• Published 27th May 2015
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MLP Adventures: Vacation With The Princesses - Dante24

Princess Celestia and Luna invites Spike along on their vacation to Vanhoover.

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Chapter 10

There was aloud explosion that rocked the kingdom of Canterlot; catching everypony’s attention. They all gathered in the streets wondering what was going on. Wasf it another invasion, or a magic experiment gone wrong, what could it be? Suddenly a pony’s yelling could be heard in the distance. It was low, but eventually got louder and louder until.


The pony crashed landed into a food cart. The citizens of Canterlot rushed to the pony’s side and saw that it was Princess Twilight Sparkle. “E-everypony.....r-run.” she said as she felt pain run through her body. Just then, Spike slowly landed next to the crowd. The dark aura that surrounded his body was darker than before.

“Yes, by all means, my little ponies.” he said in his dark eerie voice. “RUN!” The Canterlot citizens all ran for their lives as Spike stuck out his left hand and wrapped his dark aura around Twilight; picking her up and bringing her close to him. Spike smiled evilly as he threw Twilight into a few buildings hearing her screams. Twilight landed in an abandoned house, coughing as she struggled to get up on her hooves.

“T-this can’t be happening.” she said.

“Oh it is Twilight, it is.”

Twilight looked up and saw Spike standing right in front of her. “W-who are you? What have you done with Spike?”


Spike back handed Twilight so hard that she flew straight through the wall and outside in the streets. Twilight hit the ground hard and rolled a bit before coming to a complete stop. “Who knew this little dragon had so much negativity towards you.” Spike laughed. “I’ve never felt so powerful in my life.” Using his powers again, Spike picked up Twilight again for another attack.

“STOP THIS RIGHT NOW!” yelled a voice. Both Spike and Twilight looked up and saw Celestia flying right above them. Spike dropped Twilight and flew up into the air to meet with the princess.

“Hello mother dear.” he said. “Nice night isn’t it?”

“You’re not my son.” she said with disgust.

“And neither is this dragon you didn’t care about until I came along.” Spike backhanded Celestia so hard that she came plummeting down and crashed into a nearby food stand. She quickly shot back up into the sky back at Spike and fired a magical beam at him which caught with his bare claws and threw it right at Twilight who was still on the ground struggling to get to her hooves.

“TWILIGHT!” Celestia screamed.

Looking up, Twilight’s eyes widen as she saw the blast coming at her at a fast pace. She tried to move but was too hurt to. The blast would’ve hit her if not for a rainbow blur that came out of no where and grabbed Twilight out of the way with only seconds to spare. When the dust from the impact settled, Twilight saw the pony who saved her life. “R-Rainbow.”

“That demon’s gonna pay.” she said with anger boiling up inside. “NO PONY HURTS MY FRIENDS AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!”

Rainbow Dash charged up into the air at full speed, much to Celestia and Twilight’s protest. Spike smiled and flew down to meet her at the same speed. Just when it looked like it was going to be a head on collision, Spike shifted to the side in order to pass Rainbow Dash up so he could grab her by the tail, swing her around and around, and with all his might throw her into Celestia. The two fell back down to the streets with Spike landing a few feet away from them. “Flying head on towards an enemy without knowing weather or not they’re stronger than you.” Spike said with a cocky attitude. “I know you could be reckless at times, but that was just stupid.” Spike fired an magical blast of energy at the two. Seeing this, Celestia grabbed Rainbow Dash and held her close; shielding her from impact of the attack.

“RAINBOW! CELESTIA!” Twilight screamed as she watched the two get engulfed in the explosion.

“TWILIGHT!” yelled a voice. Looking behind her Twilight saw the rest of her friends and Princess Luna running onto the scene.

“EVERYPONY GET BACK!” Twilight yelled.

“Well well well, the gangs all here.” said Spike. “Now the fun can truly began.”

As Spike prepared an attack, Luna quickly took action and flew towards him at a fast pace; not giving him a chance to do anything. Luna grabbed Spike and flew up high into the air with him in hopes of at least getting him away from the kingdom. Spike broke free from Luna’s grasp, grabbed her by her mane, then threw her off into a random direction. Luna managed to stop mid flight and began charging her horn. She fired and powerful blast at Spike who was charging at her. To her shock, Spike caught the blast and threw it right back at her. Luna quickly dodged it but wound up leaving herself open to Spike’s oncoming attack. Spike tackled Luna, bringing her back down to the earth on her back with a loud boom, however Luna was unfazed by the attack and countered by kicking Spike up into the air while digging her right hoof deep into the ground and pulling up a huge chunk of the earth. At full Speed, Luna caught up with Spike and then with all her might, hit him with the chunk of earth shattering it across his face. The force of the impact sent Spike flying a good distance away from her. Spike managed to stop himself mid air and rocket back towards Luna at an unbelievable speed. Luna didn’t have time to react and was hammered into the ground before she knew what hit her. The impact was so forceful that it not only caused a mini earthquake, but it also made a large crater that Luna was now in the middle of.

Taking this chance, Spike powered up his right hand and fired a barrage of magical blasts at Luna; not even giving her time to recover.


Twilight and the others ran over to the wreckage where Celestia and Rainbow Dash were. Using her magic, Twilight raised the debris to find that Rainbow was okay, but Celestia was all bruised up. “T-Twi....light.” she managed to say.

“No princess, don’t say anything.” Twilight said. “You’re injured.”

“When I get my hooves on that monster.” Rainbow started.

“Rainbow, that monster is Spike.” Twilight explained.

“Did somepony say me name?”

All the ponies looked to to see Spike holding a battered and beaten Luna by the mane. Spike tossed Luna at them as if she was a rag doll. “Now what am I going to do with all of you? Oh I know, hows about I take you all to the frozen artic, put you all on top of a small block of ice, and LEAVE YOU THERE IN THE MIDDLE OF A FROZEN LAKE!” Spike unleashed a barrage of magical beams at the ponies causing them to run and take cover. Spike flew down, grabbed Applejack by the tail, and threw her into Fluttershy; knocking both ponies into a nearby wall.

“Spikey please stop this.” begged Rarity.

Spike was going to attack Rarity but was tackled from behind by Rainbow Dash. Spike turned around in her hooves, grabbed her head, then head butted her; forcing her to let him go. Spike then grabbed Rainbow by the wing and with all his might threw her back to the ground. Spike was once again was hit from behind by a giant ball of confetti. Looking in the direction it came from, Spike was hit with another ball of confetti in the face. The dark aura surrounding his boy burned it all away and Spike saw the perpetrator.

“Pinkie Pie.” he said.

“Spike please.” she begged as she prepared another attack. At full speed, Spike flew towards Pinkie and landed on top of her party cannon, completely destroying it. Spike power up is fist and was going to strike Pinkie when she was suddenly encased within a pink bubble that was cast by Twilight.

“Spike it’s us.” she said. “We’re your friends.”

“Friends?....FRIENDS!? DO YOU EVEN KNOW THE MEANING OF THE WORD!?” A huge wave of magical energy exploded from Spike’s body, sending shock waves throughout Canterlot and knocking away Twilight, Pinkie Pie, and any other pony who could have been nearby. When the shock wave ended, Spike was soon confronted by Celestia; who stood on wobbly legs.

“D-demon, let...him...go.” she demanded.

Spike just looked at Celestia. “Look at you, you’re pathetic. Trying to reach out to this dragon with your “love and friendship”. Well.......where was all that "love and friendship" when your “faithful student” left this dragon on a small block of ice in the middle of a still freezing lake? Where was all that "love and friendship" when this dragon was left all alone at the Grand Galloping Gala?!”

At that point, Spike slowly walked up to Celestia until he was inches from her face. “Where were YOU when this dragon needed a mother?” With all his might, Spike slapped Celestia; sending her into the air and flying through the stain glass window that depicted Spike holding the crystal heart. Celestia landed in the middle of the throne room and immediately was lifted up by Spike’s power as he entered the room and flew towards her. “S-Spike....I-I’m sorry.”

“You think saying sorry will save him? Don’t make me laugh.” Using his magic to hold Celestia in place, Spike repeatedly slapped her across her face as hard as he could; enjoying hearing her screams of pain.

“I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that if you had a chance to go back and prevent this from happening to you a second time, you would. Well I got some new for you, this is actually the third time somepony close to you has fallen to the darkness because of your “love and friendship”.

Celestia’s eyes widen as she heard this. Just what is he talking about? The only other time was when Luna became Nightmare Moon. So what could he be talking about? Before, anymore words could be spoken, Twilight teleported in along with Luna and fired a beam at Spike; breaking his hold on Celestia. The battered and bruised princess of the sun spread her wings in order to safely land on the floor. She looked up at Spike who slowly came down to the floor as well. There he was, surrounded by three of the princesses of Equestria and he couldn’t be happier.

“What do you mean this is the third time somepony close to me has fallen to the darkness?” Celestia asked.

Spike remained silent.

“Answer me!” she yelled.

“You didn’t care about him then, so why should you care now?” he answered then fired a blast of magical energy at her. Celesia leaped into the air dodging the attack but left herself open to another. As she looked up, she saw Spike coming down at her ready to hammer her to the ground but Luna flew in, grabbed him and threw him into Celestia’s throne; destroying it. Spike quickly recovered from the impact and flew back at Luna; grabbing her by the mane, swinging her around, then throwing her through the stain glass window the depicted Twilight’s ascension to the status of princess. A barrage of purple beams came flying out of no where, but Spike was fast enough to block all of them.

“Nice try, Sparkle.” he said and fired another blast at her. Twilight quickly teleported away as the blast impacted the floor. At that point, the royal guards came running in and prepared to fight, but Spike made quick work of all of them by lifting them all into the air and slamming them to the floor; knocking them all out. Seeing this chance, Celestia trapped Spike inside pink bubble freezing him. However that didn’t last long as he broke free from his cage seconds later; sending shockwaves throughout the room. In a flash, Spike wound up behind Celestia and hammered her into the floor; creating a small crater.

“CELESTIA!” Twilight yelled, and before she knew it, Spike was already next to her.

“You should worry more about yourself.” he said. Spike kicked Twilight in the face sending her flying off in one direction, then using his speed, he flew after her passing her up and then kicked her off in another direction. He did this about six more times until he finally punched her into a pile of rubble that was Celestia’s throne.

“I thought you ponies were stronger than this.” Spike said disappointed. “But that’s what happens when you rely too much on the Elements of Harmony to bail you out of every situation.”
Charging up his right hand, Spike prepared an attack at the now unconscious Twilight.

“W-wait.” said Celestia as she struggled to get up. “P-please d-don’t.”

Spike ignored her.

“I-I beg you....d-don’t” she pleaded.

“Wow, he was right about you.” he said. “You do care more about her, Cadence and your sister more than him. So much so that you even went so far as to make Twilight a princess just so that you and everypony else would forget that he’s even related to you.”

Celestia was confused. “What are you......”

“Goodbye, Twilight Sparkle.” he said coldly. Spike fired the final blast at Twilight’s unmoving body with Celestia screaming in terror. The impact was so great that he completely eradicated everything it that was in it’s path. That included the walls and everything that was outside. Spike looked at his handy work and smiled while Celestia broke down in tears.

“Don’t cry you’ll be joining her soon.” he said still looking at what he had done. As the dust settled down, Spike’s face went from satisfied to shock and disbelief with his eyes widening.


A white stallion was standing over Twilight with a blue barrier; shielding her from the attack.

“IT’S YOU!” Spike yelled.

Looking up, Celestia saw the stallion who saved her former student’s life.


Author's Note:

Que Wonder Woman's theme from BVS