Dash said.

"Now that we know, the curse has been lifted." Pinkie said.

"K, I don't want to become a believer just yet, I'm getting out of here." Applejack said walking out of the room.

"Right behind you, honey." Granny Smith followed. Soon, the others as well.

They all returned to the main path heading back home. It was still night out and none of them were tired after what happen sine they enter the woods. Suddenly they heard a horse in the distance. They gasp seeing the Blackhorse run by them. They were about to scream till the owner came by.

"Get back here, Thunderbolt! Ya crazy ass horse!" the owner in farmer clothes ran by waving his fist in the air.

The gang all sigh saving their scream. They continued walking till they finally made it back to the cabin. The others waited for them and was worried and angry at the same time. Later as the sun rose, the gang was ready to head back home. They packed their things and put it in their cars.

"I'm a little disappointed that our date is over now." Sunset said to Spike.

"Don't worry, Sunset Shimmers, as long as we're together we can still have fun as friends." Spike said.

"Aww, Spike, you're so sweet." Sunset said patting his head.

Rarity and Twilight grew red of jealousy. As for Comet and Rover they talked for a while.

"Sorry about your camera, Rover." Comet said.

"I kinda deserved though," Rover admitted, "And I'm sorry for making you lose your camera."

"That's okay, maybe we weren't meant to win the prize money." Comet said.

"It would be nice though." Rover said.

"Hey, why don't you come over to Spike's place?" Comet said, "We can see who won the movie and watch it tonight."

"Why would I do that?"

"I don't know… It's not easy for me to say, but everyone needs a friend now and then," Comet said, "That and Fluttershy is looking this way."

"Let's hug it out pretending that we care for each other." Rover whispered in his ear.

They braced a hug from one another. Fluttershy walked over to them smiling.

"I'm glad you two are getting along," she said, "Make sure you two keep it up."

Both of them put a thumbs up. When she walked away, they pushed away from each other acting like nothing happened. Applejack and Rainbow Dash was talking to Breaburn before they left.

"So the whole story you told us was just a fake?" Dash asked him.

"And the Headless Horseman didn't actually exist?" Applejack added.

"Yep. All a fairytale," Breaburn said, "Applejack, Rainbow Dash, thanks for comin' to camp."

"Yeah, after we fell through a mine last night, I have enough of camping this week." Dash said.

"Mine? What mine? Sleepy Hollow didn't had a mine." Breaburn said.

"But we stumbled upon it." Applejack said.

"That mine didn't belong to Sleepy Hollow, it belong to the workers that owned another town or somethin'."

He walked off leaving the two confused. They were about to say something but didn't bothered to. Later they went home and Spike and his friends spend the night together in the living room in their pajamas about to watch the winning horror film – including The Diamond Dogs. It was already nighttime and the room was dark, only the TV lighten up the place.

"Thanks again inviting us here." Fido said to them.

"Hey, it wasn't my call for you three to come into my house." Twilight said looking at Spike.

"Wasn't my call either." Spike points over to Comet and Rover writing their ideas for their next horror movie.

"So what you think about vampires?" Rover said chewing on his pencil.

"I don't know, after seeing the movie Twilight, vampires are starting to get lame," Comet said, "I was thinking of a zombie movie."

"A zombie movie about zombies not dying?"

"I don't get it."

"What I'm saying is what if they can't die at all. One shot of the brain and they still roam around killing people."

"Now you're thinking."

Comet and Rover wrote down ideas. Fluttershy was happy for them.

"Does this mean that you three are our friends now?" Rarity asked.

"No!" The Diamond Dogs all said.

Cadence and Shining Armor was sitting on the couch together ling down.

"Promise me you won't do this again for a movie." Cadence said to him.

"I promise." Shining said.

"Everybody, the movie is starting!" Pinkie said.

The TV showed the horror movie. But it showed the gang at the cabin in camp. Spike and the gang eyes widen confused.

'Isn't that us?" Pipsqueak asked.

"It couldn't be," Applejack said.

"Comet, I thought you said you lost the camera." Sunset said.

"I did." Comet said.

It shows that Rainbow Dash was spooked by the horse and heard a hysterical laugh.

"It's the same video we saw yesterday." Pinkie said.

It shows them running in the woods being chased by Rover in his Headless Horseman outfit. After that, Comet dropped the camera and it buzzed out.

"You don't think someone picked it up, don't you?" Twilight asked.

"Who would-"

Suddenly, Benjamin showed up in the screen in the mine tunnels. It shows him holding his head in his arms headless. They all gasps seeing him right in front of them.

"May you never return to my home land so help you God!" he said in the screen.

The TV blacked out and went on to commercial break. The gang looked at each other and screamed out loud that the neighbors could hear.

I know Halloween is over with, but hey it's okay. At least I gave you the special chapter I promised you. So thank you and keep reading my stories.