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Coming back · 11:20pm Oct 16th, 2017

I suppose I really need to give this place another try.

First of all everyone who has stuck around for me, I am really sorry for being so inactive here. I've really had alot of ups and downs with both the furry and brony fandom as of late with things I'd really rather not get into as such, but lets just say that there has been tensions on and offline that has made me wonder in all honesty why I am bothering being part of either at this point.

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Hi, nice story.

Excuse me why did you Delete This day should have been just perfect?, it need to be rewrite.

I was hoping to see the downfall of the mane five, Shining Armor, Celestia. Not to mention the death of Twilight Sparkle.

Thank you for the favorite on Broken Armor. I greatly appreciate it.

But I am not so certain now I want to continue it

I just realised the rules say if you want to take over another story the original author has ask the admin to send it to the taking over author so I had to delete my version just in case

Just to clarify to youtube

  • Viewing 2 - 6 of 6
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