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I come from the land of the green and unknown, from tenth page drop, where the horse words flow.

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Quality production as always.

I’d read more if you write more personally I would love if there was a reveal that the Celectia in the dream was Celectia participating.

Ha! I've read pride and prejudice at least twice and still had to Google who Jane Austen was, high five, thumbs up, favorite!
You earned it dude.

Forsooth, twas was indeedeth a fine readeth.


Adorable story. :heart:

Raped by the moon. Is no one safe any longer?

"Anon, you gotta fuck the moon."

“Fuck the moon?"

"Fuck the moon."


This is actually really good, my compliments to the author. Also I kind of want to see more of what they get up too, if you ever feel like writing more about those two that is.

Goodness gracious, this is truly pleasing in every way imaginable! Its got the humor, its got sweet love being made, man it has everything! I hope ya didn't mind, but I just needed to make a lil' reading of this smexi fic of yours!

Audio Linkery!: https://youtu.be/PLVE-Hsz8Lg

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

I really enjoyed Lunas use of old English in this story .It would have been cool if it was canon

Not even read it yet and I am dying laughing from the cover pic for it. :rainbowlaugh:

It's kind of a relief to see a story where the protagonist isn't all mopey and unhappy about it.

I bet that Celestia was the real one hehheh

I can only give thumbs up twas that good ^^

At this point it's less rape and more surprise sex. :trollestia:

"Both of you are pretty close."

In the First person POV.

The correct version would be "Both of us are pretty close."

"Well, Rarity will be happy."

Somewhere out there, Rarity just woke bolt-upright mid-drenching orgasm with little idea why.

Christ, I can hear Wuten reading this already.

Are you kidding me? My mind read it in Wuten's voice already.

Maybe a follow-up chapter where we find out that Luna brought the actual Celestia's consciousness to Anon's dream when Luna made her appear the second time? Oh, I can see it now - wedding's about to happen, Luna shows up in the dressing room while Anon is getting ready before he goes to walk down the aisle (RGRE world, so the mare waits at the alter obviously), Celestia comes in to ask him about the dream then go for a quickie - the two clean up, and Celestia hoofs him off to Luna for their happily ever after.

What a bunch of dorks~

This was both absurdly hilarious and ended cute as a button. Also hot! :yay:

I am intrigued, concerned and aroused.


I lost it. I fucking lost it. I'll be back.

How the fuck is this so wholesome?!?!

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