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Bad News · 12:21am Last Thursday

Dear viewers,

I have some bad news. I’m diabetic! I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic on Monday. I'm going to try exercising more and cutting back on my usual snacking. Any support you may give will be highly appreciated.

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Oh, ok, but i least the others yes or maybe???

Well, there’s the hypocrisy of the Mane 6. They enjoy embarrassing gossip about others, but, they only start disliking it when they’re being gossiped about. Not only that, but, said gossip came from a newspaper for a school they don’t even go to. Plus, Twilight, who’s supposed to be the most levelheaded of the Mane 6, childishly put up a force field around the library, ignoring the fact that someone BESIDES the CMC would come. Plus, not a single one of them thought to ask the CMC for their side of the story (being blackmailed into posting more gossip). There’s also Rainbow making it rain on the CMC, which is just cruel. I mean, seriously, the Mane 6 have defeated Nightmare Moon and Discord at that point, yet, they start acting like foals over a school newspaper?!

I’m not adapting Ponyville Confidential.

  • Viewing 55 - 59 of 59
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