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I like how Velvet can be so scary at times.

Ah, so that's how it happens. I don't know what to feel for poor Dusk at this, what a handful he will have.

I have the perfect song for this story.:pinkiehappy:

Congratz, ya got featured. 6/1/2019.

Do you have the source for the coverart?

Can't the content is NSFW so we can't give out the link.

If it's on Derpibooru, you can give out the image number. Along with that, while you can't directly link to NSFW images, I've seen, on many occasions, the links, but with a space in between some part of it so it's not directly linked.

9657560 How about the artist's name? I can probably find it based on that.

The artist name is Darkestmbongo

Could sunset be evil and dominate dusk i would actually really like to read that#kinky 😅


Good lucky Dusky.

Umm is is there a reason why some of the girls are so tall, also is there a reason why more often than not Dusk comes off as a cowardly putz

The way she acted just now is similar to my mom

“Oh fine…” She whined as she set Barb down and walked into another room, closing the door behind her.

I was hoping for Sonata to ignore Sunset's command. :derpytongue2:

Nice story- Hoping Tempest have a Chance with Dusk. Very hope XD.

Large quantities of soy. What we have here is a class 3 soiboi.

:rainbowderp:... makes sense. Wish they would get ride of that soy silo they have at the male human MC construction factory.

What about Shining Armor and Cadence? Are they in the story?

Aww, don't be that way, Dusk. Think of it this way, you might experience the wonders of the moonbutt and you got to make a brand new friend... and possibly become friends with benefits with Sunset

Hnngh!!!!! Damn it! The cuteness of these girls is too much!

I was gonna wait to chapter 4 to leave my 1st comment, but the way Dusk had a panic attack & knocked himself out after meeting Sunset & learning the truth about his new school was hilarious, although his mom had a better freak out in chapter 2, when she discovered her mistake. :rainbowlaugh:

Also, I love the idea of Moondancer being in love & having saucy feelings for Dusk, despite bring brother & sister (by adoption). It's a classic anime trope that always makes things more entertaining. :twilightsmile:

Thx we thought of adding that into the story mostly because it would be hilarious.:twilightsmile:

sequel Power Ponies: To Sate a Beast please

Well that's hell of a way for poor Dusk to meet both Tempest & Sonata, although I think he enjoyed seeing Sonata a bit more :rainbowlaugh:

Also, I can't be the only concern that Mrs. Velvet has some sort of dark past, concerning her rage level was off the charts....

Stellar and Firelight love competing so much, that they're now in competition for the title of World's Worst Parents.

Good luck Dusk!

His first name her last name: Dusk.

You know i think the best harem stories are like this, ones that feel like they could actually be there own anime series.

A few grammar errors here or there, but this was an entertaining first chapter! Love what you've done with the parents so far. I feels like the start to a harem anime, which is a good thing! I means you have a good grasp on character.

This is literally a harem anime. I'm 100% on board with this now. Seriously this is hilarious, and I'm impressed how logically this situation was handled as well. No hand-wavey logic this time!

Aanndnd we just jumped from harem anime to harem hentai in the span of one paragraph! And I am again 100% on board with this!

Of course Barb snuck into Dusk's bag.

‘Oh Celestia, she’s so scary it’s turning me on,’ Firelight thought.


Yep, she did.

We all know Barb.

“I need some relief,” She interrupted, all while walking towards Night Light with a smile. “And you’re going to help me whether you like it or not.”

Hopefully his hips don't get broken.

Wish you best of luck Night Light

Welp, great use of logic rather then the typical just roll with it that most tend to use. The situation here is well structured and plausible.

Hmm, not bad. Wish Dusk wasnt so prone to freaking out about everything thing. Oh well.

As a changling I feel like I am an expert on this topic.

Is Eris going to be in this story?

I would really love to see dusk being dominated😅

I’m honestly fearing for Dusks life with Aria

Such a nice set of roommates: A sensible one, an airhead one, a flirty one and a murderous one. Good luck Dusk... You'll need it I think.

I get the feeling Aria ether had her heart broken or raped hopefully the former.

Make sure dusk learns a shield spell for his balls sometime in the future plz

I don;t care for Bitchy Aira, yes i get she got hurt. But she kicked barbed for trying to keep her master from being murdered!

University students acting like they are teens. And this story runs on childish cliches... At least the grammar is on the okay side of things. Grow up.

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