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An aspiring writer who will only write/read MLP stories staring Spike and Twilight.


Spike has a nightmare. He grows into a monstrous dragon, destroys Ponyville, and burns Twilight to a crisp. Convinced he has to leave Ponyville before this dream can become reality, he secretly boards a train bound for the Griffonstone Station and resolves to live the rest of his life away from the ponies he has come to know and love. As night falls, Princess Luna must visit his dreams and persuade Spike that he needs to go back for the sake of his friends, himself, and all of Equestria. How far must she go to convince him?

This is a fairly dark fanfic is inspired by a short MLP comic titled Fear for the Future by Batlover800 and Charles Dickens' timeless story A Christmas Carol (although this story has little to do with Christmas I'm afraid). This was another idea I had buzzing around in my head that I just wanted to share. Hopefully, I can get it written before other tasks overtake my life.

Link to the comic: http://batlover800.deviantart.com/art/fear-for-the-future-389293223

Now rated T due to some dark themes.
No longer classified as Slice of Life due to stakes.
Now classified as alternate universe due to future dystopia.

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Spike is my favorite was well for pretty much the same reason, also the underdog factor.

This is a nicely written story, but there's a glaring plot hole:

During the search, did no one think to check the train station or ask any of its workers? If they went to the station, they could've easily found out that Spike was heading to Griffonstone and have someone intercept him at one of the stops. Similarly, since the conductor was also on the train, someone could've brought Spike up when the train made its many stops.

Given how thorough the search was, it seems odd that they never bothered checking the train station.

7069183 Trust me, I know this story has glaring plot holes. Why did nobody think to check the train? Why didn't Nightmare Moon remember sending Spike to the future as Luna? I didn't think everything through before I wrote this, and it kind of shows. Nonetheless, I still loved writing this piece for all the emotional turmoils and growths the characters go through, and I'm glad you've enjoyed it too. :twilightsmile:

7069332 even with some plot holes it's still a great story my only problem is couldn't Luna have told him What happens if he did leave instead of risking his life by sending him to the future but. even so I still liked it :pinkiehappy:

7108567 Thanks. Plot holes are what happen when I don't make an outline and a plan. I'm glad you could still enjoy the story even with these plot holes.

7108583 Well to be honest I didn't even notice any of the plot holes like the whole not searching the train I just thought the train had already left by the time they relised spike was gone

7108600 It had left. I meant that it was kind of a plot hole that nobody thought to check any of the trains for him.

I love the story!!
(ps. out of curiosity but what is spike's daughter's name?)

7274510 Thank you! I think typically she is named Claire but I'm honestly not certain.

This is by far one of my favourite stories on this site! :pinkiehappy:
I remember being so absorbed in story and-......don't even get me started on the feels. :fluttercry:

Lots of feels.
You did a great job and I hope to see more from you in he future, maybe you could even write a sequel.

7692801 Thanks so much! This was one of my earlier pieces and I remember it with fondness. I'm glad you liked it.:pinkiehappy:

I always find it funny how starkly different Twilight raising Spike is in canon than fanon. Fanon almost always portrays it as a pretty loving and caring relationship where Twilight nurtured Spike from birth like a mother. In canon, Twilight actually hated Spike at first, calling him a nuisance, blaming him for all of her academic disasters, complaining about him nightly, essentially forcing him to never leave her sight and claimed that he made her a worse pony, a bad student and a bad daughter. It got so bad to the point where Spike started dressing up like Twilights stuffed animals so he could get her affection and attention! Of course it wasn't all bad. No matter how badly Twilight treated him, Spike still cared a lot for her and tried to cheer her up when he made her upset (this was before he could even speak).

Eventually Twilight came around and came to recognize him as a friend and member of her family as she raised him at the school. If you're wondering, this happens in Issue 40 of the main comic series and the comic ends with two really cute scenes between Twilight and Spike, this scene with a baby Spike and young Twilight playing is just the cutest thing!

Honestly, I prefer the fanon interpretation, but I guess the canon version makes more sense for her characterization and shows how much Spike changed Twilight for the better. Really liking this story so far, so good work. Spike is my favorite character too, for the reasons you put in the Authors Note in Chapter 1, and because I just really relate to the guy. Growing up, I was raised by a primarily feminine household and most of my friends were girls, so I can relate to the plight of "not being masculine" enough while embracing more feminine personality traits.

8441038 Yeah, everyone in my immediate family were girls. Even our pets!:rainbowlaugh:But I genuinely love Spike for so many reasons. His character got me into writing and helped me find my purpose in life when I was going through hard times. I owe a lot to him.

I have read the cannon comic about the two of them, and I suppose getting frustrated could fit with Twilight's character before she went to Ponyville, but I genuinely prefer to think of their relationship as a loving one. Maybe not perfect all the time, but at the end of the day, they'll always stand together. Thanks for reading.:twilightsmile:

another great story.....I'm starting to get mad XD
there has to be at least ONE bad fic man! lol
also I was half expecting spike to be like
"Ok ill forgive you on one condition"
his dream that night as just knight spike surrounded by hot mares.
idk why that popped into my head lol.

8723714 I'm sure I've written a few less than stellar stories. :rainbowlaugh: But thanks for the compliment!

Spike is my favorite character from the show. This is for a number of reasons, such as his being a baby dragon (I like dragons) and the message (that at least I see) he demonstrates about masculinity: being a guy doesn't mean you have to be brawny and muscular, and it's alright to embrace your more feminine traits. I say all this now because if you don't personally like him, I understand, and my writings probably aren't for you.

A Spike fan after my own heart :moustache::pinkiesmile:

I..... don’t think that’s true can you give evidence

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