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Incubus Spike strikes again.

What if he didn't care and have nonstop sex?

Wow, that is truly a sad existence for Spike. And for Celestia, knowing the one she loves can never love her back is hell for her.

You should really make like a short multi chapter series out of this, it's a good consept, gets good reviews and would probably be a lot more popular with more content to back up the overall plot. Plus in a story there's usually character development and a need for more situations then just the sex parts, this allows you to provide for a variation of readers likes. (not saying you have too, just think it would be fun to read) :trollestia:

Putting the sex aside the story sounds interesting you should make a small series and see where it goes from there


Wow, that is truly a sad existence for Spike.

If what he says is correct, not really. That comment really says more about you than about this particular Spike, you know? How you can't fathom a being that's incapable of loving another, and how sad it makes you feel... You pity him. Don't. For better or worse, that's what he is here.

For Celestia? Yes, that much is evident.

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