• Published 27th May 2015
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MLP Adventures: Vacation With The Princesses - Dante24

Princess Celestia and Luna invites Spike along on their vacation to Vanhoover.

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Chapter 5

It was late in the day, Spike was out in the backyard setting up a target map to a tree. He was about to get some practice done with his bow and arrows. About a year ago Spike suddenly got a fascination with archery. He managed to craft his own custom bow, arrows, and target map and when he had a little time to himself, he’d go out a get a few shots off.

Inside the cabin, Luna was watching Spike as he began practicing. She was impressed with how his shots always hit the bullseye each time he fired. After Spike hit the bullseye with his last arrow, he went to retrieve all 25 arrows and start again. At this point, Luna walked outside. “Impressive Spike.” she said catching his attention.

“You think so?” he asked.

Luna nodded. “Mind if I watch?” she asked.

“Sure.” Spike answered as he prepared to go another round. Spike began firing his arrows one by one hitting the bullseye over and over, and seeing as how Luna was watching him he decided to show off a bit. Spike pulled three arrows this time instead of one and fired. All three hit the bullseye at the same time.

“W-wow Spike.” Luna said very impressed. “How long have you been doing this?”

“Um, about a year now.” he said. “It’s a hobby.”

“It seems that you have yet another natural talent.”

“Think so?”

Luna nodded, “Spike, have you ever considered competing in the Equestria Games?”

That question caught Spike off guard. “N-not really, no.”

“Well then, how would you like to be the first dragon ever to do so?”

“I...w-what? B-but the Ponyville tryouts are already over.”

“That may be true, but the Canterlot tryouts begins next week. Why don’t you think about it for a while and let me know later okay.” Luna left after Spike nodded. Spike just stood there pondering what was just asked of him. “Me competing in the Equestria Games.....on the Canterlot team?” he thought. On the one hand it would make since seeing as how he’s originally from Canterlot, but on the other hand it would seem weird competing against Ponyville. As these thoughts were running through Spike’s mind, he suddenly a weird scent caught his nose. It was the same scent he’d been smelling all day, but this time it was stronger. He had no idea what it was but it smelled like some kind of food and the scent made him hungry. He dropped everything and wandered around the house and towards the forest.

Spike stopped midway in and looked behind him. “Maybe I shouldn’t.” he said. “But that smell.” Against his better judgment, Spike continued to follow the intoxicating smell, but not before grabbing a nearby stick and making small patterns so that he could find his way out.


Inside her room, Celestia laid in her bed with tears streaming down her face. The events of last night still playing in her head.

“A dragon egg you found that was soon hatched by your student, and then raised by you only for you to give him up to a life of slavery and mistreatment. This poor dragon never had a chance around you ponies.”

“I doubt that he even remembers calling you his mom, not that you acted like one to begin with.”

“A child that was used by his so called “FRIENDS” and abandoned by his so called “MOTHER”.”

Those words that was said to her tore her heart to pieces as all the memories of Spike as a baby came rushing back to her. She hugged her pillow as tight as she could while burying her face in it and began sobbing. Outside in the hallway, Luna was wondering if it was right to just suddenly ask Spike to join the Canterlot team for the Equestria Games when she heard her sister crying as she passed up her bedroom. Luna quietly walked into the room and to her sister’s side. “Sister.” she said softly.

“Oh, Luna....I’m horrible.” she said.

“Sister.” Luna said in a soft tone.

“W-when Spike was just an egg, he was alone, and I took him with the hopes of hatching him.” she explained. “B-b-but it wasn’t to t-take care of him, it...it w-was s-so that I c-c-could l-l-learn more about d-d-dragons. I USED HIM FOR RESEARCH THEN THREW HIM AWAY WHEN I WAS DONE WITH HIM!”

Celestia began crying harder than she ever had before while Luna held her in her hooves; rocking her back and forth trying her best to calm Celestia down. “I’m a monster.” she whispered. “If Spike were to succumb to the darkness and strike me down....I wouldn’t blame.”

Luna held her sister tighter. “Sister, that’s enough.” she said sternly. “Yes, you made a huge mistake and you regret it deeply, but you shouldn’t say things like that. Remember, how I felt when I returned from becoming Nightmare Moon? I was so racked with guilt that I couldn't even look anypony in the face, so I decided that no matter what I will earn their love and trust again. That's why I enter their dreams and help them anyway I can. You'll have to do that for Spike.”

“H-how c-can I?”

“Be more active in Spike’s life, so some kind support for him, encourage him, ask him about his likes and dislikes, so interest in his hobbies.....be his mother.”

Celestia calmed down a bit, wiped the tears from her eyes and nodded. “I-I will.”

Luna smiled.


Spike made it out of the forest and back to the cabin dragging the object that gave off that intoxicating smell behind him. It was a burgundy colored pumpkin or at least that’s what Spike thought when he first ran into it. It was at least three times bigger than a normal pumpkin, though it did have the shape of one, and it didn’t really look like any kind of fruit or vegetable ether. One thing Spike knew for sure though, it smelled so good that you could eat it. Spike struggled a bit to get it through the front door but managed it somehow.

“Okay...now...to the...kitchen.” he said out of breath.

Spike got behind it and began pushing with all his might. He managed to get passed the staircase when Luna began walking down. “Spike, what are you doing?” she asked.

“T-trying t-to get t-this t-thing into the k-kitchen.” he struggled to say. Luna took a good look at what Spike was pushing and her eyes practically jumped out of her head. The next thing Spike knew, Luna’s face was super close to his.

“S-S-Spike, where did you get this?” she asked.

“It was in the forest.” he answered. “The smell was so good it made me hungry, maybe I can cook this up for dinner tonight.” Luna’s body began trembling at the mere sight of the pumpkin shaped object.

“S-S-Spike, d-do you know what that thing is?”

“No, what is it?”

Luna didn’t answer; instead she called Celestia via her canterlot voice causing the entire cabin to start shaking. Celestia came running down as fast as she could. “Luna, what on earth.....” She stopped mid sentence as Luna pointed to what Spike had just brought in. Her facial expression was the same as her sister’s.

“T-the Unknown!” she said.

“The what?” asked Spike.

“I-it’s the most rarest food to ever grow in Equestria.” Celestia explained. “It can be cooked in over 700 different ways and it’s said that the taste is so amazing everything else will taste like dirt compared to it. But what truly makes it rare is that it can grow pretty much anywhere, in any climate, but after it ripens you have about two days to find and prepare it or else it rots. I’ve seen pony after pony use up all their fortunes and go mad just trying to find it. Spike...how did you.....?”

“I caught a scent of something, followed it into the forest, and there it was.” Spike said. “I’m actually about to start cooking this up once I get into the kitchen.” Spike once again began to struggle pushing it. Celestia’s horn began to glow lifting it up. “Here, let me help.”

Once in the kitchen, Spike began to gather up all the tools he need to start cooking. “So why is called the Unknown?”

“3000 years ago, when it was first discovered, ponies had no idea what to call it. They didn’t even know what it was.” Celestia answered. “But the second they ate it, they wanted more of it.”

“So have you tried it before?”

Both sisters looked at each other then back at Spike. “Well no, we’ve only heard the stories from other ponies and seen pictures of it in books.” Said Luna. “This is actually going to be the first time we’ve eaten it.”

“Whoa, it REALLY must be rare of the princesses haven’t eaten it.” Spike thought as he grabbed a large knife. Spike managed to cut off a huge chunk of the food and the smell that emanated from it filled the entire kitchen that made all three of their stomachs growl with hunger. Spike shaved off the skin then began to cut it up in long rectangular shapes then placed a small ladder next to the stove. “Lets get started.”


Spike, Celestia , and Luna were in the dining room just finishing up the last of their drinks. The plates and bowls were empty and their stomachs full. Each of them were wearing a satisfied look on their faces. “N-never in my life have I eaten something so delicious.” said Celestia.

“Spike, you’ve really out done yourself.” said Luna. Spike grunted, too full to even speak.

The two princesses looked around table at all the dirty dishes. Their first thoughts were to clean up the table but they didn’t really want to get up at the moment. Mostly because they were still in the middle of enjoying the aftermath of their little feast. The group sat there for a little while longer until Luna noticed that Spike had his head down on the table fast asleep. His soft snoring brought a smile to their faces. Luna decided to being Spike to his room while Celestia brings the dirty dishes to the kitchen.


Late that night, Luna entered Spike’s dream. There was no sign of the nightmare aura, which was good, but Luna thought it would be best to stick around and keep an eye on Spike just in case. She watched from a distance as Spike was having an epic battle against King Sombra to save the Crystal Empire.

Outside of Spike’s dream, Celestia slowly and quietly walked into Spike’s room and to his bed side. She gently rubbed her hoof over his head as the events of last night once again replayed in her head. With a river of tears falling down her face, Celestia slowly climbed into bed and held Spike close to her. “Spike.” she whispered. “My little drake. I promise...I won’t fail you again...I will make this right....somehow.” Celestia gave Spike two small kisses, one on his forehead and another on his cheek, before resting her head on top of his and closing her eyes.

Author's Note:

The Unknown....really....that's the BEST I could come up with. I have no imagination whatsoever :facehoof: