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MLP Adventures: Vacation With The Princesses - Dante24

Princess Celestia and Luna invites Spike along on their vacation to Vanhoover.

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Chapter 4

Two days had passed since the incident at the amusement park. Spike spent those two days either in bed recovering from his foot injury, in the library reading up on Spectra, the dragon empress, or in the kitchen surprising Celestia and Luna with his natural cooking skills. The two sisters had to agree that Spike’s cooking was even better than that of the royal chefs back home. That night, Luna once again entered Spike’s dream and discovered that Spike was no longer surrounded by the nightmare aura, though it’s presents still lingered somewhere. Luna went up to Spike and pulled him into a strong hug leaving him a bit confused as to why she would just randomly do that.

But this moment didn’t last long.

“SPIKE, HEY SPIKE!” yelled a familiar voice. Both Spike and Luna turned to see Twilight slowly approaching them. At that moment, a dark aura slowly started to surround Spike’s body and push Luna away. She yelled Spike’s name but he didn’t hear her. He couldn’t hear or see her anymore. Luna ran full speed at Spike but the aura knocked her away several feet. Quickly flying up into the air Luna tried once again to reach Spike. This time she was knocked away so hard she was kicked out of his dream. Before she exited she heard a dark erie voice speaking to her.

“Spike belongs to me!”


Luna awoke with a scream catching the attention of Celestia who was walking by getting ready to raise the sun. She bust open the door to Luna’s room with a scared look in her face. “Luna, what is it?!”

Luna quickly jumped out of bed and ran past her sister. “It’s Spike!” Both sisters ran down the hallway to Spike’s room and bust open the door. What they saw horrified them.

“SPIKE!” yelled Luna.

“Oh heavens, no.” Celestia said as she brought her hoof over her mouth.

Spike was just sitting there in his bed with the nightmare aura surrounding his body. His eyes were glowing bright red and he had a devilous smile on his face looking right at them. Celestia and Luna didn’t move from where they were, mostly out of fear that Spike would attack them if they did. Luckily, that didn’t happen because the nightmare aura slowly disappeared and his eyes went back to normal. Spike closed his eyes, fell backwards and went back to sleep. Both sisters slowly approached Spike’s bedside. “It’s even worse than I thought.” Luna said quietly.

“W-what happened?” Celestia asked still a bit shaken up.

“I...I entered Spike’s dream; there was no sign of the nightmare aura. Everything was normal...but then....an image of Twilight Sparkle appeared, then the aura reappeared and I was kicked out.”

“An image of Twilight?”

“It’s the same thing I went through. It won’t be long until Spike’s anger towards Twilight and her friends turns into hatred, and when that happens......”

“No.” Celestia said sternly as she gently laid her head on Spike’s. “That won’t happen. Spike will not fall to the darkness.”

“The only ones who can make this right is Twilight and the others....but....well.....you saw what happened when Spike saw Twilight in his dream. What do you think will happen when he sees her in person?”

Celestia said nothing as she continued resting her head on top of Spike.


Later that morning after raising the sun, Celestia left for the city to witness the court arraignment of Fixer Upper. She told Luna and Spike to meet her in the city within two hours; by then the arraignment should be over and the three of them could go on and do what they had planned. Spike’s foot healed up a bit, but still stung every now and then; but that wasn’t going to stop him from enjoying the rest of their vacation.

Spike had just finished up explaining the Power Ponies to Luna, and just like with any adult who shows interest in what a child is in to, Luna didn’t understand anything that Spike was telling her. All she did was just smile and nod. “Just what in the world is this little Dragon exposed to?” she asked herself as she tried to comprehend what was just told to her.

Luna looked over at the clock and rolled out of bed. “It’s almost time to meet up with her. Ready to go?” she said with a smile.

Spike nodded and was soon levitated on to Luna’s back.

Luna and Spike landed in front of the courthouse and waited for Celestia to come out.

A few moments later the doors opened up and ponies began walking out. Out of nowhere reporters raced up to the doors and began taking pictures and asking questions as Fixer Upper walked out with a police escort; hiding his face with a hood as he pushed through the crowd. Seconds later Celestia walked out of the building. She went around the reporters as their attention was still focused on Fixer.

“Sister, what happened?” asked Luna.

“He pled guilty and was sentenced to 15 years.” she answered angrily. “He should have gotten life.”

The fact that he only got 15 years made Celestia angry, but what made her even more angry was that Spike got hurt among the chaos.

“So where are we going this time?” Spike asked as they began leaving the courthouse.

“To the aquarium.” Luna answered. “If we hurry, we could be one of the first ones inside, and I don’t wanna miss it.”

“Miss what?” asked Spike.

“I heard that some marine ponies found a large ancient sea creature that could very well be the last of it’s kind. So they brought it here in order to keep it safe from poachers.”

“Wow, I wonder what it is?” Spike asked.

The group quickly caught a cab and began making their way to the aquarium. Along the way, they noticed and large group of ponies with signs marching. Ahead of them was an orange unicorn with a light orange colored mane and tail yelling something through a megaphone she had levitated in front of her. Not wanting to get mixed in what ever was going on, the cabbie turned down a nearby street in order to get away from the crowd.

It took a few minutes longer that usual, but they finally made it. The giant size building was white with paintings of fishes and other sea animals all over it. Most of the paintings were done by little fillies and colts in order to show that not only was this a place of education but also a place of fun. The princesses and Spike went in and were greeted by a giant statue of a weird looking fish. It was hard to tell what type of species it was. It’s round body was orange with black markings over it. It’s white fins and tail had black spots over them and on it’s forehead; there was a horn that looked similar to that of a unicorn’s horn. Whatever it was, it was weird looking.

They followed a group of ponies down a blue hallway, or what appeared to be one. This hallway was actually a glass tunnel that was under a giant tank of water. While walking through it the ponies marveled at all of the deep sea creatures they could see. It was as if they were actually walking through the ocean floor. The trip through the tunnel came to an end and they all found themselves and a large area that housed hundreds, maybe thousands of fish tanks that were built into the wall. Each tank had a couple of headphones attached next to it so that the young ponies could hear a recording about the fishes they were watching.

“Attention everypony! Please head to the auditorium for a Special event”

After the announcement over the intercom all the ponies headed towards the auditorium. Taking their seats, the ponies were facing a gigantic curtain. Behind it was obviously a tank, but what was in the tank was a mystery. At the moment, an aqua blue mare with light a light yellow mane and tale walked up to the podium.

“Hello there everypony.” she announced. “My name is Aqua Shine. We here at the Aqua Aquarium have dedicated our lives to learning about the various oceans and the creatures that live in it. So that we may educate the next generation of ponies who are interested in marine biology. We also find creatures who are on the endangered list and bring them here with the hopes of saving them, and that’s why I’ve called you all here. Behind me is a creature of the deep thought to have gone extinct millions of years ago, but we may have just found the last one still alive in this planet. A creature said to be the an unstoppable killing machine of it’s time. Mares and gentlecolts, I give you.....The Megalodon!”

Aqua Shine pulled down the curtain and revealed what was a 59ft 80ton shark. The mere sight of this beast was more that enough to scare all the fillies and colts half to death; most of them clung to their parents refusing to even look at the shark for one second more. Luna and Spike were no exception to this as they both clung to Celestia screaming in terror as the beast swam up to the glass.

Celestia just sat there, unimpressed. “I’ve seen bigger.”

“Is it g-gonna b-b-break t-through the glass?” Spike asked.

“No Spike.” Celestia said in a soft tone as she draped her wing around him. “I don’t think they would have brought him here if they couldn’t hold him.”

Celestia understood Spike’s fear. He was a child looking at one of the most deadliest creatures to ever live in the ocean. What she didn’t understand was Luna’s fear and had to raise an eyebrow. After all, she was the one who wanted to come here. “Oh my stars, it’s gonna break through.” Luna said pancaking .

“No it won’t Luna. Honestly I don’t see how you’re afraid of it?”

“Well I don’t see how you’re not, sister. Look at it.”

Aqua Shine stepped back up to the podium and was about to deliver and explanation on how the found and captured the Megalodon when suddenly it bumped into the glass sending the already scared and panicking ponies into a frenzy. Grabbing their young, the screaming ponies all ran out of the auditorium and through the hallways in a massive stampede creating a small earthquake that threaten to crack that glass walls and release the thousands upon thousands of gallons of water. The only ones left in the auditorium were Celestia, Luna and Spike; who were surrounded in a magical bubble that Celestia conjured up preventing the three of them from getting trampled by the ponies as they were running away.

“Well, that was fun.” Celestia said as she dismissed with bubble.

Luna quickly levitated Spike onto her back. “Lets get out of here before that beast breaks through.”

Celestia groaned as she followed her sister. “Luna, it’s not going to break through. It just bumped it.”

“Sister, Spike and I are not taking any chances.”

“I can’t believe how much of a scaredy-pony you’re being.” Luna just ignored that last comment as she began making her way out of the auditorium. The group made their way out side where they ran into the rest of the ponies who were exhausted from all the running they did. After a while some started to leave while the rest stayed. Celestia, Luna, and Spike were among the ones who left.

“So where should we go this time?” Spike asked.

“As long as it’s away from that giant shark, I’m fine.” Luna answered.

Celestia just sighed. “Honestly.”

“Well let’s see.” Spike started. “I wanted to go to the amusement park and Princess Luna wanted to go to the aquarium...so, I guess that means it’s your turn to choose.”

Celestia thought for a moment. “Well, there is this movie I wanted to see for a while now.”

“Perfect.” Luna said. “Then that’s where we’re going.”


Spike, Celestia, and Luna took their seats at the side balcony on the left side of the room with Spike sitting in between them. Celestia had an annoyed look on her face, due the fact that the snacks at the concession stand were stupid expensive. Granted she was a princess so the prices were nothing to her... but still.

The lights in the auditorium dim down and the movie began. The movie was apparently a love story between two earth ponies. It took a while for Spike to get into it seeing as how it got off to a slow start, but after the 30 minute mark the story started picking up.

But maybe it picked a bit too much.

At a certain point in the movie the couple kissed. Nothing too bad, but Celestia and Luna noticed that the kiss was getting little too passionate to the point that both sisters started blushing. It wasn’t until the couple on screen fell on the bed that Luna quickly noticed something.


Luna quickly looked over at Spike who staring at the screen intently, trying to figure out what were they doing or about to do. Luna’s eyes widen and she let out a loud gasp which caused Celestia to look over to her sister. She saw Luna staring at Spike, then looked up at the screen then quickly turned her head right at Spike with her eyes extremely wide. She too let out a loud gasp then both blushing sisters basically tackled Spike to the ground covering his ears and shielding his eyes from the scene that was going on.


Three hours later the movie ended. With tears streaming down her face Celestia lowered the sun a bit to signal that it was evening time. The two sisters along with many other mares leaving the theater were crying due to how the movie ended. Spike however was just left confused and unamused.

“That...was...stupid.” he said catching the attention of the sisters.

“What was?” asked Luna.

“That ending.” he answered. “Jack-O- Lantern’s death, it could’ve been avoided. He didn’t have to die like that.”

“Jack’s death couldn’t have been avoided.” Celestia jumped in. “There was no way he could have gotten out of the icy water.”

“Yeah, there was.” Spike said with a little frustrated tone. “Rosemary could have done one of two things. Either scoot over and let Jack on the debris or STAY ON THE FREAKING LIFE BOAT!”

Spike’s yelling caught the attention of the other ponies around them though he paid them no mind. “Why did she have to get off?”

“Because she didn’t think it was right that she gets rescued and he doesn’t.” Celestia said.

“Princess, he was the one who put her on the life boat in the first place, he told her that he would find a way to be with her again, that he will survive this. Instead of staying where she was, she jumps back on to a sinking ship. WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT?!”

“Because Spike, Rosemary would rather die along side Jack if it meant she could be with him.”

“Yet, Jack dies and she lives, ironic isn’t it?”

“Spike you’re too young to understand.”

“What I understand is, Jack would have had a better chance of survival had Rose simply stayed in the life boat and let him figure out a way to float on his own or at the very least make room for him on the debris so that he could be out of the icy water and they both live. ROSE KILLED JACK!”

The argument between Spike and Celestia went on for a few minutes until Luna stopped them. Mostly because the ponies around them were starting to join in. Luna got Spike and Celestia away from the crowd but that didn’t stop the argument.

“Okay, Princess just answer me one thing.” Spike said. “What was the point of Rosemary throwing the necklace overboard?” Celestia was dead silent. For all she did defending the movie, she couldn’t come up with a reasonable explanation for why Rosemary threw the necklace overboard.

“I thought so.”


That night Celestia awoke to some kind of rumbling noise. At first she thought it was thunder and went back to sleep but then the rumbling noise got louder causing her to sit up. “That does not sound like thunder.” she thought as she walked out of her room. She walked down the hallway and ran into Luna.

“Sister, you heard it too?” Luna asked.

“Yes, what is it?”

“I’m not sure but....”

The next sound they heard wasn’t rumbling but an explosion. An explosion that came from Spike’s room. The two sister quickly ran to check in on the young dragon and was shocked to find that he wasn’t there. The room itself was ransacked with the bed completely destroyed, massive holes in the walls, the dresser ripped in two, and the window wide open. Luna quickly ran to the window and saw Spike floating high in the sky with the nightmare aura surrounding his body. “SISTER!” she yelled.

Celestia ran over and saw Spike also. She yelled Spike’s name and flew up after him with Luna right behind her. Spike turned to face them with an evil grin on his face. He stuck his hand out and fired a dark magical blast at them. The two sisters managed to dodge the attack but Spike quickly fired another one. Celestia fired a blast of her own in order to counter Spike’s attack.

The two magical beems hit causing a bright white explosion that temporally blinded Spike just long enough for Luna to grab him from behind.

“Spike please, come back to us.” she begged.

Spike just laughed. “You want Spike to come back, come back to what?” he said in a dark eire voice. Spike broke free from Luna’s grasp, grabbed her and with all of his might threw her towards Celestia. The two sisters collided in the air and plummeted to the ground. Spike landed next to the injured pair and began to gather a dark magical energy into his hand. The ball of energy quickly began to grow and expand. Before the two sisters realized it, they were both engulfed along with Spike.

Inside the ball, Celestia and Luna began seeing images of Spike’s life. “What is all this?” asked Luna.

“What you are looking at are all the memories of this young dragon. From all the way when he was an infant to most recently. The good ones and the bad.” he explained. With a snap of his fingers, all of Spike memories began to surround them.

The two Princess saw Spike sitting in a room all by himself holding a box and waiting for Twilight. Next to him was a cake he made with the words “Happy birthday Twilight” written on it. He sat there all night but she or the others never came back till late the next day where they reveled that they were in Canterlot celebrating Twilight’s birthday with Rarity causing Spike to drop the present he made for her.

The next image they saw was Spike once again in the library when Twilight came bursting in. She set the books on the table and told Spike to look after the library while she goes help Pinkie Pie with something. Hours went on by and she hadn’t return; Spike went out to see of she was alright and ran into Mr. and Mrs. Cake who told him that Twilight and the others went off to the National Dessert Competition leaving Spike shocked and sadden that once again Twilight and the others left him alone and didn’t even invite him. And there were many more. The Grand Galloping Gala, The Flyers Competition in Cloudsdale, The Equestria Game Tryout, meeting Pinkie Pie’s sister, Rainbow Dash’s birthday party, Spike wasn’t there. He was just left alone. He had no other friends. They were even showed all the things Spike would do for Rarity. All the times he degraded himself just to get her to noticed him. Celestia looked on as she saw her most “faithful” student and her friends treating Spike as if he was just a servant to them. Someone to just have around and do stuff for them and then give nothing in return. It brought a couple tears to her eyes while Luna was getting angrier by the second.

“Sad isn;t it?” Spike said.

“Who or what are you?” asked Celestia.

“ Who or what am I indeed.” he said. “You see I have no name or a physical appearance. I am just a being...a being made up of dark magic. I’ve been around for centuries wandering aimlessly throughout this land never being seen or heard, that is until I come across somepony who harbors strong negative energy. Then I enter their body and gain a physical form, then in return they can use all my powers to their hearts content.”

“And boy oh boy, does this dragon have lots of negative energy...mostly towards Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends...and soon you too Celestia.”

“What are you talking about?”

He snapped his fingers again and one final image came up.

Celestia was laying down by the fireplace writing something in a scroll when suddenly a baby started crying. Celestia smiled, got up and went to the crib of the crying baby. Using her magic, she gently levitated the baby out of the crib and into her embrace. Softly humming a song the baby stopped crying. “There, there Spike, it’s okay.” she said.

Celestia brought Spike over to where she was, next to the fireplace. She laid him down on the soft pillow and Spike began reaching up trying to grab Celestia and then he Spoke his first word that shocked Celestia to her core.


The image disappeared and Celestia was left with tears running down her cheek.

“A dragon egg you found that was soon hatched by your student, and then raised by you only for you to give him up to a life of slavery and mistreatment. This poor dragon never had a chance around you ponies.” Spike said with disgust. “I doubt that he even remembers calling you his mom, not that you acted like one to begin with.”

“P-Please.” Celestia begged softly. “G-give him back.”

“Why should I?”

“H-he’s just a child.”

“A child that was used by his so called “FRIENDS” and abandoned by his so called “MOTHER”.” Spike snapped his fingers for the last time and the energy ball they were in disappeared around them. “And now that he’s becoming a threat you want him back? I don’t think so.”

“Sister!” Luna yelled as she saw Spike gather energy in his hand. Suddenly, before anything else could happen, the power that was in Spike’s hand disappeared and he fell to his knees. “I guess tonight’s your lucky night.” he said as his powers began to fade. “It appears that I don’t have full control of this dragon yet. Apparently, he still believes that you ponies still care about him in some way shape or form but we all know that isn’t true. It won’t be long till he realizes that belief is a lie and when that happens......” Spike suddenly began laughing evilly; loud and hard until the nightmare aura that was surrounding his body completely vanished and the little dragon fell to the ground sound asleep.

“SPIKE!” yelled Celestia as she ran to Spike and picked him up and held him tight crying. Luna was so angry that she stomped her hoof on the ground so hard it cracked under her. She was so angry that her eyes took the shape of her counterpart, Nightmare Moon, for a couple seconds before turning back to normal.

“Spike.” Celestia whispered into his ear still crying. “I-I-I’m s-so sorry. P-please forgive me.”

“Come sister, we must head back.” Luna said softly as she placed a hoof over her sister. Celestia silently nodded and the small group slowly began to make it back to the cabin.

Author's Note:

Sorry for taking so long to update. Life was kicking my ass for the past few months. :applecry: