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ech why do you ppl always make potion names so obvious? think a little about it i dont know like " cupid tears" or " truthful rose" now how does that sound

I'm sorry, but no names will be changed in this story unless it is a spelling error. :coolphoto:

Does being honest makes them a perverted sex fiend?

is this still gonna be updated

Yes it is. Still need to add something to chapter 2 and finish chapter 3

Yay, a new chapter!

Like a perfect date.

THOT DETECTED! Cadance destroys!

That bitch is looney alright.


So Candance is not Spike's cousin ?

Would it be wrong of me if I wished that heather became rarity?

Heather was supposed to be Rarity but even I'm not that mean.

But for all we know they could be related.

*Standing up really fast* I KNEW IT!! *slips*falls*crashes* *gets up again*
Not that I am mean to Rarity, I use to be really shipped Sparity, but later on, I change to Spilight/Spiglimm.

Not even Heather deserves to be Rarity, nor does Spike deserve to be around them both.

I like the two chrysalis ship I think it's cute

Any idea when you can get back to this?

Please continue this story!

Cadence and Spike sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-ING

Chrysalis bit her lip remembering the image and slowly nodded. “I guess it did, maybe.” She smirked and giggled. “Celestia is your soulmate.”

LOL HAHAHA:rainbowlaugh:

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