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Hmmm. I'm intrigued. *puts on hat*

I swear I keep seeing this same story, or at least the same premise being posted over and over

What can I say, if a basic plot is popular, multiple people make the same kind of story.

Though it would be nice if stories like this wasn't so cliffhangered most of the time......

As the beginning is not bad. I follow your story with interest :trixieshiftright:

I always feel like I'm one of the few people who actually enjoys cliffhangers. They keep you on your toes in anticipation for the next chapter. Although I will admit, I'm not a fan of cliffhangers and the next part being anticlimactic. And while I enjoy cliffhangers in books, I don't quite enjoy them in movies or TV shows. For the record, this is not the only cliffhanger chapter ending there will be, and one of the teachers, as well as Pinkie Pie, will acknowledge them with disappointment(I enjoy fourth wall breaks, a LOT)

Does he at least have a pet?

I might think of giving him a pet, probably some sort of reptile considering Spike's a dragon.

Even though he was only twelve,

Nope. Here is where I stop.

his mother hugged him tightly into her DD cup rack. Spike was practically being smothered "

Plz Kys just 4 this line.

"his mother hugged him tightly into her DD cup rack. Spike was practically being smothered"

That's where I'm gonna have to stop you right there at
I hate these type of niggas

I'm talking about the writer not u bro we cool

A skunk would be a good pet.

I changed his age to thirteen, better? And I was just joking about the avatar thing.

I hope you continue this story, because of the way you made things so far,things are really going to get interesting.

Hmmm I'll say I'm intrigued. Just got done reading a story that was along the same lines at least from what I can see. And I loved that story so I have hopes for this one.

Based on all the anime i've seen, he's gonna have a female roomate.

A roommate with a ferret. This should be good.

first chapter I know I've read in a different story, but the second chapter is different, so I'm now interested as to see what you plan.

Read ch 1 on my phone. Then use the restroom and got back for ch 2 to be load up ready to go.

Awww no cheek kisses fore Spike now im Sad :(

Ya know, the ferret sold me on this, I'll be waiting.

Don't worry, he'll get lots of kisses and other advances from girls

He's not going to have a roommate at all, sorry to disappoint

Aw shoot. That would've been funny though.

Don't worry, something just as funny will happen later, I don't want to give spoilers though. If you look around Chapter 2 close enough, you'll find a hint in there somewhere

Maybe Twilight has a little brother complex?

Uh oh, Sunset's on the prowl.

This story is getting very good.:heart:

Chrysalis a pedophile? Cadence crushing on Spike despite being married? Spike enrolled in a school exclusive for girls? Must've been trendy tropes, thanks to Wildcard25.

Ah another Spike is sent to all girls school. I look forward to this

good start, I have feeling spike going to end up with the mane 6 plus few of the other by the end of it......
I truly think it be funnier that spike has to be in a girl uniform for first few weeks or the whole time.

Nice to see he has a pet, but imagine if his ferret was trained to swipe bras and underwear.

Comment posted by Jake The Army Guy deleted Jun 28th, 2017

This is going to be interesting :trixieshiftright:

Not to call anyone out but you story has a lot of similarities to Casanova Student.

Any ideas on how to make it more original?

Hmm, well maybe keep an eye on his story, just to see what to avoid. Also if you taking suggestions for your story I've got a couple of scenarios you could use.

Let me hear them. I was planning for the Theater Class to do an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.

Good try. Maybe you can make it Spike the most unlucky(or lucky) person as he keeps on seeing them either naked or been seen inappropriate with the Mane 7

No spoilers, but he'll be seeing lots of naked girls in a future chapter

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