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The Beast · 4:03pm Jan 10th, 2014

In arctic North on frozen wind,
There was a thing that blood made grin.

It searched and looked, but could not find,
Another of its lonely kind.

And so it left its snowy home,
In desp'rate search to find its own.

But then it found in southern land,
Delightful food so far from bland.

Upon four legs the prey would trot,
Until in fear they would be caught.

For eons more it stalked the night,
Catching ponies in horrid fright.

The princess there would not abide,

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Can't remember what the options were, to be honest :twilightsheepish:
As long as you're having fun writing, I'm sure it'll be fun to read.


Nah. Nothing like that. I simply decided to just write something instead of waiting for someone to tell me what to write. Feel free to tell me what you'd like though.

Was going to respond to your post earlier, but can't see it any more. Hope the lack of response hasn't put you off.


I've been working on it for a bit now. There is, however, one issue holding me back at the moment. I am torn between keeping the same premise as the old version (unicorn Twilight) and a more cannon version (alicorn Twilight goes to learn what he transformation truly means).

Which one do you think would be better? At worst I will write both and see which one turns out better.

Just finished A Study on Alicorns, I have to say I like your story a LOT better than the Season 3 finale. I can't wait for your return and your re-write / continuation of the story. Before the Season 3 finale, this was my head cannon, and I still like this a whole lot better, though it still feels incomplete. :heart::trollestia:

  • Viewing 5 - 9 of 9
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