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Given the fact that I followed you by your "Equestria Girls play Pokemon" fics I can't say I expected a surprise porn/clopfic

Yeah, I've taken another road these recent month:twilightsheepish:

Huh, did you pull a chapter? I got a notification of an update by I'm not seeing it here.

Accidentally published the new one, yeah. Controls on mobile aren't the best.

Wait did we see Applejack?

Couldn't think of a way to incorporate her with the other three Dazzlings, but I could think of a bonus chapter with her some time.

A bonus chapter about her being blue balled through the night.

Her little halo sat crooked on her head bouncing back and forth with his brutal thrusts while her wings looked like they were flqpping.

saw a little mistake here, but else a great start

Hope to see more of this eventually... especially with an aftermath of this chapter, love the sisters and sunset XD

Buena historia. ¿Podría ver una secuela?

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