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Covid-19 and a change of pace. · 7:00pm Apr 24th, 2020

Hey everyone! I apologize for the late chapter, despite the hard times we live in as of this moment my workplace rides on! That being said I wanted to tell you guys that my next chapter is finished and editing is underway. Now, I'm gonna head this off at the pass and say the chapter is not long. Not long enough to justify the wait and I plead on my knees for forgiveness but given the situation life gets so far ahead of me that long chapters are taking longer and longer to produce.

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Sorry, I hate dead stories.

Hey, when’s the next update?

Happy new year Matrix7o6, haven’t see you since September 2018.

I know you still doing Final Fantasy Twilight Elysium, but I need know when the next chapter going to be arrived?.

Okay, I understand.

I can see that Princess Celestia really messed this up in the chapter of Final Fantasy Twilight Elysium.

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