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Commissions open

Hello all, My prices are fair and cheap and here they are for you to see.

Per page it will cost about five dollars


To my Loyal subjects · 7:03pm Jan 13th, 2019

As of today my commission rules have changed for my pricing, for each commission it will be five dollars per page

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Long ago in Canterlot, Equestria, the great leader Celestia, was in love with King Sombra. Together, they created a child, and soon Celestia gave birth to a baby girl. Giving her the name Fairy Dancer, she knew her daughter would become great. Life was wonderful for a while, the halls of the palace were filled with the clacking of hooves running up and down the halls, and whinnies of laughter. Everything was perfect for Fairy Dancer, she had her mother and fathers loving affection, and their life was picture perfect; but soon things took a turn.

While her mother, Celestia, was madly in love with King Sombra, darkness had found its way into his heart. Sadly, he succumbed to it, letting it take him over and soon he left Canterlot, leaving Celestia heartbroken, and Fairy Dancer confused. She was still too young to completely understand why he had left her mother and her, but all she was told was that he was ill and had to go away for a while -and of course like a child does, she accepted it.

Growing up without her father was sometimes hard. With her friends who had parents she was often the odd one out, Fathers Day, Daddy Daughter Dances, but it bothered her not, for Celestia filled the role perfectly of both parents, plus she had the entire palace to be her family.

One day, when she was a teenager, there came word from a palace servant. Her father, King Sombra, was back. She was excited! She had always been told he was ill, that he had to go away and now he had returned! Her hopes for him to be better, healed, and to stay filled her hopes and dreams. But it was not that simple. Darkness still lingered in him, and while it wasn't consuming him, making him blind with it, he was dark all the same.

She was crushed. The lies she had been told had been revealed and she soon refused to see him. Growing up had become tense, while her mother had not completely lied, she wished she had known sooner what the truth was. As she continued to grow, she stayed with her mother, only seeing her father if emergencies demanded it, or if certain important events came up, but she didn't enjoy it. Not with the way he was, so dark, sinister and cruel.