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I write pony smut. Thats about all you need to know.

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Dame. I like this.

some of the sex scene is rather cliche, but overall, quite a cute story. A thumbs up from me!

We need More stories like these

“I said you could fuck my ass first. And now that i’v got to know you better, Hmmm~ I think we’re intimate enough for vaginal. So you better get that puppy back up. Thats an order from your future Princess…”

Some time later, Shining Armor strangled Anon when Flurry Heart suddenly turned up with a vaginal infection because she couldn't be bothered to wash his dick off after it'd gone up her pooper.

Man Flurry! you sure grew the hell up! Now I wanna sequel or a prequel even, just something more with the listner and Flurry I dunno

you release your baby batter up her crap canal,

I so have no words.

I just.....

Well done. Very well done.

I just.....no words....

The Monk

I can't tell if the Author is insane or a genius. ....just....no words.......

i agree a sequel would be awesome!

Need more Flutterheartxhuman! This is my first fic with it and I loved it!

Please wash the dick before vaginal!!

The sex talk is quite bad

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