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Well, I think you forgot about Stellar Flare, Queen Novo/Ocean Flow, Capt. Celaeno, Mrs. Shy, Windy Whistles, Twilight Velvet, Cloudy Quartz, Chiffon Swirl (Mrs. Cake), and Mrs. Peachbottom~

there are only so many hot women you can sleep within one night, he's not Santa Claus XD though saying that does give me the idea for a sequel. perhaps he will get to around them on Hearth's Warming~

mostly because of a pic I saw, wanted to expand on the idea a little

plus I wanted to mix a few characters in that are not really paired that much with Spike

also must I say it is an honor to have you comment on one of my stories, I don't get a lot of time to read your stories but some of my friends praise your work ^^

Like this so far. Will see how it goes.
Glad you are going for some of the underappreciated milfs, like Stormy Flare and Cookie Crumbles.

Will Celestia and luna be in the sequel, or here's an idea for a bonus chapter. celestia and luna "invite" spike over as well as the other mare's that you might have forgotten about for the remainder of nightmare night or for hart's warming as a nother sequel.

Ooh wait have celestia, smolder,and ember in the hearts and hooves sequel and if u want to u can add smolders other three friends (I don't know how to spell their names) as well.

And tempest if you want.

I'd say he should be glad he's a dragon and a relatively young one at that.

Also here's an idea for a funny bonus chapter after the sequels. Have spike come home to all the females that he has slept with and have all of them have a little surprise for him as well "wink" "wink" 😉😉

damn you are right, that could be in the Harths warming sequil but I feel like it would fit so good here... maybe he will find a need to visit her in a bonus chapter

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