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Bees are very important.

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πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯10/10 πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Huh, I must have missed these when they were posted. You still writing for the thread?

The only criticism I got is that it doesn't have reversed gender role like it is supposed to.

First, I don't get why these are in second person POV. Especially since one of them is an established character. It would make more sense to have it in first or third. Having the guardmare or Twilight telling the story from their perspective in first-person, or simply describing it pretty much the same with their names, titles, or so forth in third person.

Second, normally, when two names have an "x" between them, it is to tell who is being paired. Seeing "you x (name)" indicates that "you" is going to be with that character, not being that character.

I love this reverse gender roles stuff. I mean with their world's gender disparity, it would probably actually be like this. :pinkiehappy:

Me reading this story.


I say this because it's very hard to tell who is talking.

How are you able to update so fast?

Awww, that's just adorable

If not for the kids, if they had done that to me. I would have cut their hearts out and ate them.

Kinda shitty on their part, but I'm glad they were able to make amends.

Oh, hell yes. Why don't we have more stories like these?

Give that guy a thumbs up, he stuck by his kids instead of leaving them. I remember finding out that I was a mistake, but I'm alive to enjoy food, friends and fimfic, so I'm fine with it.

god I love this story

yeah, could totally see this happening.

This makes me feel unexpected things
I like it

:trollestia: Best one in here so far!

If I ever have the honor of being a parent, I wonder how terrified I would be every night just making sure child is still breathing, or making sure they were healthy in general.

Oh gosh, Im choking!:rainbowlaugh: poor flutters will have to go back to counciling again soon.

> if female staff are determined to be [REDACTED] then they are to be put on administrative leave and monitored closely

You mean, when pregnant.

So it looks like the Equestrian SCP is suffering from issues we've had on Earth.

Ah, yes. The story where a ring of volcanic islands beats up a rubber doll.


of it’s species.

Its not it is.

Damn that anonymous is lucky.

Is it wrong to want a longer story based entirely on this?

So when can we get more of this greatness?

I really like these stories. Great job by Fugger!

I would just like to ask if the Author has any thoughts on expanding on the short β€œ Secure. Contain. Pone. #2666” at all? It is by far the absolute best short story in this anthology series. It is an absolute gem. This is a fantastic story concept and I personally believe that it deserves a spin off with a longer more in-depth story. It could be considered a pilot episode of a new series.

The Monk

EDIT- (story title corrected)

>Stop doing things your way
>They're bad

I was on the edge of losing the entire time, but the authors note is what got me.

Comment posted by ravenfox deleted Jan 19th, 2018

I need more of this! Its great!

So when can we expect a follow-up to this chapter with Anon meeting the Discord-turned-Eris and they go at it like rabbits.

The chapter with Discord is my favorite one yet honestly it should be a whole story

gods I can't get enough of RGRE and there are so few stories about it that update frequently

loved this chapter keep up the great stuff

Damn, you really could've put more. I guess that would ruin the joke. Nice chapter, I always love seeing more RGRE.

Not as preachy as one of my favorite stories that decided to preach on atheism/10.

Edit: Write more.

Heh, okay, I got a chuckle outta this. And poor Fluttershy. You'd think, living in Ponyville, you'd be acclimated to the weird by now.

And that sounds likes something Discord would do just to make people spit-take around him as he walks down the street.

Loved this chapter, it hits close to home, your theme being the main reason I don't "date" after my divorce. Keep up the fantastic work.

Great chapter but β€œma chΓ©rie” should be β€œmon cher” because of how french works.

That... hit rather close to home. This is a good chapter.

I've got some things to think about.

Hear hear!
Tis chapter speaks about the predicament our society traps itself in...
Great work

Happened to catch this new chapter shortly after it was posted and it stuck in my head since.

The urge to comment has remained, and I wanted to say kudos. You could have done much more, both as a story and the social commentary, but it was tasteful in the balance of aim and length.

You are not the only one seeing the issues, and as with any of us, even though we cannot direct the world away from foolishness, we can ensure we maintain our own integrity and compassion towards our fellow human beings. This is, perhaps, the greatest challenge of living in reality to accept. Our own self is all we truly control, but this also includes how we respond. Despair is criminal against ourselves.

If you ever need a sympathetic ear, you have only to get in touch.

And just because it must be said...

The first chapter, Duty Bound, also needs to be continued/extended.

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