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FUCK YEA!!!! I love Parasite Eve and this is very Promising!

Parasite Eve:pinkiehappy:. You have my interest.

Undersdable. But "mitochondria make you stop aging"
Would make the 20 year time gap between PE2 and this story a lot more believable.

I like it! I think its always good to see in to characters heads and get a feel for them. I wait with Primal Eyes for more....:trixieshiftright:

Parasite Eve… Now this seems like a very fresh idea for a crossover. And you’re doing the world a favor by leaving out the utter crap from The 3rd Birthday. Seriously, the only good thing from that game was the music.

I am very eager to see where this story goes. :twilightsmile:

Your links are busted by the way. Like, all of them.

I'm interested i shall read more

Tracking and I like this so far. Looking forward to more!:twilightsmile:

Parasite Eve cross, oh and look who wrote it, alright let me like and favorite real quick and lets get reading!

Aside from my hoping Sunset gets humbled, I am interested in this story.


Would make the 20 year time gap between PE2 and this story a lot more believable.

To a degree, but it would also put a far more significant age gap between Sunset and a good bit of the story's other characters. Not to mention complicate certain plot points, like MIST still being a bit ramshackle and understaffed. Also the how much they still don't know about NMCs and Neo-Mitochondria in general. I think those would be less believable if they had an extra twenty years to work stuff out. BUT I am glad to get your input and quite happy to see that you're interested enough to offer it! :twilightsmile:

Yeah, it's not even Parasite Eve. Literally! They lost the rights before they even made it! :rainbowlaugh:

Don't worry, Things will catch up with her in time. :pinkiecrazy:

This story is promising so far. I am following it and looking forward to more.

Honestly I was hoping Shim-Shim would manifest as a form shifter, like her first thing would be PE1's Liberate form or something.... I figured it wouldn't happen but it's fun thought, ya know cause it would make Shim-Shim FREAK.

...Please tell me this story won't be as confusing as The Third Birthday...

No. No time travel or body swapping or any of that nonsense. As mentioned in one of the notes: 3rd birthday is not canon to this story in the slightest. There's a bit of a mystery tilt but no, I'm not planning anything That out there...

So is it just EVE 1 and 2 that are cannon here?

Yes, just the first two games are canon to this story. The timeline is shifted forward to align with the present for simplicity's sake but everything that happened in those 2 games happened here, if a little later. Everything that happened in the "Third" game never ever happened and never will.
The original Japanese movie is as canon as it was to the games, so not really at all. :rainbowlaugh:

lol I played 1 way back in the day, and I only ever heard of two through fearful whispers.

I actually like the second game better. I'm in a minority but it's a very good game.:pinkiehappy:

Where's the drama queen?

"Thoroughly enjoying the Big Apple while I help Aya and the rest set up the new office. But don't worry, Darling! I'll be back before you know it." :raritywink:

Rarity needs to hurry and get back to her farm girlfriend

Two was awesome. Missed not being able to make a super gun but still awesome

Sunset is getting humbled.


Sunset did her best to concentrate on her senses but still found herself distracted by the passing sights. Canterlot may not have been quite as big as a full motropolypse but it was hardly a rural pitstop. Still, they had a job to do and Sunset would have plenty of time to get to know the city in time.


i don't recall which i played, or if it was even a full game or a demo, but i remember playing some parasite eve, and more recently spending a lot of time on the wiki.

Wow, that sure slipped by me, didn't it? :rainbowlaugh:
Thank for pointing it out :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Halla411 deleted Oct 18th, 2021

I’m in love with this story and so damn excited to see how sunset interacts with Aya

Comment posted by Thisguyhere deleted Nov 13th, 2021

So she is avoiding mixing the two, understandable

I can’t wait to see how they interact

And now for the training arc! And maybe some magic practice in between??

This chapter was amazing!

Well thank you! I'm glad you liked it. :twilightsmile: Especially considering I was a little iffy on it myself.
Have another... :pinkiecrazy:

I think your overestimating just how much the police would care, the guy was the instigator even if AJ through the first punch. Plenty of witnesses probably to. Also nothing actually happened with Dash being so on the ball. Love this story always makes my day alittle brighter seeing an update, Thanks for Writing!

Yeah I know, but it helps the drama :rainbowlaugh:
And thank you for the kind words! Glad you're still enjoying it!:twilightsmile:

Ah, the best way to hide the truth is to tell in in a way nobody will believe.

Can anyone translate that?

'Submit' abunch of times and 'don't run' 'you can do this' maybe a 'live' and two more repeated things I'm not to sure of

Also looks to me like the unbold is arguing with the bold (and maybe lost at the end there)
Her magic vs the mito? magic=frienship after all

Just focus on the center :raritywink:

I wrote it and you found more than I did! :rainbowlaugh:

'Submit' abunch of times

That was entirely unintentional :rainbowderp:
...But I can use it :pinkiecrazy:

Lol I've read some work where authors hide some absurd things in there text I guess I was looking to hard. Glad I was to busy to start looking for cyphers yesterday:moustache:

"Don't run, you can do this." Sounds like Tia is responding. But the book is too damaged to make out what's being written in reply

That was suitably intense.

Third Birthday is absolutely NOT canon to this story. Because reasons.

I have heard things about this one. They were not flattering.

Maybe Square/Enix will reboot Parasite Eve on the level of the Final Fantasy 7 remake someday.


Yeah, it's not even Parasite Eve. Literally! They lost the rights before they even made it! :rainbowlaugh:


I’ll be so beloved for the future I’ll bring, it won’t matter if Celestia won’t make me a princess. The kingdom's ponies will.

I mean, Equestria is a princedom technically :twilightblush:.

For what I had read, I love this crossovers.

Crossovers between EQG and others settings is my thing.

I wonder if anyone noticed Sunset’s reaction to Principal Celestia.

I hope than if someone ask, she said something like « she remind me of my mother »

Now, if the topic had already been brought up in one of the later chapters, I hope it is something like that.

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