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Me just being me, havin' fun, livin' life. The usual.


Y’know what’s sad? · 1:23pm Apr 21st, 2019

Having plenty of SpongeBob X MLP images on imgur and the image attachments on blogs fail to link the image properly. Ah well I’ll just link the posts directly. I just find attaching images to be faster. And cleaner.


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I wonder where you are right about now.

When are you going to complete the Portal story? It is long overdue for new a chapter.

Hmm. You have a somewhat point. I won't force you to. But if you want, you can just add me and 5 others as your first friends on Discord. :) Plus, just incase you have another Crossover idea besides your current SpongeBob & MLP one, we're all game to know what it is. Even if some of us my not like it. ;)

In the end, we're all friends. As long as they don't go to far on you like yelling at you just cause they don't like the idea you're doing for a new Crossover. Me? Depending on what it is, I'm neutral of whatever it is. As long as it's easy to understand and to not annoy me due to not understanding it.

Get what I'm saying? If you still don't agree to it, I may understand. Again, I won't force you to make yourself a Discord account.

I don't see a point personally. Not many are active on this site and I highly doubt anyone's gonna join my server just to keep an eye on me to see if my SpongeBob crossover is still alive. xD

Damn it, I wish you did. That way, you, me, and a few others can chat with you and even check up on you to see if you´re alive or not. :) :D

Especially after your long On Hiatus statues you made back in 2014, no disrespect. Can you at least make one so we ALL can know if you´re alive or now? I´m not making demands, I´m just throwing it out there for you.

  • Viewing 38 - 42 of 42
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