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This story is a sequel to MLP Adventures: Vacation With The Princesses

Starswirl the Bearded's journal is by far the most sought after item in Equestrian history. For centuries, pony after pony have failed to find it's location.....until now. After translating a map written by Starswirl himself, Spike and Blueblood make plans to seek out this journal. Twilight finds out and decides to go with them, although Blueblood is reluctant.

Little do they know, they're not the only ones on this trip.

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Ai ai, so sylly bandits. They don't know what will happen to them XD

How close will this story be tied to its prequel? Can it be read as a standalone?

It takes place a month after. Chapter 8 of the previous story sets up this one.

Impressive, I enjoy this story....keep going.


YEAH!!!! Ive been waiting for this :pinkiehappy: Thanks for finishing it :) can't wait for the next story in the adventure, also looking forward to seeing whats gonna happen with Spike, know its not really about shipping but I'd love some Sparty hahaha :twilightsmile: Thanks again


Dude, thank you so much. Vol. 1 is one of my favorite stories, not only on this site, but for the fandom, and I honestly thought you had abandoned this story entirely, which bummed me out. Buuuuuut, you didn't, so THANK YOOOOUUUUUU!!!!!

That being said, is there gonna be a Vol. 3??

I enjoyed the story, and honestly, I'm on Blueblood's side, for the most part. Don't judge me. But the way Twilight has acted/acts kinda seals the deal.

I'd like to do a Vol. 3, someday, but not right now; too many stories i'm writing right now.

Nice Disney Atlantis reference there.

Wonder if there is going to be a sequel there?

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