• Published 27th May 2015
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MLP Adventures: Vacation With The Princesses - Dante24

Princess Celestia and Luna invites Spike along on their vacation to Vanhoover.

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Chapter 2

Spike awoke to witness the sun rising and quickly jumped out of bed and ran downstairs where his bag was. Yesterday when he got home, he quickly got to work and started packing up for his trip. He went through his bag and did a double check to see if he had everything he needed. Everything was there, all he needed to do now was wait for the princesses to show up, which didn’t take long since there was a knock at the door moments later. He opened it and was greeted by one of the pegasus guards. “Master Spike, the princesses await.”

Spike wasted no time, he grabbed his bag and ran out to the chariot where both Celestia and Luna were waiting. “Time to go.” said Celestia with a smile while levitating him into the chariot. The guards quickly took flight pulling the chariot with them into the air. The group flew in silence for a while until Spike spoke up. “So...where is it that we’re going?”

“We have a small wooden cabin that’s on the outskirts of Vanhoover, not too deep into the woods.” Luna explained. “It’s a few minutes from the beach and a few minutes from the city it’s self. We shall be there for a whole week.”

“But how will you...?” Spike started but Celestia cut him off. “We can raise the sun and the moon from pretty much anywhere in Equestria, so no need to worry.” Spike started to wonder what the wooden cabin would look like. If he had to make a guess it would probably be about the same size as the golden oaks library, maybe a little bit bigger. “I wonder what’s the first thing we’re going to do after we get there?” he thought. “I’ve never been to Vanhoover before, maybe we can go explore the city. I wonder if it’s as big as Manehatten?” Celestia couldn’t help but giggle at Spike’s restlessness...but to be honest she was getting a little restless too. After all, this was going to be her first vacation in eons and she plans on enjoying every second of it.

Morning turned to afternoon, and the group finally made it to their destination. Spike was frozen where he stood when he saw the wooden cabin for the first time. It stood about ten stories tall and about two and a half miles wide. “This is a small cabin?” he thought. In front, there was a dirt pathway that leads deep into the forest. The trees that were all around seem to barricade the cabin, as if it were hiding it so that no one would be able to find it and break in. Inside was much more impressive, it felt as if it was even bigger in than out. “This isn’t a cabin, it’s a castle.” Spike thought. Unlike his home, or any other home he’s been to, this one seems to have a carpet floor rather than the hard wooden ones he been use to. The carpet floor cuts off right before entering the kitchen area which was, MOTHER OF CELESTIA, enormous. You could fit an entire house in it. Spike continued to explore more of the cabin as the pegasus guards finished bringing the rest of their stuff. “That’s the last of them, is there anything else needed to be done, Princess?”

“No thank you.” Celestia answered. “That will be all.”

“Yes Princess.” said the guard. “We shall see you in a week’s time. Enjoy your vacation.” And with that the two guards left taking the chariot with them. Celestia walked over towards the fire place where there were a couple of giant soft bean bags. Using her magic, she took off all of her jewelry, pushed the bean bags together and collapsed on top of them, sighing happily that for the first time in eons, she could finally relax and not have to worry about all troubles that comes with ruling a kingdom. Princess Luna went up stairs looking for Spike who was still exploring the place. “Spike, where are you?” she asked and received no answer. She began walking down the hallway opening up every door, looking in to see if Spike was there. She came across the final door at the end of the hallway which lead into the bathroom and it was there she found Spike. He was just standing there frozen stiff trying to take in the sheer size of the place. The bathtub was basically a giant in ground pool. “There you are.” said Luna. “Come, we must start unpacking now. There will be plenty of time to explore the cabin later.”

“Uh, yeah sure.” he said as he followed her out the bathroom. Downstairs, the pair noticed that Celestia was fast asleep next to the fire place. Not wanting to disturb her, Spike quietly gathered his things and prepared to follow Luna to his room. Luna on the other hand, had other ideas. A devious smile formed on her face as she went to her bags and pulled out a container of whip cream and a feather. Spike looked on as Luna slowly made her way towards Celestia, poured the cream on her hoof and began to tickle her nose with the feather. As you can imagine, Celestia wound up with whip cream on her face as she tried to wipe away what ever it was that was tickling her nose. Both Spike and Luna could barely contain their snickering as Celestia was getting her face covered. Luna finally stopped with it became too much. She quickly grabbed her stuff and brought Spike upstairs where she knew that Celestia couldn’t hear them laughing up a storm. When they finally calmed down, Luna brought Spike to his room. Spike was amazed, not only at the size of the room but at the size of the bed. “Whoa, is all this for me?” he asked. “Even the bed?”

“Of course Spike.” Luna answered confused. “Don’t you have a room of your own in Ponyville?”

“Not Really.” Spike explained. “I share a room with Twilight, and by bed is no where near as big as this. It’s...quite small actually.”

“How small?” Luna asked almost afraid of the question.

“It’s...a dog bed.” Spike answered in a low voice.

“A dog bed?” Luna asked, shocked and disturbed. “Doesn’t Twilight have an extra bed for you?”

“Well..we had an extra one about a year ago.” He explained. “But it got destroyed when a tree somehow crashed through the bedroom window.”

Luna looked at the dragon with wide eyes, stunned at to what she just heard. This young dragon sleeps in a dog bed. A DOG BED! You might as well say he sleeps on the floor. Luna began to remember that yesterday Celestia sat with her and told her all the things Spike said to her. About how he was basically being mistreated by his 'friends’. Taking all that into account along with what Spike had just told her, Luna came to the conclusion that this poor dragon was probably seen as nothing more than a third class citizen by the pony who hatched him, the pony who is the only family he has. It broke her heart to see that he was being treated the way he was, and it reminded her of what it was like when she was ignored one thousand years ago by the ponies she was supposed to protect. She doubt that Spike would go insane and try to destroy everything like she tried to, but she still worried about what it would lead to if this continues on. Already, for whatever reason, Spike seems to somehow block her from interacting with him in his dreams. Something that seemed impossible until now. Well in any case, Luna hoped that this vacation will show Spike that even if Twilight and the others don’t appreciate him, he should at least know that the royal pony sisters do.

Luna walked over to Spike, put a hoof around him and pulled him into a hug. “When we’re done getting settled in, we’ll go either into the city or the beach or where ever you want.” she said in a soft caring voice. “This isn’t just mine and my sister’s vacation, but yours too.” Spike was going to hug her back but stopped when he hear screaming.


Spike looked at Luna. “She sounds mad, what now?"

“Out the window.” Luna used her magic to levitate Spike onto her back, opened up the bedroom window that led towards the beach and flew out just as Celestia ran into the room with whip cream still on her face. “GET BACK HERE!” she yelled as she flew after them. Spike and luna burst out in laughter as they were being chased after a raging Celestia.


That evening as Celestia was slowly lowering the sun, Spike had just finished unpacking the last of his stuff in his room. He still couldn’t believe that he was here, on vacation with the royal pony sisters. This was that kind of once in a lifetime thing that ponies with die for. Unable to stay in his room for long, Spike started to continue where he left off and explore the rest of the cabin. His room was located up stairs on the eastern side so he traveled to the western side. When he got there, the first thing he saw were two very large double doors. He opened it up and what was revealed to him was astonishing. It was a library the size of Canterlot. Walking in, Spike wandered what if Twilight saw this place and then two thoughts popped in his mind. One was Twilight walking in and catching a massive nose bleed for seeing this many books all at one. The other was Twilight being so overwhelmed that she caught a massive heart attack and had to be rolled out on a stretcher. Both thoughts made Spike chuckle a bit. Walking even further he saw a purple book that caught his attention. Picking it up he saw that title.

Spectra, the Dragon Empress.

Thinking it would probably be a good read, Spike decided to take it with him. Not wanting to go any further into the library, mostly out of fear of getting lost, Spike turned around and started to walk out but then something else caught his attention. It appeared to be a hidden doorway that was not so hidden mounted against the wall. He opened it up and saw what appeared to be a slide. “I wonder where this leads.” he said as he climbed in. “Well, only one way to find out.” And with that, Spike slid down what was basically a trap door slide. He was quickly picking up speed as he hit every twist and turn, yelling in pure excitement, not wanting this ride to end. But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Spike reached the end of the slide and noticed a doorway that was on the side of him. He opened it up and found himself inside the kitchen where he saw Celestia and Luna were standing there smiling at him. “Well, it would seem that you found one of the trap door slides.” said Celestia.

“You mean, there’s more?” Spike asked sounding even more excited
Celestia nodded. “They’re all over the cabin, but you’ll have to find them first.” she said with a wink. And so the first activity of their vacation had begun, with Spike searching along with the sisters for the rest of trap door slides. Each one was just as fast and exciting as the last.