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I tend to focus on love and relationships, and what ponies would think of experiencing such a thing with a human. Throw money at me here https://www.patreon.com/captainanonymous

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The Apex predator has fallen to the bottom of the food chain...

I'm suprised. I thought he was gonna turn all these poor adorable but perverted mares down!
Very nice.

Now if I could find more RGRE with Lyra, BonBon, Octavia, or Vinyl...

“Sucking farts right out of his asshole” was not a sentence I expected to read today. Thank you for this

Milos #7 · May 1st, 2019 · · ·

Shit, if more Anon fics were written like this then maybe our genre would have more writers.

Hmm, I'll keep those characters in mind.

You're most welcome.

No current plans on continuing this story in particular, but I'll definitely be writing more in the same vein as this.

Damn, that is one lucky Anon. Would love to see more of this style of story telling, or even a continuation would greatly appreciated.

All according to keikaku.

Welp, it's not what I was expecting and yet... I was not surprised.

Dash chuckles. "I know right? Seriously, I just wanna mash my face between his cheeks and suck the farts right out of his asshole."


I was legitimately LMAO after that one

> Twilight's lecture on the ass being fake balls
Nice reference.
I really like how the mares have a mix of fetishes that are and aren't conventionally acceptable. It feels realistic, and gives Anon a nice bit of culture shock.

what did i just read?!

I didn't know what a braphog was until today.

The internet is scary yo.

You blush and gulp.


Anon, ur a lil' bitch. Go down swingin', boy!

"First, I'd like to tell you girls I heard everything you said at the table... and I want in. However, before I join you ladies at the castle," glances over to Dash and Fluttershy, "I need to go home and eat some beans. A lot of beans."

Not what I expected to read this morning but sure made me laugh. I wonder who would get bragging rights though? Anon for six mare herd or the girls for having a stallion that goes along with their kinks? Thinking on it for a moment, it really reminds me of the South Park episode where everyone lost the internet. Randy's Brazilian fart fetish.

This was a fun little story. Would love to see the "little get together" at the castle, if only to enjoy seeing the M6 try to get into his pants, not knowing he already knows and is keen on having fun as well.

*Flips Table*
*Walks Out*
*Comes Back in to leave a Like*
*Leaves again*


Maybe you should grow your hair out.


Ever since ponies began to wear clothes, stallions have been trying to highlight and frame their asses more and more. Butts are a replacement for the balls, but the true origin of life is the balls. In the end, butts are nothing more than fake balls. And if I had to choose between the original and the imitation, of course I would choose the original! 😂

I get the prison school reference


That is some great work. Liked the hilarious tone of it...and I just noticed that you are the same writer that writes the Secret Agent Man.

How am I not following you?


...There fixed! I will be looking forward to more of your writing in the future! :yay:

You forgot the Second Person tag.

Better be careful posting this, don't wanna drive any wahman off the site. :fluttershyouch:

This is both hilarious and terrifying.

Totally expected the punchline to be that because Twilight was the one who enchanted and charged his listening device, she knew they were being overheard...and arranged the whole conversation to mess with him.

I'm begging for a sequel of this

I rather enjoyed the Prison School reference. It's such a beautifully dumb manga.

The thing to do would be to slap one on the Cutie mark yell "Tag!" and run like the dickens, for the library. ...

Please make a mature sequel to The Unit please😊

sequal plz?
also... fart fetishists... I'm not kinkshaming but... wow :rainbowderp:

Weird. But good. :twilightsheepish:

Is it weird that I've been in an eerily similar situation?

I read through the whole thing. This isn't what I expected from and RGRE story, but it was entertaining. You get an upvote from me. But good god, that was weird. I feel vaguely uncomfortable.

How the hell did this RGRE thing even get started? I love it though.

You're sat on a bench across from a cafe,


Noteworthy are sat at the


It works fine as slang speak!

/rgre/ threads on /mlp/, on 4chan. I believe.

Rainbow's a pegasus. You can't blame her for enjoying the feel of a fresh breeze running through her feathers.

Enjoying a breeze, ok. But a fart, fresh? I wonder how she will be if said fart is also refreshing for being more water than normal.

Yes, Yes I would proclaim that as being slightly odd. All things considered.

In Reversed Gender Roles Equestria, Anon decides to find out how ponies really think. As it turns out; quite like horny guys on the internet.

I'm a man. Once, a horny woman came onto me on the Internet. It was kind of creepy. And she did it after we had known each-other a few months: That was awkward!

Sequel: Celestia and Luna

"R-right, l-like I said, i-it's exactly the same... Oh, oh Celestia, it's not my fault, I've never even hugged a colt..."

Aww, I'll hug you Fluttershy! Just, don't make it creepy or anything.

Though as weird and degenerate their plans and fantasies go

I fear what would happen when they learn that humans last way beyond 20 seconds...

Can you write something like "King Ass Ripper (hairyngross23) in Equestria"? That would be so fitting.

This was absolutely hilarious.

I honestly wonder if people think guys really talk like this while drinking. That or if I’m hanging out with the choir boys.

Minus the harem dynamics, my redneck coworkers talk like this.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I generally don't casually talk to my male friends about my most intimate fetishes.

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