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Sounds good so far.

Interesting to say the least, the setting is cool

I really like what your doing with this story so far

No offence but, wouldnt it be better to make 2 seperate stories, where one is first, and the other second person? just so you dont have to read everything twice?
Especially if the story are going to be more than a few chapters.

Normally I only glance at stories with the porn tag, but oddly enough this story has me intrigued with its plot (not THAT plot, you know what I mean).

I'll be patiently waiting to see what sort of places Anon will get himself into.

The problem is I'm pretty sure that's against the rules.

You made me chuckle. Which is, I feel the need to say, quite the achievement. Good one, author.

I love how despite having all the power in the world, Adagio is basically a shy girl who never learned to express her feelings.

And despite having vicarious power, Sonata and Aria are still the annoying younger siblings.

Not going to lie, it'd be amusing to see Anon just go full lady killer on one of them when they start to flirt with him. Just full on right back at them. Step up to Sonata, put a hand on her hip with the other gently resting against her cheek, and describe just how much he enjoyed getting white sauce on her and putting dough in her oven. Lay that charm on as thick as that gravy.

Aria would probably be amused. Adiago more than likely either be a sputtering mess or would ignite from jealousy.

Oh yeah, this is exactly what I signed up for!

You punctuate your response with a kiss on her lips, your hand cupping her jaw. For a moment, she presses back, her mouth beginning to open. Then her eyes widen and she pulls away.

Yes, this is what I'm talking about. Good show. Keep them on their toes Anon.

We all know you're doing it for the heat multiplier. :raritywink:

You wrote "I roll your eyes" and all i can imagine reading that is someone jamming their fingers it my eyes and forcibly rolling them

Huh, not sure how that one slipped through. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

This fic is saved by the dialogue, the story of Anon and them hasn't interested me yet. Great dialogue though

I like it.

It seems weird that they go to the store -- if they rule the world, couldn't they just have the swimsuits brought to them?

Travelling helps prevent cabin fever, and having every possible male swimsuit delivered would be somewhat impractical and lacking in ambiance.

Fair enough. I suppose I was projecting my own sedentary preferences onto the sirens.

First time I've seen something like cuddleslut without a pony being involved.

This went in a direction I was not prepared for.

Never have I laughed so hard.

"You should... change your shorts. But I don't know if you will ever feel clean again."

I know I never will :raritydespair:

Out of context those mr.rodgers quotes sounded......oddly sexual.

Oh god. Why would you do that to Mr. Rodgers....

Ah, a wonderful bed time story! Who do think would be the faction Anon follows in his tale?

OH YEAH! Tooth brushing is favorite fetish! This is the single most hottest thing I have ever read.
Great job, I'm loving this story, keep up the good work!

It wqs a very nice read, thanks. I love seeing tsunderes being broken. ;)

You're gonna get what's waiting for you, Purple.

"It is the 41st Millennium. For more than a hundred centuries the Emperor has sat immobile on the Golden Throne of Earth..."

They could have been part of the inspiration for Warhammer for all he knows. Well, with Aria's kinks it'd probably been her.

How is having someone else brush your teeth a fetish?


I would imagine it's a bit like tickling, where you don't get a reaction from brushing your own teeth, but someone else doing it changes things.

She asked for a bedtime story... She wasn't expecting it to be horror!

Ah so she's a dentaphile huh?

Quickly fell in love with this story

Yay! 40k for the win.

I remember this story from the olden days. I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

This is the same exact chapter, just a few, barely noticeable changes from the last.

I feel like I've read this before. :derpyderp2:

I'm surprised that they actually "sealed the deal", as it were.
Many a fic like this tends to be mostly a series of teasing scenes.

Now we're really getting places, even on an emotional level.

A pleasant surprise, to be sure.

And you managed to tie together so many disparate elements in a sensible package!
The magic of harmony, the power gleaned from its opposite, the sirens' personalities and their vitriolic dynamic, their mutual interest in our protagonist...

I liked it.

You cant be mad at Sonata, no matter how hard you try.

IKR!? I mean if it were The Golden Girls I could undestand, but this!? God lord!

SSS = Stupid Sexy Sonata

"Anon's ass, tell me your secrets."

"I try to destroy the world every Taco Tuesday."

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