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Dark Matter 101

My job and dream is to make people happy the best I can. I want to tell stories that make you readers laugh, sad, and emotional. If you readers are happy then I'm happy.


Join Spike and his friends on his last treasured moments as we look back to the past. He is now Sophomore boy who has one last year with Twilight and her friends. New friends, villains, and a new girl that Spike falls in love with. He has to make this year count in order to have the best life he can ever ask for.

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Excellent chapter, and wonderful way to start it. I can't wait to see who it really is older Spike was paying his respects to. And I will be paying close attention to the hints and such to help me figure it out.

Good chapter. I can only imagine how embarrassing it can be to lose out to a machine against something you're really good at.

Oh this is so perfect! I'm glad to see you took my idea. Now I eagerly await to see what else is in store for Spike and everyone else.

so... it's the 'King of the Hill' Episode of the same name... ok...

That was an awesome chapter. And nice to see the chapter focused on Pipsqueak this time around.

A great chapter. It's sad that the girls left Spike alone for the Summer. But with a conspiracy behind the scenes of the school he'll need to get them back and crack this case.

i was hopeing for a harem end oh well so the grils no longer have crush on spike and the way your taking is starting to make the fic sad

well that was sad maybe cus spike is so smart send him to collage with the girls so it wont end so sad and it well be a happy ending pl some genuis kids go to collage at his age and spikes in high school now cus right now it is really sad and i no it wont happen but pl harem end on The Ending Life of Spike: Book 4 or at least let him get one of the mane 6 when he is older at the end of the life of spike book 4 cus they all had a crush on him that year

You did a spectacular job once again.

So we got some uncovered secrets about Discord and Sombra's past. But I sure hope the girls can rescue Spike and Discord.

Wonderful job. Now let's see everyone fight for their school once again.

Great Series it was one of the best ones I've ever read

You did an awesome job. I commend you on a successful series. :moustache:

I have an idea of the person he was paying his respects to.... but I shall not say. Great chapter by the way. Also:

That's for having a chance with me becoming your boyfriend. I'll see you tomorrow."

She's a boy now?:rainbowhuh:

Comet went up to Pipsqueak and Comet seeing what was happening.


"Pfft!" both Comet and Comet said.


"A computer and their chess playing computer will be visiting our school to play the chess championship with our little student Spike."


Knight Light almost forgot her feeling real bad.

Mr. Dash dances as Might Light slaps his forehead moaning.

Who are these guys?:rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild:

Funny chapter. Also, its banned, not band

Loved it, just loved it. Keep doing stuff like this 'cause this is a great storym.memegen.com/0t2hd8.jpg

Thanks for being awesome. You are a great author, and i hope to see more of your works out there.

For the awesome series, have not 1, but 15 moustaches:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

The part with the submarine had me dying :rainbowlaugh:

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